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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 Plan

There were many prerequisites for the Windstorm Sword Hero, First and foremost of them was the attributes. This job required over 45 points in strength, over 60 points in agility, over 45 points in reaction, over 35 points in endurance, and over 35 points in flexibility.

The requirements for the attributes were very close tomany of the Warriors who had already completed the first transition. For a normal Warrior to achieve these attributes before going through the first transition would mean that he would need to spend all his time practicing techniques in both the Nurturing Path and the Training Path, continuously accumulating and depleting potential points.

Those who were talented would need about five to six years. Those who had mediocre talent would need over ten years. And those who had poor talent would need twenty to thirty years to gain these attributes, and thus fulfill the attribute requirements for the Windstorm Sword Hero.

Fang Xingjian was still short of 7 points in strength, 17 points in agility, 22 points in reaction, 5 points in endurance, and 3 points in flexibility.

However, the development of his potential was more than ten times faster than that of an ordinary person's to being with, and now, with the numerous sword techniques in the library just waiting for him to learn, he had the confidence to achieve the attribute requirements for the Windstorm Sword Hero.

Other than attributes, another item was the specialities. To take on the job of the Windstorm Sword Hero, he would need three major specialties, namely Heightened Reflexes, Perfect Muscles and High Sensitivity Motion Vision.

Heightened Reflexes required one to perform a reflex action for ten thousand times in 0.1 seconds. After obtaining it, this specialty allowed the person to instinctively perform battle reflex actions under any circumstance, thus increasing the person's reaction speed by half.

Perfect Muscles was even tougher. It required one to train every single muscle throughout the body, and to have pink-colored muscles, which had the endurance of red-colored muscles and the explosive force of white-colored muscles. It was as if a person's muscles had strong endurance, like that of a marathon champion, but also had the explosive force like that of a champion sprinter.

This specialty could increase the practitioner's strength and agility attributes with 10% of the endurance attribute's current value.

This meant that if his endurance was 50 points, his agility and strength would each increase by 5 points.

The final one was the High Agility Motion Vision. To obtain this specialty, one would need to spend long hours without the sense of hearing, relying only on one's sight to avoid ten thousand high speed attacks.

After gaining the High Agility Motion Vision, it would increase the speed at which the optic nerves transmitted information, and thus strengthen the practitioner's motion vision.

These three specialties were the foundation of the job transition for the Windstorm Sword Hero, and the basic requirements for high-speed battles. In addition, all three were specialties which demanded hard work and effort. There were no shortcuts available.

As for the skills, the Windstorm Sword Hero did not require any.

Lastly, the Waves and mental cultivation techniques required was Mistral Windgod's Waves and Ice Age Meditation Art.

The Waves and mental cultivation techniques were something which could change life's frequencies, and which could, in essence, change one's body.

Mental cultivation techniques primarily changed one's thoughts and one's way of thinking. The Waves changed one's body and blood vessels.

Only when the two were in sync would they be able to perform even more effectively.

The two were further split into two categories, namely basic types and special types.

Mistral Windgod's Waves was considered one of the special types. When it was trained to a high level, it allowed the practitioner to work together with ether particles in order to control the atmosphere and strong winds.

Basic type Waves did not have explicit extraordinary powers, they simply facilitated the strengthening of one's physical body through the ether particles.

The same goes for mental cultivation techniques. When one was able to obtain a high enough level in mental cultivation techniques of a special type, this would allow one to perform material obstruction.

Ice Age Meditation Art was considered a basic type, and it simply increased one's basic attributes such as computational abilities and reaction.

Regardless if it was mental cultivation techniques or Waves, those classified under special types were able to obstruct the material world, while basic types could strengthen one's body. They each had their benefits, and it was difficult to compare or decide which was the better one.

The combination of the Waves and mental cultivation techniques for the Windstorm Sword Hero was such that the Mistral Mistral Windgod's Waves controlled raging wind, while the Ice Age Meditation Art strengthened one's brain, nerves and thoughts. It was a combination of a special type with a basic type.

Looking at the many goals he had written down on paper, Fang Xingjian thought to himself, 'I must first train my attributes. After all, Heightened Reflexes and High Sensitivity Motion Vision both boil down to attribute requirements. As long as my attributes are high enough, the training for these two specialties will go much faster.'

Just as he was making his plans someone knocked on the door, and soon after a maid brought Manny in, the latter holding many books. He said, ’’There! These are all the sword techniques you asked for. Here are the best Nurturing sword techniques, these are the Training sword techniques for the five major attributes, and these are the renowned sword techniques of Tempest Overlord Charlemagne, of Gale Sword Deity Jude Law, and of Aurora Sword Spirit, McDowell.

’’However, it is impossible to find their most exemplary sword techniques in the Prefectural academy. All the records we have here are of the sword techniques they practiced before and shortly after they had gone through the first transition.’’

’’That's sufficient...’’ Fang Xingjian smiled. Amongst the three specialties, the one that he had least confidence in was Perfect Muscles. Such a specialty was simply in defiance of nature, and required one to continuously and crazily destroy one's own muscles and bones.

However, looking at the biographies of the various strong Warriors, he noticed that the only three Windstorm Sword Heroes in the Empire's entire history had all become divine Level strong Warriors and had also reached level 30. They were Tempest Overlord Charlemagne, Gale Sword Deity Jude Law and Aurora Sword Spirit McDowell.’’

This was also one of the reasons he had chosen the Windstorm Sword Hero. Now, he had asked Manny to bring him the sword techniques they had practiced in their earlier days. This was also so that he could uncover the profound mysteries behind the specialty Perfect Muscles.

He believed that as long as he practiced these three persons' basic sword techniques to the maximum level, he would at least grasp an idea of how to obtain Perfect Muscles.

'Practicing techniques from the Nurturing Path and Training Path every morning and first increase the reaction attribute. Increase it with potential points first, then get additional attribute increments from practicing a variety of sword techniques. It would be more worthwhile this way.'

After all, his reaction only had 23 points, and he would only need to deplete 20,000 potential points in order to increase it by 1 point. When his attributes got higher, it would be more worthwhile to raise the reaction attribute by reaching level 10 in a myriad sword techniques.

On the contrary, when his attributes were lower, if he were to depend on the additional attributes from mastering sword techniques, then when his attributes reached about 40 to 50 points, each additional increment would cost him around 40-50,000 potential points, which was much more expensive in comparison.

'Practice techniques from the Nurturing and Training Path to increase attributes in the morning, study the three strong Warriors' basic sword techniques and experience in the afternoon,' Fang Xingjian said to himself as he wrote. 'Learn Waves and mental cultivation techniques at night.'

'Do this for one month... then make necessary adjustments subject to the results.'

Fang Xingjian's plan was to rely on his sword talent, using potential points and attribute increments from mastering sword techniques to level 10 in order to quickly raise his attributes.

From there, he would then depend on his high attributes to forcefully train and obtain Heightened Reflexes and High Sensitivity Motion Vision.

After that, he would depend on his extraordinary sword talent to master all the basic sword techniques of the three powerhouses, and from there work on achieving the specialty Perfect Muscles.

He had yet to think of a good plan for the Waves and mental cultivation techniques. He could only be like any other person and self-study for now.

Just as Fang Xingjian was deeply engrossed in his own plan, Class 256's instructor di*k came over to him with a grim look. He busted the door open directly and went up to Fang Xingjian.

He looked at Fang Xingjian, fury flashing across his face, and asked, ’’Fang Xingjian, do you know what you're doing?’’ After finding out about Fang Xingjian's choice of such a rare job for his first transition, he had started cursing that Fang Xingjian was being ridiculous.

Putting aside Fang Xingjian's own future, since he was Class 256's instructor, if the Prefectural Champion in his class were to fail his first transition, it would obviously appear very poorly on his performance evaluation, and may even affect his own career and his position in his clan.

He swept a glance towards the plan Fang Xingjian had written down and became even more infuriated, ’’Do you think that just because you've won the Prefectural Champion, that your talent is unrivaled and that you can be cocky now?

’’Do you think that you're the only one who's clever, the only one who's talented, and thus would be able to assume a job which others are not able to?

’’Think about it. There are eight other classes in the academy other than the one you are in. Putting aside the one person who has gotten through the previous Regional Selection, there are seven other Prefectural Champions. Let me tell you that, including Laurence who has passed the Regional Selection and was thus enrolled into the Regional Royal Academy, all of the Prefectural Champions chose their jobs from the seventeen jobs.’’

Fang Xingjian lifted his head, looked at di*k, and calmly replied, ’’So what?’’

di*k felt exasperated, and spoke in a tone as if he felt that Fang Xingjian was not living up to expectations to say, ’’Do you know how many people have succeeded in becoming a Windstorm Sword Hero in their first transition, across the whole of the Empire's history? Three. Only three! They all became divine level existences. Do you think that your talent is comparable to theirs?’’

Fang Xingjian said, ’’I think it can be.’’

With a bang, di*k smashed the table before Fang Xingjian into two, sending bits and pieces of books flying.



After saying these two words, di*k turned to leave, as if he had been completely disappointed in Fang Xingjian. However, when he reached the door, he still said, ’’I've already reported this case to the headmaster and to Lord Huang Lin. You'd better think of how to explain it to them.’’


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