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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 45


Chapter 45 Application

Jack kept scratching his head as if he had to make an extremely tough choice.

Anthony had finished filling up the application long ago, but his thighs kept shaking non-stop, and he still seemed to have some hesitation.

Compared to them, Kaunitz and the others looked to be calmer. After all, they had long before started their preparatory work in their respective clans. Renowned Knight characters had been the ones to choose their future paths for them. Therefore, Kaunitz and the others had immediately been able to choose their routes from the seventeen jobs.

Fang Xingjian also sat down and started to fill in the application form.

Out of the materials that Manny the librarian had gotten for him, he focused on the four main jobs, namely the Void Sword Sovereign, Starcluster Hunter, Windstorm Sword Hero and Sovereign of Ten Thousand Swords. Although he also swept across the other sword based jobs, they could not compare to these four.

In addition, these four jobs brought greater advantages compared to the seventeen the instructor had listed. Fang Xingjian believed that only if he chose one of these would he be able to eradicate the Onassis Clan, to suppress Li Shuanghua and question her about his mother, all by himself in the span of four and a half years.

Out of these four jobs, the Void Sword Sovereign's attribute increment was the lowest, but the Sword Qi of the Void was unpredictable and impossible to guard against. It was said to be the best for sneak attacks and assassinations.

Starcluster Hunter brought unparalleled reflexes, and would even be able to predict battle situations to a certain degree. Out of the four jobs, it was the best for close combat.

Windstorm Sword Hero brought unparalleled speed, allowing one to battle and then escape with ease. It had the highest level in terms of generic abilities.

The last one, the Sovereign of Ten Thousand Swords, allowed for the accumulation of powers and releasing them at once. It was the best for arena battles. Amongst the four, it was the best in terms of explosive force, and for one on one battles.

As for the other sword-based jobs Manny had gathered information on, he only glanced through them once, quickly. They were truly unable to compare with these four.

Fang Xingjian pondered for a very long time, scanning through the historical records of the many strong Warriors, which Manny had brought at a later time, before he finally decided to choose Windstorm Sword Hero for his first job transition.

One reason was because the speed of his movements and actions was too important, and as long as these two aspects were of high enough level, then he would be able to both attack and defend, and he would be able to have absolute overwhelming powers over his weaker opponents.

This made the overall abilities for the Windstorm Sword Hero to be stronger. In addition, with Fang Xingjian's sword talent, combined with the unrivalled agility and numerous sword arts, his battle prowess would rise greatly.

Of course, the most important thing was that from his research, he had noticed that only three people in the Empire's entire history had succeeded in transitioning into Windstorm Sword Hero. However, all three of them had eventually completed the third transition, and had become strong Warriors of the divine Level. Fang Xingjian had the confidence that he would be able to transition into any of these four jobs, and so he eventually decided on the Windstorm Sword Hero.

After having looked through the records of the only three strong Warriors to successfully undergo this job transition in the whole of the Empire's history, Fang Xingjian started to think about something else.

'Windstorm Sword Hero may be able to go even further... and might even be able to fully surpass the other three jobs!'

Not much later, everyone had made their choice. No matter whether they were hesitant, certain, or regretful, eventually they had all made a decision which would affect them for life.

After the instructor collected everyone's applications, he took and glance and frowned.

’’Fang Xingjian...’’ He looked towards Fang Xingjian and asked, ’’Are you sure that you want to select Windstorm Sword Hero?’’

’’Windstorm Sword Hero?’’ Jack turned his head to Fang Xingjian who was beside him and asked, ’’Xingjian, this isn't one of the seventeen transition jobs?’’

Fang Xingjian calmly answered, ’’It's not. I came across this in the library.’’

Hearing his reply, Jack and Anthony could not help but smile bitterly, looking at him as if they were looking at a monster.

Kaunitz laughed out loud, his gaze towards Fang Xingjian expressing extreme disdain, and said ’’Ignorant people are truly fearless.’’

Barbara, Ferdinand and the others also grinned coldly, looking at Fang Xingjian as if they were looking at an idiot.

The instructor came down from the platform and stood before Fang Xingjian, asking, ’’Do you know that the attribute requirements for the Windstorm Sword Hero are extremely harsh? And that it has high requirements in terms of specialties?

’’This job is very powerful, but there are literally no instructors in the academy who can guide you. No, I should say that even if there were an instructor for this job, it would be useless.

’’Your choice is to transit into Windstorm Sword Hero, but once you enter the secret realm, if you are not able to fulfill all the prerequisites, it is highly possible that your job transition will fail and that you will encounter the backlash from the ether particles.

’’And do you know that across the over two hundred years in the Empire's history, there were only three who succeed in transitioning into a Windstorm Sword Hero? Do you think you can become the fourth?’’

Fang Xingjian calmly replied, ’’I know all these, but I am confident I will succeed.’’

’’You're confident you will succeed? Do you think this is a game?’’ said the instructor, his voice getting louder, feeling a bit resentful and impatient that Fang Xingjian was unable to show improvement or meet expectations. ’’Do you know how many geniuses in history have set their goals for the first transition too high and ended up failing the transition in the secret realm? They ended up wasting their lives, and some of them could not take it and even committed suicide.’’

Seeing that Fang Xingjian was being reprimanded, Kaunitz and the others were all relishing his misfortune. Jack and Anthony were anxious. However, they did not know how to persuade him.

Fang Xingjian replied, ’’Across the Empire, there is no regulation saying that I cannot pick Windstorm Sword Hero as my transition job, is there?’’

’’You!’’ The instructor had not thought that Fang Xingjian would be so stubborn. He pointed to him and said, ’’You are destroying your own future.’’ After saying this, he left with the application forms. Before leaving the classroom, he turned around to say, ’’I will be reporting this to the Principal. I advise you to change your mind earlier.’’

After the instructor left, Kaunitz and the others broke into loud laughter.

Barbara from Fei Yang Knight Academy, who excelled in archery, smiled and said, ’’Great genius, then we shall wait for you to transition into the Windstorm Sword Hero. Kaunitz, after he completes the job transition and becomes a Windstorm Sword Hero, you'll most likely not be his match.’’

’’Hmph, if he can really assume the role of a Windstorm Sword Hero, so what if I lose?’’ Kaunitz stared at Fang Xingjian with bloodshot eyes and said, ’’I'm just afraid that some people have set their expectations too high and will end up failing their job transition.’’

Fang Xingjian threw them a cold look before he turned around to leave. Jack and Anthony exchanged a glance, then they dashed out after him.

Once they were out of the classroom, Jack tried to persuade him, ’’Xingjian, why must you choose the Windstorm Sword Hero? There's no one who can guide you for this job and you'll be in trouble if your job transition fails.’’

’’That's right, if you were to self-study, you would only be able to look up information in the library. There won't be anyone who can give you hands-on training in the key areas, and the chances of problems cropping up would be very high.’’ Anthony also tried to advise him, ’’The seventeen jobs provided by the school are not too bad either. After succeeding in transitioning, we'll also have higher chances in the Regional Selection.

’’Moreover, didn't you hear the instructor saying that there's only three people who have succeeded in their transition to a Windstorm Sword Hero? The chances of succeeding in this job for the first transition are too low.’’

’’Chances?’’ Fang Xingjian said calmly. ’’What chances are there? The academy can only provide such mediocre jobs for the first transition, and most of the Knights in the Empire all learn these jobs, which are also easy to pass down. You want to stand on the same starting point with the others before the Regional Selection has even started?

’’While the jobs for the first transition provided by the academy may not be bad, they are still considered too weak for me.

’’What is the meaning in choosing a job of a similar standard to those of the majority of people? What would allow you to be able to stand out in the Regional Selection?’’

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the two of them were stunned. When they came back to their senses, Fang Xingjian had already taken a few steps forward. With each step he advanced over ten meters, and so he soon disappeared from their sight.

Jack scratched his head and said, ’’What he said... sounds logical. With our talent, if we were to take on a first transition job of a similar standard with the majority of the Knights, then how would we be able to pass the Regional Selection in the future?’’

Anthony's brows were scrunched up, and the hesitation he was feeling when deciding on the job for the first transition earlier came back.

However, in the end, he still said, ’’But it would also be very hard for us to succeed in the first transition in a job that no instructors would be able to guide us through. Let alone succeeding the transitioning into the Windstorm Sword Hero which only three people in the course of the Empire's history have managed to do.’’

’’That's right.’’ Jack sighed and said, ’’To gain something, you must be prepared to take risks.’’

At that moment, they were suddenly full of admiration for Fang Xingjian's courage in deciding to transition into the Windstorm Sword Hero.

Once Fang Xingjian returned to his villa, he took out a pen and paper, then he started making notes.

'Based on Windstorm Sword Hero's requirements, I'll need to come out with a three-month-long training plan.'


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