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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Empire's divine Weapon

More than ten minutes before Fang Xingjian and Kaunitz would start their battle, Huang Lin was rushing excitedly towards the Headmaster's office.

He wanted to tell the Headmaster that Fang Xingjian had successfully completed the transition and had become a Windstorm Sword Hero.

However, the very moment he dashed into the office, the scene before him made him slightly furrow his brows.

A grandly dressed white-haired woman was sitting with poise face to face with the Headmaster. The woman's brows were very thick and dense, but her eyes were elongated and thin like a fox's. Her face, filled with wrinkles, was a clue that she was far from young.

Sitting next to the woman was the white-bearded old man who had doubted Fang Xingjian from the start during the third stage of the Prefectural Selection, but who had later been envious of Huang Lin for getting himself a disciple, eventually inciting his daughter to try to get closer to Fang Xingjian.

When Huang Lin saw the longsword embedded with colorful gemstones at that woman's waist, his brows furrowed.

’’Tresia Clan's Rebecca... Why are you here?’’ She was Rebecca Tresia, one of Tresia Clan's strongest existing warriors, with the powers of a first transition level 19, and also Kaunitz's aunt.

Although she had not succeeded in completing the second transition, she had been at the pinnacle of the first transition for tens of years. As a well-known first transition expert, she had been building up on her attributes, and had been putting in hard work in order to acquire specialities. Their accumulation, tens of years of training was not something to be trifled with.

Even some of the youngsters who had just completed the second transition would most likely not be her match.

’’Oh? Isn't this Master Huang Lin?’’ Seeing that Huang Lin had entered, Rebecca smiled and said, ’’It's been some time since we've last met.’’

Watching the scene, the Headmaster smiled and said, ’’Lin, you've come at a perfect time. Adelaide will be retiring. We've invited Rebecca to take on the role of the sword arts instructor from now on. You know each other as well. She's from the renowned Tresia Clan and has exceptional sword skills, she's very suitable for the job.’’

Rebecca smiled and said, ’’Headmaster is exaggerating with his compliments, haha. We're just discussing the problem of cutting down on the academy's expenditure. Since Master Huang Lin is here, we can discuss it together.’’

’’Reducing expenditure?’’ Huang Lin said coldly.

’’That's right. Take for example the Prefectural Champion Fang Xingjian. Since he has failed his job transition, he should no longer continue to enjoy the treatment Prefectural Champions enjoy.’’ Rebecca's tone was sharp, with the same aggressiveness as if she were performing sword techniques.

Her words were a form of direct confrontation with Huang Lin. ’’Those resources could be better spent on other more talented students.’’

Huang Lin smiled coldly, looking at Rebecca, ’’Haha, for example, Kaunitz?’’

’’That's right. I do not differentiate people in terms of how close they are to me. Although Kaunitz is my nephew, since he has great talent, enough to complete the first transition within ten days and bring his Waves cultivation to level 3 within three months, I think that the academy should allocate more resources to him and aid his progress rather than wasting them on a certain useless bum.’’

’’Hmmmmm, useless bum.’’ Just when Huang Lin was planning to share the news that Fang Xingjian had completed his job transition successfully, an instructor walked in and said, ’’Headmaster, Fang Xingjian is battling on the arena with Kaunitz.’’

’’What? What are they trying to pull?’’ Headmaster's brows furrowed.

Rebecca spoke up, ’’Kaunitz is a sensible fellow, it's impossible for him to be the one to take the initiative to bully someone else. It must be that Fang Xingjian provoked him. But the academy's rules are such that one cannot intentionally cripple or seriously injure another in the battle arena. Master Huang Lin, there's no need for you to worry. At most, Kaunitz will just give him a small warning, and won't do much to him.’’

’’Haha!’’ Huang Lin could not help but break out in laughter. ’’Are you sure it'll be Kaunitz who'll be teaching Fang Xingjian a lesson?’’

Rebecca's brows furrowed. Although she was slightly doubtful seeing the other party's attitude, she still said, ’’Isn't it true? Fang Xingjian failed his job transition and isn't even able to perform Reduced Force Field. As such, how could an ordinary person like him be able to pit against a Knight who has actually gone through the first transition?’’

Huang Lin only looked at her and laughed coldly, ’’Then how about this. You feel that Kaunitz is the most talented one in this batch, but if Fang Xingjian won against him, it would prove that Fang Xingjian is better. Headmaster...’’ He looked towards the Headmaster and said, ’’How about regardless of who wins, we'll put the winner's name in this year's slot for the Empire's divine Weapon? Anyway, none of those in this batch has an Empire's divine Weapon yet.’’

Empire's divine Weapons. They were superb weapons forged by the Empire's Weaponry for powerful Warriors. They were legendary weapons which could communicate with ether particles, and which could display extraordinary powers.

However, such weapons needed to be specially designed and manufactured, and one would have to expend an immense amount of resources in order to make them. Usually, only one student recommended by each academy would be able to enjoy this privilege, and usually there would to be only one or two slots for this. It was extremely precious.

Although Rebecca was suspicious of Huang Lin's attitude, she only nodded and said, ’’That's how it should be.’’

Seeing that both of them had agreed, the Headmaster did not object, but said, ’’Both Kaunitz and Fang Xingjian are extremely talented, their generation's most exceptional students. If we have to decide on who in this batch is deserving of the Empire's divine Weapon, we should definitely choose from the two of them.’’

’’Then it's decided.’’ Huang Lin smiled, heading out. ’’Let's go take a look at their battle.’’

Rebecca frowned, thinking to herself, 'What does this old chap mean? Could it be that he really thinks that Fang Xingjian will be able to defeat Kaunitz even though he has yet to complete the first transition? Impossible. It's definitely impossible.'

The Headmaster also stood up and smiled at Rebecca, ’’Then let's go. Let's go and have a look at their battle.’’

All of them were powerful Knights and Conferred Knights who had gone through either their first or second transition. Even if they took small steps, their speed would still be exceptional. In but a moment's time, they had reached the battle arena.

Both Fang Xingjian and Kaunitz were standing on the arena.

Kaunitz looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Today, we'll battle it out. I'll let everyone know... Who is this Prefectural Selection's true genius...’’

Fang Xingjian said with indifference, ’’Shut your trap, you...’’

After Fang Xingjian said the word 'you', Kaunitz's expression suddenly changed. The air was split open and a loud cry pierced the atmosphere. He only felt a raging wind blowing towards him, and black shadows appeared before him, as if all light had instantly been blocked by something.


With a loud boom, as if everything was being played in slow motion, one could see Kaunitz's mouth open a little bit at a time, his pupils contracting. Fang Xingjian's right fist landed on his stomach, even making his back bend outwards.


Kaunitz's body flew backwards from the heavy blow, his Reduced Force Field bouncing out unconsciously in all directions. Countless air explosions were released, and a series of invisible shockwaves flashed through the air. It was an anomaly which appeared only when air currents flowed at extremely high speeds.

But no matter how the Reduced Force Field was sent out, no matter how many explosions it created, Fang Xingjian was like a rock, freely allowing the force field to put pressure on his body, yet not being affected at all, as if it was merely a breeze blowing at him.


It was as if Fang Xingjian's right hand had transcended the boundaries of time and space. With over 70 points of agility and the specialty to allow him over 2.4 times his usual movement and action speed, his right arm had entirely become a series of blurred images. Just when Kaunitz had been punched once and had flown back over ten centimeters, Fang Xingjian's right arm had already moved slightly, and once again grabbed onto Kaunitz's head.


When he finished his sentence with 'you speak too much crap', Fang Xingjian's fingers were already fixed on Kaunitz's brain like steel bars. The latter's pupils were still contracting, and he had yet to react to the first punch in his stomach, which Fang Xingjian had hit with his powerful right arm, when Fang Xingjian started dragging Kaunitz by the head and smashing him into the ground.


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