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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 43


Chapter 43 Job Information

From there, the instructor started to introduce each first transition job one by one. This included their abilities, their extraordinary powers, their progression, their skills and specialties, as well as the possible paths for their second or even third job transitions.

Of course, the prerequisites required in order to complete these first job transitions were the most important.

He described the number of points required for the strength, agility, reaction, endurance and flexibility attributes respectively.

What specialties were required, what skills to acquire, and what level were also mentioned.

And the most crucial things were the selection of Waves as well as the mental cultivation methods.

Everyone, including Robert, listened attentively to the instructor's explanation. While Robert had already completed the first transition, this opportunity to obtain information on the other first transition jobs was hard to come by. This was only possible through the Royal Academy.

His goal was the second transition, which required him to compete with the other Knights in the Royal Academy and eventually pass the Regional Selection. To do so, he would naturally need a better understanding of the traits of the other first transition jobs.

As for Kaunitz, Barbara, and the other aristocrats, they could not be compared with the influential aristocrats in the Empire's central. However, through their clan's help, they had obtained some generic information with regards to the direction of their first transition job choice. However, this was not as detailed as the information accumulated by the Royal Academy, which came from the Empire's hundred years of efforts of numerous generations of talents.

As for Jack, Anthony, and the others, they were deeply engrossed in the explanation and were full of excitement and longing for these mysteries of the first transition.

They were especially engrossed in the information on access to the specialities available within the academy. This included which instructors they could approach for guidance on the various skills or even the instructors and seniors who had taken on the same job for their first job transition.

This information was extremely crucial. After all, no matter how good the job was, they would need to satisfy the various prerequisites and look for people who could give them guidance on the specialties, techniques, Waves, and mental cultivation methods.

’’Alright, this is it for the three jobs shared today.’’ The instructor packed up the materials and said, ’’If you guys need to review this material, you can check them out for yourselves in the library.

We will be progressively introducing the seventeen types of jobs you can transition to in our Kirst Royal Academy. On the last day, I will be giving out the application form for the first job transition. After you've filled out the job you wish to transition to, when approval is granted, the academy will arrange for you your instructors and your various courses to attend.

’’Finally, there is one more mandatory piece of information instructors are required to share ever since the Empire had set up the academy's system. However, I still must advise against you all from doing this.

’’That is, in the event you do not wish to take on a job from the seventeen types that I've shared, you can do your own research in the library to find out about the successful cases of other first transition jobs from the Empire's history.

’’But I must remind you again, the seventeen types of job transitions that I've introduced are not only strong, they are also the ones which the current instructors in the academy can guide you. If you were to choose other jobs, it's likely that there'll be no one who would be able to guide you on the various Waves, mental cultivation methods, skills, and specialties.’’

After class, Kaunitz glared in Fang Xingjian's direction and left. Robert also laughed coldly a few times before taking his leave.

Fang Xingjian left the classroom together with Jack and Anthony.

Jack said, ’’Anyway, I don't plan on looking for a job which no one can give me guidance. It's something that only fools would do.’’

Anthony nodded his head and said, ’’For now, the academy only arranged for us to have classes in the morning. Where do you guys plan on going in the afternoon? I plan to head to the training grounds to take a look. It's said that many Knights from the previous years all practice there.’’

Jack smiled and said, ’’I'll head back myself. I still haven't completed today's homework.’’

’’Right, Xingjian, where are you planning on going?’’

’’The library.’’

’’The library?’’ Both Jack and Anthony cried out as they looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’You must be kidding. Are you really thinking about choosing another job?’’

’’Not necessarily, but don't you guys think those first transition jobs that the instructor had introduced earlier were not strong enough?’’ Fang Xingjian said calmly.

While those jobs he had heard earlier were strong enough as they were, compared to Demonic City's top notch first transition jobs, they were only slightly better off. One would only be able to fend off three or four people at one go, and what Fang Xingjian needed was something with overwhelming power.

’’The system for the Empire's Knights is considered to be stronger than Demonic City's. However, after taking into consideration other advantages, it is still insufficient. To eradicate an existence at the level of the Five Great Clans, what I need would be something powerful enough to single-handedly combat a modernized army of armored forces...

’’While it is much easier to complete the job transition for these seventeen jobs, they are only considered the upper tier of the middle level. What I need is an even stronger job.’’

’’Not strong enough?’’ Jack said exaggeratedly, ’’My god, the job Landslide Torrenter for the first transition is one which increases one's attributes. With each additional level, there's a 5 point increase in strength, 2 point increase in agility, and 5 point increase in endurance. Don't forget that the job's specialty allows one to borrow strength from the earth. The job's skill allows one to harden one's skin such that it is impenetrable and has resistance to both fire and water.

’’Is this still not strong enough?’’

Fang Xingjian smiled and did not answer. He was from one of the Five Great Clans and even if he was not favored, his expectation was not something commoners like Jack and Anthony would be able to understand. With just modernized weapons alone, there would be plenty of ways to deal with these jobs.

Fang Xingjian only said, ’’Anyway, I'll only be taking a look and will be deciding after I listen to all of the introductions for the various jobs.’’

After arriving at the library, Fang Xingjian approached the librarian and asked directly, ’’I want to look at all the material pertaining to first transition jobs.’’

The librarian led him to a row of shelves, pointed to the few hundreds books, and said, ’’These all introduce the various first transition jobs.’’

Fang Xingjian looked at the books before him, frowned, and asked, ’’Aren't there are too many of them?’’

If he were to spend time to going through all of these books, how would he be able to find time for his sword practice?

After noticing that the librarian was about to leave, he quickly stopped the other party and asked, ’’You have the access rights to all these materials?’’

’’Mmm, what about it?’’ He did not know what the librarian's background was. When he saw Fang Xingjian, he did not behave cautiously like how the other servants were when they saw Knights. On the contrary, a hint of laziness filled his face as if he was not interested in anything at all.

’’Can you help me organize the materials from these books...’’

Before Fang Xingjian had finished his sentence, the librarian turned to leave, mumbling, ’’No time.’’

Fang Xingjian said, ’’What if I pay you?’’ He would definitely want to receive help from the maids or engage someone to find materials he needed, but apparently not everyone had the access rights to these materials on job transitions.

And why would ordinary Knights accept his request?

After hearing that Fang Xingjian would be paying, the librarian paused in his tracks and asked, ’’How much can you pay?’’

Fang Xingjian replied, ’’If you can organize all the materials, I'll pay you four hundred copper coins.’’ When he had taken on tough jobs earlier, he only managed to earn one hundred copper coins. To him, it was very generous that he was paying the other party five hundred straight.

However, that librarian immediately turned to leave, asking, ’’Do you think that you're trying to dismiss a beggar?’’

’’Wait, wait up.’’ Fang Xingjian grabbed the other party's shoulders and forcefully pulled him back.

The librarian shouted out, ’’What are you doing? It's a serious offense to attack the academy's staff.’’

’’Don't be hasty, I can pay you more.’’

’’Oh?’’ The librarian's eyes rolled and he said, ’’How much can you pay?’’

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought. Every month, the academy gave him ten gold coins, and the prize for being this year's Prefectural Champion was fifty gold coins. This was almost enough for an ordinary family to live in the Empire without worrying at all.


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