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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Battle

Kaunitz's body was still flying backwards from the effects of the previous punch, when Fang Xingjian grabbed his head and smashed it to the ground with brute force.

His head was facing downwards and his body upwards. His whole body seemed to have been stretched a little in that instant. He gave out a horrible cry, and at the next moment, his whole face had already smashed onto the surface with great impact.

With a boom, his head crashed against the ground. Under Fang Xingjian's raging strength, his head split the ground open. And when rocks and sand were sent flying, Fang Xingjian sank Kaunitz's head into the ground.

Fang Xingjian released a breath, feeling exhilarated. Seeing that Kaunitz was still trembling non-stop, he took a step forward and once again stepped down on Kaunitz's head when he attempted to lift it up, sending it back into the ground.

At that moment, Fang Xingjian seemed to be extremely wild and unrestrained. However, his mind was extremely calm. With the circulation of the Ice Age Meditation Art, his brain controlled each of his movements as if he were a robot. Kaunitz's every single move, the tremble of each muscle, each bone, were all within Fang Xingjian's control.

And along with him stepping on Kaunitz, Fang Xingjian only felt that his heart had reached a state of understanding, where his mind was very calm and relaxed. On the Stats Window, the Ice Age Meditation Arts' experience was increasing at a never seen before speed.

’’It'll level up after a few more times.’’ Fang Xingjian smiled, twisting his right foot on the back of Kaunitz's head once again. He immediately felt much better.

’’Ahhh!’’ Kaunitz's eyes were bloodshot. Fang Xingjian had not thought of killing or crippling him, since it was against the academy's rules. Therefore, not only was Kaunitz not seriously injured, he was still quite clear-minded due to his remarkable physique.

But it was because of this that he was now even more furious. His eyes were that one would think that blood would be dripping out any moment now. He opened his mouth to release an infuriated roar, wanting to say, ’’Ahh! I'm going to kill you!’’

However, it was merely a 'thought'. In fact, he had been unable to speak a single word, since the moment Kaunitz opened his mouth to let out a bellow, Fang Xingjian exerted strength on his leg, sinking his head even deeper into the soil, thus filling his mouth with soil and rendering him unable to speak with the only option of making muffled sounds.

'Fang Xingjian!' Kaunitz bellowed in his heart, his emotions of fury almost blasting his chest apart. All of his energy suddenly erupted, and four blurred shadows suddenly flashed behind him. It was his job Six Armed Asura's technique, which could form four additional arms with ether particles.

Once the four arms were formed, they immediately drew out the longswords at Kaunitz's waist. Together with his two arms, they traced a series of flashing sword webs, caging in towards Fang Xingjian.

The Six Armed Asura's newly formed ether particle arms each had the same strength and speed as the practitioner's own arms. At that moment, it was as if there were six Kaunitzs attacking Fang Xingjian at the same time, each of them displaying different sword techniques, forming layers of sword webs and caging in from all directions. It was well worth it to have the job ranked first in killing out of the seventeen jobs offered in the academy.

Sword light flashed, but under the illumination from the series of silver colored light, Fang Xingjian was left unfazed. He even had the spare energy to differentiate the six sword techniques Kaunitz was displaying with his High Agility Motion Vision.

The next moment, Fang Xingjian drew his sword.

With a crisp clank. No, it actually was six clanks which had merged into one because of his extraordinary speed. Everyone present could feel a series of silver colored sword lights piercing through the air and setting it alight. In an instant, the six longswords in Kaunitz's hands were all sent flying.

Kaunitz was panic-stricken. His head was under Fang Xingjian's foot, and he could not see anything at all when he felt that the longswords in his hands had all been sent flying. However, he reacted immediately, grabbing the six longswords with the Reduced Force Field and thrusting them towards Fang Xingjian once again.

However, his full power physical attack was knocked away by Fang Xingjian in one hit. Moreover, they were both using Reduced Force Field, so it resulted in a series of noises of weapons dropping onto the floor. Kaunitz still intended to fight back when he felt an extremely violent force as heavy as a mountain pushing down on him, coming from the other party's foot, as if Fang Xingjian was trying to crush his head.

At that moment, the rage in his eyes was replaced by complete and utter fury. He dared not attack anymore, his limbs trembling and convulsing because of the excruciating unimaginable pain.

Fang Xingjian's movements had truly been too quick. So much so that most people below the arena had not been able to see them clearly. After a series of explosive booms, black shadows, and flashing silver lights, they suddenly saw Fang Xingjian stepping on Kaunitz, the latter unable to move.

He had not only been fully overpowered by Fang Xingjian in terms of attributes, but all his movements had been obstructed by Fang Xingjian's, while the latter was circulating the Ice Age Meditation Art. He simply had no chance to fight back in the least.

At the same time, only two emotions, rage and calm, remained in Fang Xingjian's consciousness, making him feel calm and at ease at the same time.

It was as if his skin could feel the movement of each slight breeze in the surroundings, as if the sole of his foot was able to grasp each hint of struggle from all of Kaunitz's body. His mind was clear like never before. The Ice Age Meditation Art seemed to be circulating at its maximum speed right now.

Barbara was agape, making lifeless cries of ahh ahhh ahhh, as if she was unable to accept what was happening right in front of her eyes.

Zhou Yong and Carter, watched what was happening on the arena in a daze. When they saw Fang Xingjian's cold gaze sweeping over, a murderous aura came raining down, as if a tub of ice cold water was being poured down on them, freezing them over. The two of them let out a cry and retreated, not daring to have any further eye contact with Fang Xingjian.

Some ladies even simply turned their heads, not having the heart to see Kaunitz's terrible state.

Jack and Anthony were equally astonished as they looked at this scene. They had thought Fang Xingjian might be able to win, but they never would have considered the possibility of him having such a clear-cut win.

This did not look like a battle, but rather like a one-sided crushing.

Especially after seeing the brutal and ruthless side of Fang Xingjian in the arena, which was a far cry from the usually calm guy they knew.

Jack broke out in laughter, ’’Alright! This Kaunitz deserves a thrashing!’’

Anthony felt astonished, ’’Xingjian usually looks so calm. To think that his temper is actually so bad!’’

Robert froze. Looking at how Kaunitz, the person who had defeated him, had suffered an instant knockout, his mind turned blank.

Hogan's expression when looking at Fang Xingjian in the arena was similarly astonished. The latter did not show any signs of having failed the job transition. His speed was so fast that it actually matched the descriptions in the rumors.

On the other end, di*k gave out a surprised cry. He was recalling the speed that Fang Xingjian had earlier displayed, a speed so swift that it was against common sense. He stared straight at Fang Xingjian, his voice was so sharp and piercing that he could barely believe it himself.

’’Fang... Fang Xingjian.. You've completed the job transition successfully? You transitioned into the Violent Storm Sword Hero? How could this be?’’

With a boom, the crowd below regained their senses, and it was as if oil had erupted in a metal wok. Amidst the commotion, everyone's gazes were fixed on Fang Xingjian in the arena, looking at him as though they were looking at a monster. They were all waiting for Fang Xingjian's reply.

’’That's right, I've already...’’

’’You little b*astard, let go of your leg!’’ A thunderous bellow resounded, and a piercing aura ray of clashing lightning and fire flew towards him as it cut through the air, slashing towards Fang Xingjian.

Before the sword Qi had arrived, the high temperature in the air had already made Fang Xingjian's hair turn slightly curled, the trickles of electric currents making his four limbs feel slightly numb.

Fang Xingjian's expression turned grim, and stepping heavily with both his legs, he made Kaunitz's head under his feet give out a crisp crackling sound as he was knocked out for good. Smoke and dust shooting up into the sky from the ground layers, as if they had exploded, Fang Xingjian appearing ten meters away in an instant.

However, that lightning and fire infused sword Qi did not miss. Instead, it made a turn and continued to chase in Fang Xingjian's direction.

At that moment, another series of slashes cut through the air, clashing with the lightning and fire infused sword Qi. After a series of explosions, the two cancelled each other out.

Huang Lin's cold voice rang out, ’’Attempting to kill my disciple... Do you want to die?’’

A dignified white-haired middle-aged lady dressed luxuriously dashed into the arena, looking at Kaunitz in concern. When she realized that he had only suffered some skull cracks and fractures and that he had not died, she let out a sigh of relief.

However, when she heard Huang Lin's voice, she immediately let out a piercing scream.

’’Old chap, look at the good thing your disciple has done. To think that he wanted to kill a Knight from the same batch as him in the battle arena! According to the academy's regulations, the tendons to his four limbs should be destroyed and he should be chased out of the academy.’’ She had a savage expression, revealing raging and violent killing intent.

Looking at Rebecca, her figure merged with the image of Li Shuanghua in his mind. They were both old, they both sided with people they were closer to even though they were at fault, and they were both similarly vicious.

His experience in the Demonic City once again flooded his mind, burning in his eyes.

Fang Xingjian smiled angrily and said, ’’If I'd wanted to kill him, he'd have long died a few hundred times. Moreover, who are you? What right do you have to be making irresponsible remarks here?’’

While he spoke, his heart turned increasingly cold and increasingly calm. In his mind, he kept contemplating Rebecca's performance and that prowess of the lightning and fire infused sword Qi from earlier, simulating what he ought to do if they were to engage in a battle.

’’You shameless scum!! Shameless scum!!’’ Rebecca trembled in anger, pointing towards Fang Xingjian, saying, ’’Headmaster, take a look! Take a look! This is this our Prefectural Champion for this batch? This person not only does not show respect to his teachers and seniors, he even stomps on his classmates! Such a dirty pig who goes against reasoning is fit to be the Prefectural Champion?’’

Huang Lin smiled coldly, looking at Rebecca, at the same time drawing his long black metal sword slowly, and saying, ’’Shut your trap. If you had not suddenly attacked, how would Kaunitz have been hurt by my disciple's stomping? Moreover, he is a super genius who has successfully transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero. Do you think that you have the right to drive him out of the academy? Old hag, don't think I dare not kill you just because you're old!...’’

With that, the metal sword in Huang Lin's hand swept horizontally, slicing towards Rebecca.


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