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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 56


Chapter 56 Postpone

’’It's finally completed.’’

Fang Xingjian closed his eyes, reviewing the situation within his body. Now, regardless of whether he was sitting, lying down, or walking, he would be constantly practicing various sword moves. No matter if he was running, jumping, walking, or sleeping, the muscles and bones in his body would be activated through various sword stances to hone his body.

What was more amazing was that while the tens of sword techniques for different styles and varieties looked like a horrible mess when connected, they put pressure on his body, stirring his breath, and slapping against his blood vessels, allowing him to activate a circulation with the same style as the Mistral Windgod's Waves.

Fang Xingjian felt that every single bone, every single piece of muscle in his body was constantly being trained.

Not only that, because he moved and activated various parts of his body through sword movements, this also meant that Fang Xingjian was constantly practicing sword techniques.

It was as if he was accumulating experience in the sword techniques at all times, increasing and depleting potential.

Merging the Waves with sword techniques, and constantly circulating Waves for twenty-four hours every day allowed his daily activities to maintain the state required for the Waves.

This was his result from the past few days, integrating the Waves into sword techniques, and then integrating sword techniques into his daily activities. Now, so long as he was alive, he was constantly practicing sword arts and cultivating Waves.

However, most of his sword techniques had already reached the maximum level. After his potential had reached the upper limit, it would not continue to increase. After fully depleting his potential, it would not be good for him to continue applying Training techniques.

However, this was sufficient. To be able to practice sword techniques at all times spared Fang Xingjian from having to spend a large amount of time on his sword practice to accumulate potential in order to increase his attributes.

The best thing was that it also allowed him to circulate Waves at all times, replacing Waves cultivation through the path of sword arts. Fang Xingjian looked at the Techniques Column of his stats screen. The experience for Mistral Windgod's Waves was increasing frantically with the passing of every second.

'With this speed, the progress rate of the Waves would be faster since I'm now cultivating it through sword arts practice.

'I feel that all the muscles all over my body are going through a complete makeover.'

At present, Fang Xingjian was like a piece of material placed on a forging platform, with the thousand and tens of thousand of sword techniques being like many hammers, continuously knocking on his body, causing the muscles all over his bodies to change gradually.

And as for the past two months, all sorts of nourishment and vital essence hidden in his body from the medicinal food, the ferocious beasts, and the tonic that he had eaten were all knocked out, merging into his body together with the Mistral Windgod's Waves.

However, even though he was on the path to achieving the Perfect Muscles, a physical body was still the physical body. Even if you had comprehended it, you would still need to gradually make changes to the physical body to achieve any sort of success.

It was impossible for one to immediately undergo huge progress and have the physical body go through an evolution just from comprehending it. Those were celestial arts, not sword arts.

Now that one has comprehended it, it would just be a mental change. The physical body would still need to go through a gradual change one day at a time.

’’I'll need to make the best use of my time.’’ Fang Xingjian's expression was solemn. At present, he was only short of three specialties to be able to go through with the job transition. For the Perfect Muscles, he could only wait for his body to change gradually. What he needed to do now was to rely on his extremely high attributes to get the other two specialties.

For the next seven days, he underwent tough cultivation for his Waves, sword arts, and specialties. But during his daily activities, regardless if he was walking, sitting or lying down, he increasingly felt that something was off.


Seven days later, on the Kirst Royal Academy's battle arena.

Kaunitz was drawn and pointed to the ground as he stood there, his eyes closed. His head of golden hair danced in the wind and was a shining a brilliant glow as if it was the sun's.

Waiting from noon till now, over half an hour had passed. But on the promised date of the battle, Fang Xingjian did not appear even after so much time had passed.

At the bottom of the arena, over a hundred people were waiting to observe the battle.

While there were only over a hundred people, it was not a number to be underestimated. The whole academy had only nine classes, and excluding the few who had gotten through the Regional Selection and entered the Regional Royal Academy, there were only over eighty students in total. If it was not for the tens of instructors who had came by, it was impossible for there to even be a hundred people gathered.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had not arrived after so long, the people in the crowd started whispering amongst themselves.

’’Why is Fang Xingjian not here yet?’’

’’He must be scared.’’

’’That's true. I heard that a few days ago, Kaunitz had sparred with a Knight who was from Class 255, from one batch earlier, and he did not end up to be on the losing end.’’

Below the other side of the arena, Ferdinand smiled and asked Barbara who was standing beside him, ’’Do you think Fang Xingjian will come?’’

’’How could that be possible?’’ Barbara laughed out and said, ’’Half a month ago, I sent people to keep an eye on the entrances to the all of secret realms as well as the outside of Fang Xingjian's villa. These past few days, no one has entered the secret realm and Fang Xingjian did not take a single step out of his villa either.

Therefore, it's impossible for him to have gone through the job transition. Without completing the job transition, how could he challenge Kaunitz?’’

On the other side, Jack and Anthony were both looking anxiously at the arena.

Jack said, ’’What to do? Xingjian has yet to complete his job transition. If he came, I wonder how much of a chance would he have to win Kaunitz.’’

’’If I were him, I wouldn't come.’’ Anthony shook his head. ’’The battle with Kaunitz is merely one started on impulse to begin with. If I had the time, I wouldn't be wasting it on something like this. Even if I were to win, there'd be no prizes and it would even offend the Tresia Clan. Moreover, while Fang Xingjian is already powerful enough without going through the job transition, after completing the first transition, he'll still get extraordinary powers.’’

While Fang Xingjian appeared to be a bit cool in his attitude, but just the fact that he had let them stay at his place and shared his ferocious beasts' essence and medicinal food, they owed him a great debt of gratitude.

After all, their rankings were towards the end, and thus they did not have sufficient medicines and ferocious beasts assigned to them.

After Fang Xingjian had generously shared his part of the items assigned by the academy with them, and provided them with sufficient nutrients and tonic to replenish their bodies' daily expenditure, and allowed them to maximize their training to the full potential, they had already treated Fang Xingjian as their best friend.

Just as the people at the bottom of the arena were getting increasingly impatient, a shadow flashed on the arena. However, it was the Sword and Sabers Department's strongest instructor, Huang Lin.

Kaunitz smiled and nodded his head, asking, ’’Teacher, is Fang Xingjian forfeiting the match?’’

Huang Lin remained silent for a moment before he said, ’’Fang Xingjian has now entered the final juncture before the first transition and will not be able to participate in the battle today. The battle shall be postponed for ten days.’’

After Huang Lin finished his words, discussions broke out below the arena.

’’What? Postponed for ten days?’’

’’Postponed as he wish? This isn't a child's play. ’’

’’Hmph, he should just admit his defeat. Do we all have to wait for him if he were to request to push back for another ten days, ten days later?’’

Hearing the discussions below the arena, Huang Lin's expression turned grim. Kaunitz shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said, ’’Teacher, you've heard it for yourself. Fang Xingjian shouldn't come as he wishes, or postpone match as he wishes. What does he treat a Knight's honor, honesty and courage as?’’

The crowd below the arena also immediately turned noisy.

Barbara shouted, ’’That's right! Entering by the backdoor isn't enough for him, and now he's even thinking of backing out shamelessly in a battle?’’

Ferdinand also followed to shout out, ’’It's really an insult to us to be called a Knight together with a person like him.’’

At their lead, the crowd's reprimand also turned worse. From their mouths, Fang Xingjian became the most disgusting, sinister and despicable man.

Huang Lin's face turned black like the color of a pot's base. If it was not for the fact that he was on the losing end of reason, he would have long ago slashed out at those few people with his sword.

With a cold grunt from him, violent killing aura poured out. Everyone present were suppressed so much so that they were not able to say anything. It was as if a chattering little bird was suddenly grabbed by the neck.

The next moment, Huang Lin's ice cold voice rang out.

’’The battle shall be postponed for ten days. Ten days later, at noon, Fang Xingjian will be waiting for Kaunitz here. If he does not make good of the promise or is defeated by Kaunitz, he promises to withdraw from the Knight Academy.’’

With these words, the place was filled with silence. Everyone's faces were filled with astonishment.

Jack and Anthony exchanged a glance, their faces filled with worry.

The corner of Kaunitz's lips curled up slightly, revealing a satisfied expression.

’’I have no problem with that.’’


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