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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 54


Chapter 54 The Last Month

After obtaining these two skills Fang Xingjian wanted to level them up. Thus, everyday, he would take some time to circulate and cultivate his Waves and his mental cultivation method. Each additional second he spent on them enabled him to gain additional experience points for both the Waves and the mental cultivation method. Once he had enough experience points, the techniques would naturally level up.

However, Fang Xingjian knew that he still harbored great hatred in his heart, hatred which he had yet satisfy in revenge. Therefore, not all of his negative emotions could be completely cleansed. If he truly wanted to reach the pinnacle of his mental cultivation method, he would definitely have to wait until when the grudges in his heart would be avenged, until when his heart would be cleansed and emptied of these distracting thoughts.

Coldly glancing at the instructor, Fang Xingjian indifferently asked, ’’Can I leave now?’’

The instructor was stunned for a moment. Although he felt that Fang Xingjian's tone was extremely disrespectful, he could not do something just because of that. He only replied, ’’Mmm, sure. You can leave.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded as he strode out the door, heading towards his villa.

Right now, since he had already cultivated to the first level for both his Waves and his mental cultivation method, the next thing he ought to do was to continue training in Nurturing sword techniques and Training sword techniques, thus increasing his attributes and simultaneously researching the secret to creating that perfect set of muscles.

However, the very moment he had returned to his villa, Fang Xingjian found Jack and Anthony lying on his couch with swollen bruised faces.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had returned, both of them were left dumbstruck. Jack shouted, ’’Xingjian, you've finally been released! Did you run into Kaunitz and the rest on the way back?’’

Fang Xingjian looked into their eyes as he frowned and asked, ’’Did they beat you up again? Who was it?’’

’’All of them have ruthlessly done this to us during the live combat practice, but you must definitely not go and look for them. Barbara from the Fei Yang Academy and Ferdinand from the Aristocrat Academy both have already transitioned successfully. You must not go looking for them in a moment of impulse!’’

Fang Xingjian was slightly stunned. He would never have thought that these two people would actually transition successfully so soon after Kaunitz. But then again, one whole month had already passed, and as members of aristocratic clans, it was not surprising for them to achieve such results.

Fang Xingjian coldly stated, ’’Don't worry. Once I've transitioned, I'll teach them a good lesson on your behalf.’’ Now, he was no longer trying to hide his raging temper. This was for the cultivation of his mental cultivation method. He would unleash all the negative emotions in his heart, and then follow up by using the mental cultivation method to suppress his negative thoughts and emotions.

After all, he would never be able to fully kill off all of his distracting thoughts and emotions through gradual elimination.

Even so, Fang Xingjian releasing his emotions did not mean that he was an impulsive fool. It was his way of making his stand clear, declaring that he would be dealing with Kaunitz at a later time, if only in order to relieve his emotions, but he was not foolish enough to attempt to deal with three Knights who had completed their transitions, all by himself.

However, seeing Anthony and Jack hiding here, he frowned and asked, ’’Why are you guys hiding here?’’

Jack and Anthony locked gazes before they helplessly sighed, ’’They blocked the pathway to our doorstep. Each time we go back they make a din and scold us. We have no way to rest or train at all.’’

’’Don't the instructors care?’’ Fang Xingjian raged.

’’Care about what?’’ Jack cursed. ’’di*k and the others are all nobility. They basically all have the same standing. When we went to complain, he told us to beware of influence, and told us not to mess around and not be like you, sending the entire academy in turmoil.’’


Fang Xingjian coldly snorted. He had no feelings of friendship with Jack and Anthony, but he incomparably loathed the methods that di*k, Kaunitz and those from the aristocratic clans used.

He decided to let Jack and Anthony stay there. Either way, the villa was extremely huge, and housing two more would be no problem.

As for Kaunitz, no one knew whether he was afraid to offend Huang Lin, or whether due to the fact that, previously, Carter and Zhou Yong had been injured too badly,no one came to make a commotion at Fang Xingjian's.

After thinking about it, Fang Xingjian came up with some conjectures. After all, Kaunitz and the others had to focus on their cultivation as well, and it was not possible for them to personally come and create a disturbance. As for Carter and Zhou Yong, how would they dare to come over to Fang Xingjian's residence again? After all, Fang Xingjian was unlike Jack and Anthony, who had suffered heavy injuries after being beaten up by Kaunitz and the others in class and yet did not dare to strike back even when being bullied.

Fang Xingjian's abilities had surpassed theirs. Not only was he uninjured, he even dared to strike back!

And so, for the next few days, Jack and Anthony simply stayed in Fang Xingjian's villa, asking their servants to deliver their meals over to this temporary residence.

Fang Xingjian did not concern himself with such things. The moment he returned to the valley he would immerse himself in cultivating his sword techniques, spending about twenty hours per day on sword practice. With only three hours of sleep every night, his crazed-demon look gave Jack and Anthony a huge scare.

They had came across crazy maniacs who devoted all their time and effort into cultivating their martial arts before. And, in truth, those who could pass the Prefectural Selection and eventually enter the Royal Academy, were all those who had put great effort into their training. Even a genius like Kaunitz would spend over fifteen hours on his daily training routine.

But this was the first time either Jack or Anthony had seen someone like Fang Xingjian, someone who was practicing as if he had gone crazy. Due to this, they now had even more admiration for Fang Xingjian.


The days passed by and in the blink of an eye there was only a month left before the deadline for going through the job transition.

Making the most of this one month plus span of time, Fang Xingjian perfected the various sword techniques which Huang Lin had shared with him, to their maximum levels. Some of them were at the level 30. Many others at level 20.

Other than that, he had also mastered the sword techniques which the Tempest Overlord and the two other Knights had trained in, up to level 10. It was a pity that out of all the new sword techniques which he had learnt, there was only one set which had brought him an additional attributes increase.

As the number of sword techniques he practiced increased, the sword techniques which granted him additional attribute increments also got increasingly less. However, during this time, his reaction attribute had greatly increased through his practice of the Meteor Sword Technique.

The higher grade Nurturing sword techniques had also allowed the amount of potential he gained daily to rise up to 7,000 points.

Therefore, his attributes had now become:


Fang Xingjian




Warrior's Squire













Nurturing Sword Techniques

31 sets

Training Sword Techniques

3 sets


Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist


7,000 point increase/day


Level 1 Mistral Windgod's Waves

Mental Cultivation Method

Level 1 Ice Age Meditation Art

Although Fang Xingjian had already comprehended the Waves and the mental cultivation method, his talent in these two areas was only mediocre.

However, although the rate of progress in his Waves and mental cultivation method was not fast, the gap between his stats and the attribute requirements for the Windstorm Sword Hero had been shortened to the point where he now only lacked 2 points in strength, 12 points in agility, and 1 point in reaction. As for the endurance and flexibility attributes, he had already met the necessary requirements..

However, with only one month left, even if he were to include the additional 1 point he would gain for each of his attributes through circulating Waves, it would still be a close call for Fang Xingjian.

After all, the requirement of having 60 points in the agility attribute was too challenging. As of now, he was still short of 12 points.

In what concerned the Perfect Muscles speciality, even now he was still absolutely clueless about it.

'Perfect Muscles? How on earth did they manage to achieve it?'


In the training room, three silhouettes unceasingly clashed in the air. The air was howling, as if a demoness was shrieking. The blurred silhouettes zoomed about, clashing with each other, each time creating trails of Qi current. Every step they took was accompanied by a series of booming thunderous sounds, as though the whole residence was bound to collapse the very next instant.

In reality, if not for the fact that Knights' residences were all reinforced with steel, the building would have collapsed long ago.

As a thunderous sound rang out, two silhouettes instantly flew. These two silhouettes were none others than Jack and Anthony. Their faces were red, but with the help of the Reduced Force Field, they gently drifted downwards, stabilizing themselves.

That's right. Another month had passed, and after almost two months' time, they had successfully completed their first transition. Everyone in Class 256 had completed their first transition, with the exception of Fang Xingjian.

But at this moment, Anthony and Jack were staring at Fang Xingjian as though they were looking at a ghost.

Fang Xingjian was standing on the huge craters left on the ground, formed through collisions of great intensity, as well as by the their stomps. With a slight movement, he sent countless stone fragments flying.

Jack exclaimed in shock, ’’Crap! Are you still human? We have already completed our first transition but we are actually still unable to defeat you?’’

’’Not only are we unable to defeat you,’’ said Anthony, looking at Fang Xingjian with a gaze filled with terror. ’’I feel that when we are fighting against you, it's even more exhausting than fighting against Kaunitz and the others.’’

’’Yup, if there's anyone who still dares to say that you are the only trash in our class who hasn't completed his transition yet, I will be the first to object.’’ Jack shook his head as he said, ’’When compared to us, you who have not undergone your first transition actually has greater strength, higher agility, faster reaction, plus sword techniques so strong that they are inhumane, all without using ether particles. How strong would you become after your first transition?’’

’’If I don't undergo the first transition, I'm nothing,’’ Fang Xingjian replied indifferently. ’’You guys can leave. I wish to train alone for a while.’’


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