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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 59


Chapter 59 Regaining Consciousness

Feeling like he was encompassed in warmth, as if he was submerged in boiling hot spring water, Fang Xingjian gradually opened his eyes and saw that as expected, he had been placed in a gigantic bath vat. A strong medicinal smell came from the bath vat, the deep dark-green-colored medicinal liquid continuously bubbled, as if it were to explode at any moment.

'What the hell is this stuff?'

Although it did not look good, Fang Xingjian could feel that there was something similar to vital energy flowing into all of his body parts.

His body's previously depleted potential, because of the insufficient amount when he had been going through the job transition in the secret realm, had not only recovered, but it had also accumulated a massive amount of medicinal properties, waiting for him to disperse and merge them with his body in his future cultivation, thus reinforcing it.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had woken up, Huang Lin said in a serious tone, ’’Your job transition has failed and you have yet to recover from the serious injuries. Your organs, muscles and bones have all suffered the backlash effects from the ether particles.

’’I've borrowed this medicine from the headmaster. Circulate your Waves and carefully absorb the medicinal properties to recover your injuries.

’’With regards to the issue of the first transition, don't think about it for now. There'll be a way out.’’ It was obvious that after seeing Fang Xingjian's internal injuries, Huang Lin had thought that his job transition had failed, making him suffer the backlash effects of the ether particles.

Hearing Huang Lin's words, Fang Xingjian fell into a daze. He took a look at his Stats Window, which had now become:


Fang Xingjian




Windshadow Sword divinity













The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated

Due to Perfect Muscles, +4 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute)


Nurturing Sword Techniques

31 sets

Training Sword Techniques

4 sets

Reduced Force Field

Boundaries Negation


Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist,

High Agility Motion Vision, Heightened Reflex,

Perfect Muscles,

Single Sword World Subjugation


8,500 point increase/day


Level 1 Mistral Windgod's Waves

Mental Cultivation Method

Level 1 Ice Age Meditation Art

Windshadow Sword divinity was the job which Fang Xingjian had obtained in the sanctuary. Fang Xingjian did not know what the job progress was yet, but after the he had succeeded the job transition, he had only gained two techniques and one specialty.

One of the techniques was a common technique across all jobs for the first transition, namely the Reduced Force Field, which was the basic form of communication with the ether particles. At the stage of the first job transition, everyone would have this technique. It was also a technique that could not be leveled up, so there was nothing special about it.

The other technique was called Boundaries Negation, another technique which also had no level tagged to it.

Boundaries Negation: allows one's body to overcome physical and material boundaries in an instant. Under the enhancement brought by ether particles, it expends 1000 potential points every second, fully accelerating the body's vital energy and blood;agility reaches the limit of what one's body can endure, ignoring the limits of the other attributes.

The agility attribute raised the speed at which one's muscles could contract and burst out with force. However, if a person wished to attack quickly or run quickly, other than a quick muscle contraction speed, one's muscles would also need to have a high resistance, a high explosive energy, high agility, high flexibility et cetera.

And Boundaries Negation allowed for instantaneous outburst of the vital energy and blood, ignoring all of the restrictions of the other attributes. It based itself on the agility attribute, allowing the cultivator's agility to burst out and stretch to its very extremes.

This was obviously a very powerful technique. Just the fact that it expended 1000 potential points per second showed how powerful this technique was. However, Fang Xingjan would need to test it out himself before he could understand the actual characteristics. However, this also meant that he would need to accumulate potential during his usual training to gain the possibility of activating Boundaries Negation in the most crucial moments.

Although he only had one additional specialty, Fang Xingjian could tell how powerful the specialty 'Single Sword World Subjugation' was just from looking at its definition. It was much stronger than the Windstorm Sword Hero.

Single Sword World Subjugation: when a sword-type weapon is used and the worn armor is below ten kilograms, a force field will be produced which increases the user's speed by allowing ether particles to attract each other, forming a force field;each additional point in the agility attribute can provide up to a 2% increase in the user's movement and action speed.

Looking at this specialty, Fang Xingjian's breath started to quicken. It was different from the regular acceleration provided by the Windstorm Sword Hero's two specialties. The Single Sword World Subjugation provided an acceleration which increased as one's agility attribute got higher.

A 1 point increase in the agility attribute increased one's movement and action speed by 2%. Considering that Fang Xingjian's current agility attribute was at 66, his movement and action speed would increase by 132%, the only requirements being not to wear heavy armor, and to be equipped with a longsword.

What did the increase of movement and action speeds by 1.32 times mean? It meant that it was 2.32 times the original speed of the person. Regardless if it was movement speed, the speed of launching the attack, or one's explosive damage prowess, they were all increased by a couple of times in just an instant.

Moreover, this was still not the limit. As long as Fang Xingjian continued to raise his agility attribute, the effects of this specialty would continue to rise to higher levels, until his agility would reach an unbelievable state. This was a specialty that one could keep on using without looking down on it even up to the divine level.

To sum it up, even if job progression was not taken into consideration, the job Windshadow Sword divinity was already so strong that it was terrifying. To Fang Xingjian, it seemed even stronger than many of the second transition jobs in Demonic City.

From now onwards, he would only need to continue maintaining the state where his body would automatically undergo sword training and Waves cultivation for twenty-four hours a day. It would thus allow his attributes to get increasingly stronger, along with his Waves. With the magnifying effects of the job's specialty, his battle prowess would get increasingly powerful as well.

The only thing that seemed to not be up to scratch was his mental cultivation technique. Mental cultivation methods were merely the training of the mind, so physical training of sword arts were of no help for this.

Therefore, after Fang Xingjian heard Huang Lin's words, he was stunned for a moment before he took another look at his Stats Window and then said, ’’But I did not fail. I succeeded in the job transition.’’

’’No need to go on.’’ Huang Lin sighed and said, ’’The Windstorm Sword Hero is really too tough. There is nothing to it even if you failed. I've already applied for leave from the headmaster. From now on, you'll just need to focus on your recuperation. I'll bring you to another academy to undergo training and complete your first transition...’’

Although Fang Xingjian had failed in his job transition, to Huang Lin, he was still a peerless genius. Huang Lin still hadnot given up on him, but instead, was worried that Fang Xingjian would give up on himself.

’’Although it is hard to change the Waves cultivation, it is not impossible. It's not as if there haven't been people who have done that in history. With your calibre, you'll definitely be able to do it if you spend more time on it.’’

’’But I...’’

’’You don't have to embarrassed. Just remember the lesson you've learnt this time.’’ Huang Lin shook his head helplessly and said, ’’You must remember that common jobs are not that bad. There are many divine level experts who also started off from common jobs.’’

’’Sigh.’’ Fang Xingjian shook his head, no longer trying to interrupt Huang Lin. He reached out his hand, and lightly grasped the air.

With a crisp bang, it was as if an explosive had discharged in the air. A slight breeze blew from where Fang Xingjian had grasped and released the air explosion. Huang Lin turned wide-eyed instantaneously.

Fang Xingjian smiled briefly, once again making a grabbing motion midair. The whole lump of medicinal liquid in the vat looked as if it had been grabbed and lifted up by an invisible gigantic hand as it floated like a balloon.

’’Force field? Reduced Force Field!’’

Huang Lin was still a bit hesitant at first, but the next moment, that familiar feeling told him that his judgement was not wrong.

’’If you can perform the Reduced Force Field, it means that you did not fail your job transition and that you have succeeded in your job transition?’’

’’Mmm.’’ Fang Xingjian said, ’’I...’’

’’Windstorm Sword Hero! To think that you've succeeded in the job transition to become a Windstorm Sword Hero!’’ Huang Lin's eyes went wide until they reached the size of a frog's, as he stared at Fang Xingjian in slight of disbelief.

Seeing Huang Lin's gaze, Fang Xingjian nodded. He did not mention anything about the Windshadow Sword divinity. ’’Mmm, I'm now a Windstorm Sword Hero.’’

’’Excellent, excellent excellent.’’ Having received a positive reply, Huang Lin was overjoyed. However, seeing that Fang Xingjian was trying to stand up, he immediately pushed him back across the air with his palm, and it was as if there was a pressure from a big mountain pushing Fang Xin back into the medicinal vat once again.

’’Do you know that the only three Windstorm Sword Heroes in the Empire's history all became divine level experts?

’’This means that it's very likely that you will be able to complete the third transition and become a divine Level expert as well.

’’No no no, you must stay and soak in this and recuperate. This vat of medicine has taken me a lot of effort to prepare. Not only can it heal your internal injuries, it can also raise the effects of your future cultivation by a great degree.

’’Haha, Windstorm Sword Hero.

’’You must let your body recover well, so that no internal injuries are left.

’’Mmm, now that everyone has completed the first transition, the next thing is to learn Killing techniques. I'll help you take a look to see which Killing techniques are suitable for a Windstorm Sword Hero.’’

Huang Lin was pacing to and fro, smiling non-stop, with his usual mighty disposition. It was because he understood well what the words 'Windstorm Sword Hero' meant - a divine level expert. There were no more than ten divine level experts in the whole Empire, and even though it was merely a possibility for Fang Xingjian to become one, it was already sufficient to make Huang Lin's cold face break into smiles.

After pacing for a few steps, he dashed out in haste. No one knew where he was headed to.

Fang Xingjian had not expected Huang Lin to be so excited, and he was secretly glad that he had not told him his actual job.

Windshadow Sword divinity was a first transition job he had not seen in the piles of materials he had gone through. Thinking about this, he simply fell backwards, submerging his body in the medicinal vat, feeling the endless vital energy continuously seep into his body.

He even noticed that on his Stats Window, his potential had been gradually increasing by 1 point every ten minutes.

As a matter of fact, yesterday, he had not thought that when he was going through the job transition for Windshadow Sword divinity, his potential would be absorbed to perform an intrinsic transformation of his physical body. This was why his vital energy and blood had been forcefully absorbed by the ether particles, which in turn led to him suffering internal injuries.

However, his blood and vital energy had been replenished by the various precious medicinal items Huang Lin had brought. In addition, he had the specialty Internal Healing, which could be used to heal the injuries to his organs. In fact, more than half of his internal injuries had already been healed.

However, seeing that his potential could increase by itself, Fang Xingjian was still astonished, 'How much did this vat of medicinal liquid actually cost?' Then, he recalled Huang Lin's overjoyed reaction earlier and silently exclaimed to himself, 'This is the first time that I've seen Teacher acting like this. Seems like the first transition job Windstorm Sword Hero is more important than how I had imagined it would be.'

The Windstorm Sword Hero was already sufficient to astonish the world. If Huang Lin and the others knew that Fang Xingjian's job was the Windshadow Sword divinity, which had never appeared in the course of history, and that it even came equipped with specialities and techniques which they would see as horrifying, their chins would probably drop off, or the knowledge would even cause a grand storm with him in the center.

The next moment, he had already fully submerged himself in the medicinal liquid, focusing solely on absorbing its essence.


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