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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Capture

Fang Xingjian hid in a dark corner beside a multileveled public housing, checking out the quiet streets.

A woman over 1.8 metres in height with bright golden hair and a long pair of legs was standing in the street.

As the overlapping point with the Miracle World, Demonic City was divided between five major countries. The policemen, the firemen, the city government and other such things were jointly managed by the forces of many countries, which meant that the forces included both white-skinned and black-skinned policemen.

'All clear.'

With a pair of binoculars, Fang Xingjian looked towards Jessica, who was standing in the street, and only headed towards her after half an hour had passed.

’’No one followed you?’’

’’Of course. No one knows that I'm on such good terms with you.’’

Fang Xingjian asked, ’’The Five Great Clans have their own hidden means of travelling to the Miracle World. I was hoping to use the Medici Clan's means.’’

The pretty blonde before him was a member of a branch family in one of the Five Great Clans, the Medici Clan. Her situation was similar to Fang Xingjian's. Although she had been born in a big clan, she was not highly valued.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Jessica frowned and asked, ’’How much money do you have with you?’’

’’My account has been frozen. The money that I've got on hand right now amounts to about two million,’’ Fang Xingjian replied.

’’That should be about enough,’’ Jessica nodded. ’’I will add one million to that. There's a ship tomorrow night, so you can take the sea route to the Miracle World.’’

Slightly hesitant, Fang Xingjian said, ’’There are many ferocious beasts along the sea route, as well as tsunamis caused by interdimensional storms. Wouldn't it be too dangerous?’’

’’If it wasn't such a dangerous route, how would you even have the chance to take it?’’ Jessica turned away and said, ’’Come along. First, you can spend the night at my place. They shouldn't have discovered our relationship.’’

A few minutes later, Fang Xingjian and Jessica headed off in a small car, and the two of them soon arrived to a high-storeyed apartment building. Fang Xingjian followed Jessica to her flat. When she opened the door, he could see over ten empty wine bottles on the table, and many unwashed dishes and empty containers of cup noodles in the kitchen sink.

Fang Xingjian said, helplessly, ’’Can't you tidy up a bit?’’

Jessica kicked off her sports shoes, she lay down on the sofa, casually grabbed a packet of half-eaten chips and said, ’’You should be glad to have a place to stay, stop being so picky about the details. Want some?’’

Fang Xingjian rolled his eyes and moved the undergarments, brassieres and such on the other sofa before sitting down. Suddenly, he felt something hard under his butt. He reached out to grab it, and found himself holding a long vibrator in his hands.

Fang Xingjian rolled his eyes at Jessica again. ’’How long has it been since someone last came to your house?’’

Jessica blushed, quickly snatching away the vibrator from Fang Xingjian's hands, and mumbled, ’’I am a single lady in my prime, at the age of twenty. Can't I indulge in a bit of healthy stress relief?’’

She nonchalantly threw the vibrator into her room and came out only in her underwear. ’’I'm going to take a shower, you can find some food for yourself.’’

With the open display of her figure and her lovely-shaped thighs moving around in front him, Fang Xingjian could not help taking a few looks.

Jessica entered the bathroom, but suddenly popped her head out again, smiling and said, ’’Hey, we don't know when you'll be coming back after you head for Miracle World tomorrow. Shall we have a round of se* for memory's sake? You're still a virgin, right?’’

’’Scram!’’ Fang Xingjian grabbed a tissue box by his side and threw it at her, as she laughed out loud and dodged into the bathroom.

’’This woman... She is probably a virgin herself.... No... She tore it by herself.’’ Fang Xingjian shook his head helplessly and sighed as he lay back into the sofa.

The events of the past few days kept going round in his head. His grandmother's viciousness, Xingchen's talent, second uncle's helplessness, and his mother's photo. The scenes kept flashing in his mind until he eventually fell asleep.

’’What do you wish for?’’

Amidst the darkness, Fang Xingjian opened his eyes as he heard a familiar voice.

’’Who are you? Where is this place?’’

In the darkness, the other party seemed to not have heard his questions and merely asked, ’’What do you wish for?’’ At the same time, a purple flame flickered in the darkness.

Fang Xingjian looked at the purple flames in astonishment. The next moment, the voice asked again, ’’What do you wish for?’’

Soon after, the purple light flared up, and the darkness in the surroundings dissipated. The place was all covered in purple flames and surprise was reflected in Fang Xingjian's eyes.

The next thing he knew, he was sitting up on the sofa, his forehead and neck drenched in sweat.

The sound of pouring water was coming from the kitchen. Jessica said, ’’You're awake! I saw that you fell asleep on the sofa last night and decided not to wake you up.’’

She brought out a cup of coffee, looked at Fang Xingjian, who was sweating profusely, and curiously asked, ’’Not feeling well?’’

’’It's nothing. I had a nightmare.’’

’’Alright, I have to go to work. You can stay here today. Take care. There's food in the fridge if you're hungry!’’

Fang Xingjian stayed at Jessica's place the whole day, and even tried to check for news online. However, it was obvious that all official channels would not have any news on him.

Although he was a bit concerned because of his dream the previous night, as well as the illusion he had seen in the bamboo forest, he did not manage to find anything useful even after having done some online research.

Midnight came by quickly, and Fang Xingjian boarded Jessica's car to arrive at a pier.

Lights flashed in the darkness surrounding the pier, from a fishing boat quietly sitting anchored by the bank.

’’This?’’ Fang Xingjian asked.

’’Mmm, I've already made all the arrangements. You can board it,’’ Jessica said.

Fang Xingjian turned to look at the pretty blonde beside him and said, ’’Thank you.’’

Jessica smiled, but then sternly replied, ’’I've checked. Fang Xingchen has the talent to become a mage, and under your clan's Old Granny's arrangements, he could be taken in as a disciple by the Mage King. It's best if you don't ever come back.’’

Hearing this, Fang Xingjian immediately clenched his fists.

The Mage King was one of the few in Miracle World who had reached level 30, and was a mage who had divine powers.

A level 30 divine Mage and a level 30 divine Warrior were not of the same grade, based on the information which he had learned so far. The difference between them was more like a nuclear bomb and and a fuel-air explosive. One was a tactical weapon, while the other was an ordinary bomb.

Fang Xingjian's clenched fists gradually turned white, as he said in a low voice, ’’I'll be back.’’ After saying this, he stepped out of the car and left.

Jessica shook her head and looked at Fang Xingjian's back as he left. Walking alone in the dark alley, it was as if he would be devoured by the darkness in the next moment.

A tinge of pity flashed in her eyes, and she opened her mouth as if wanting to say something. But eventually, the would have been words ended up in a sigh.

On the other end, Fang Xingjian walked to the fishing boat and noticed a black man standing at the bow, staring at him. The black man's gaze was sharp as a knife, scanning him as if he were merchandise.

’’Fang Xingjian?’’

Immediately sensing that something was off, Fang Xingjian frowned. ’’How does he know my name?’’

In the next moment, he heard the sound of blowing wind, and a killing aura swiftly encompassed him. Fang Xingjian attempted to move and wanted to dodge, but the other person's attack was much faster, and more than ten sword Qi slashed through the air towards him.

These sword Qi were strong waves formed by slashing sharp swords through the air, as layers of air particles moved extremely quickly.

The speed of the sword Qi was very fast, and their impact was not too weak either.

While Fang Xingjian was struggling to move, he received a few slashes from some of the sword Qi on his legs and chest. His flesh was cut open, and the wounds increased, gradually dying his clothes red.

The immense pain and his split flesh made him shudder as several narrow swords were placed at his neck.

Fang Xingjian saw over ten people surrounding him, each of them black-skinned men dressed in black, as if they were ninjas. Coldly, he said, ’’Gale Storm Controllers? You're from the Onassis Clan?’’

The Onassis Clan was the only black-skinned clan amongst the Five Great Clans, and the Gale Storm Controller was the characteristic secret job type passed down within the Onassis Clan. Out of all the job types of the first job transition, it could easily rank in the top thirty of the strongest job types to go through. It was also a job type for which only the Onassis Clan knew the magic prints.

The previous sword Qi, or better yet, the air shockwave or even vacuum slash, was the unique prowess and special job skill of the Gale Storm Controller.

’’Haha,’’ a melodious laughter echoed and a bald black lady walked out. Her smooth skin was close to the color of wheat. Together with her skin tone, her slender neck and sharp chin exuded a feminine charm.

Caroline Onassis from the Onassis Clan took a long look at Fang Xingjian before she said, ’’Take him away.’’

With a bang, Fang Xinjian felt a sharp pain at the back of his neck and fell unconscious.


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