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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 Negative Side

In the following days, Fang Xingjian completely stopped his sword techniques practice. He spent about twenty hours or more per day to comprehend the Waves that the mysterious man had left in his body, relentlessly killing off all the distracting thoughts that appeared in his mind.

And because the man had left a sample of the Waves within his body, he was able to use it as a reference to aid him in his learning. Thus, his comprehension of the Waves was progressing very quickly, especially due to the fact that he was circulating the rhythm of the Mistral Windgod's Wave almost twenty-four hours a day. His life characteristics did indeed gradually undergo a gradual transformation, getting closer and closer to the Mistral Windgod's Wave.

Just as the man had explained, Fang Xingjian had too many distracting thoughts. After four to five days, other than the night that he had first started on, he felt that the rate of improvement in his mental cultivation arts had been getting slower and slower. Not only was his heart unable to calm down, it actually did the contrary of what he intended, as it filled up with more and more frustrations.


At this moment, he only felt that his heart was akin to a lump of burning embers. The faces of Li Shuanghua, Caroline and Kaunitz kept floating in his mind. The next moment, he abruptly stood up, a long cry escaping from his mouth, as though he was trying to clear all the frustration in his mind by shouting them out.

The mysterious man who had guided him, as well as Fang Xingjian himself, both did not know that when the purple flames from before had changed Fang Xingjian's natural aptitudes, although they had stolen his sense of kinship, love, and friendship, they had only stolen those and nothing else.

This was why he could still feel anger, hatred, loathe and dislike to a much greater degree than normal people. Every time he thought of what had happened in Demonic City, his heart would boil with anger.

Just as someone who, having been blind for a long time, would turn extremely sensitive to noise.

If one could not feel or use both legs, the arms would naturally become stronger than before.

When someone became like Fang Xingjian and lost the sense of love, only leaving behind hatred, his negative emotions would unceasingly be magnified. This was also why in a situation such as his, the methods of killing distracting thoughts used by ordinary people had entirely no effect in quelling the negative emotions and the distracting thoughts in his heart.

On the contrary, with the flow of time, his heart had become unable to sense the existence of love, while his negative emotions had multiplied more and more, easily filling his heart to the brim with hatred and anger.

Although Fang Xingjian still was not completely conscious of this fact, he had already formed a faint conjecture by this time.

Thus, when he bellowed, he felt as if his chest had lightened, and that his mind was comfortable for the moment. With a shift of his eyes, he felt as though he had gained some insight.

At this moment, Carter, who was ranked tenth in Class 256, and Zhou Yong who was ranked eighth, arrived outside Fang Xingjian's villa, laughing coldly as they stared at it.

They were aristocrats, and also from the same year as Fang Xingjian. Their talents and background were several times more inferior when compared to those of Kaunitz and the others, so they naturally took on the roles of underlings in the group.

This time around, they had come here under Kaunitz's orders, and wanted to provoke Fang Xingjian in order to disrupt the rhythm of his learning.

Zhou Yong opened his mouth, shouting loudly, ’’Fang Xingjian! You spend every day inside your villa! Are you hiding because you are afraid of meeting people?’’

’’Fang Xingjian, you obtained the first place which belonged to someone else through despicable means! Are you still considered a man?’’ Carter continued, ’’If I were you, I wouldn't have the face to still stay here. I would've already quit the academy and left long ago! How can you be so shameless? Could it be you're still hatching some nefarious schemes?! Since your aptitude can't match up to others, you want to go through the backdoor instead?’’

As their strings of curses continued, the Knights in the surroundings all began to furrow their brows, their impression of Fang Xingjian worsening.

In the villa, the anger which Fang Xingjian had dispelled with great difficulty started to smolder yet again. His eyes were blood red. He wanted nothing more than to go out and violently beat up the two of them.

However, he knew that this meant that he would not be able to master the mental cultivation technique, but would instead be further away from mastering his Ice Age Meditation Art.

Thus, he tried to suppress and eradicate his flames of anger, forcing himself not to take action.

However, the two outside got increasingly cocky, their curses and scoldings got unbelievably insufferable.

’’A despicable man like you, who goes through backdoors and uses underhanded methods, a trash who crawled up from the gutter, still has the face to stay in the Royal Academy?!

’’Haha, looking at how he is, I reckon that his parents are no better. His dad is probably a conman and his mum a prostitute.’’

In the villa, Fang Xingjian's eyes snapped open, veins bulging on his forehead. It was as though his eyes were about to spit fire.

’’You're courting death!’’

He could not bear it any longer. With a thunderous sound, Fang Xingjian dashed out the villa's door. Zhou Yong and Carter could not even see Fang Xingjian's silhouette clearly before feeling a black shadow caging their bodies.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Fang Xingjian did not use a single sword art or technique. He merely punched his fists forward over ten times, continuously beating up Carter while aiming for his face. He was moving forward and simultaneously punching out. Carter's body, propelled into the air from the impact, flopped down lifelessly. In the blink of an eye, Carter had been blasted about a hundred meters away.

Power-wise, Zhou Yong and Carter were ranked at the bottom amongst the ten in Class 256, while Fang Xingjian's speed attribute was over 40 points. Even those who had recently transitioned into the more ordinary professions of the first transition were no match for him, let alone these two. They did not even have the time to attempt any reactions to his attacks.

Zhou Yong felt that with the amount of effort it took one to blink, Carter had already been flung back over a hundred meters by Fang Xingjian's tens of punches. Carter's face was heavily bruised with reddish, greenish, and purple patches as he flopped to the ground, only the whites of his eyes showing. He struggled to get up on his feet, but could not move an inch. He stared at Fang Xingjian, anger smouldering in his eyes, but was immediately knocked unconscious by Fang Xingjian, with only one slap.

Seeing what had just happened, Zhou Yong pointed at Fang Xingjian and screamed shrilly, akin to a young girl who had just been raped, ’’You! You! You! What are you trying to do?! The academy prohibits private fights!’’

’’We'll talk after I finish beating you up.’’

Fang Xingjian laughed evilly as he sprinted forward as swift as a phantom, arriving in front of Zhou Yong. Only then did Zhou Yong attempt to retreat, but it was too late. He could already feel a claw-like hand gripping him, and lifting him up by his head.

He frenziedly used both his hands and legs to bash at Fang Xingjian's body. However, the in difference strength between the two of them was too great, to the extent that he was not able to harm Fang Xingjian in the slightest.

Fang Xingjian snorted coldly, directly grabbing his opponent's head and slamming it straight onto the ground. Under the violent actions, the air looked as if it had instantly contorted for a moment, and a dull sound echoed out, Zhou Yong's head already pressed into the ground.

His four limbs twitched before he completely fainted into unconsciousness.

After finishing up what he wanted to do, Fang Xingjian felt his both his body and mind clear up. 70-80% of the distracting thoughts that burdened him earlier had completely dissipated.

He suddenly realized several things.

'Taking away my sense of love, yet leaving hatred behind for me?

'Methods of getting rid of distracting thoughts, suppressing emotions are not suitable for me.

'I should repay grievances with grievances and vengeance with vengeance, and release all of my anger and hatred through violence.

'Get rid of all the resentment in my heart and want only for serenity of the mind.'

At this moment, Fang Xingjian could feel all the vital energy and blood in his body circulating violently, warmth radiating in all directions from him, in a battle-ready state.

His heart was extremely calm. Circulating the Ice Age Meditation Art, he felt an unprecedented serenity.

Warmth on the outside, coolness on the inside. Reason and calm simultaneously co-existing with anger and hatred.

He had mastered the Ice Age Meditation Art.

At this moment, di*k and a few other instructors made their way over, and upon seeing the unconscious Zhou Yong and Carter, di*k roared in rage, ’’Fang Xingjian! What are you doing?! Do you still give a hoot about the academy's rules? Do you still have your elders and instructors in your eyes?’’

’’They insulted my parents. I've already showed consideration for the academy's rules by not killing them,’’ Fang Xingjian coldly stated. ’’If you all wish to punish me, go ahead. But if I encounter the same thing next time, I'll still do the same.

’’Also, tell Kaunitz this. There's still two and a half months left. When the time to battle comes, I will break his ribs, one by one.’’

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, di*k's anger soared to its limits as he raised a trembling finger, pointing straight at Fang Xingjian. ’’No respect for your elders. Extreme arrogance! Capture him, I want to report this to the Headmaster!’’

Despite this, Fang Xingjian kept smiling coldly, not saying a word. If it were in the past, he would not have shown off his abilities in the limelight, and would have suppressed all his emotions within his heart.

But after he had said his mind, his thoughts had started circulating the Ice Age Meditation Art. He only felt frost and snow in his mind. This feeling was extremely satisfying, having no other distracting thoughts.

Thus, he knew that he made the right move. In seven to eight days at most, he would be able completely master the Ice Age Meditation Art.


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