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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 42


Chapter 42 First Transition

To think that he could have access to a portion of ferocious beast's essence daily. Even the Fang Clan could only drink a bowl of Nine Blood Spirit-Changing Soup every day.

Although the ferocious beasts provided by the academy were of as high a grade as the Nine-Headed Abyss Bird, it was the allocation for Empire's Knights.

Fang Xingjian asked, ’’Do we need to pay extra money for the daily partaking of ferocious beasts' essence?’’

’’No need.’’ The female servant had a face full of deference as she looked at Fang Xingjian. This was a student that a master of the second transition personally planned the diet for.

’’A portion of ferocious beasts' essence daily. This is the preferential treatment for the Prefectural Champion.’’

Fang Xingjian took out the data that was given out earlier. Indeed, the one in first place would be able to partake in a portion of ferocious beast's essence daily, while the one in tenth place would only be able to enjoy a portion of ferocious beast's essence every three days.

And as for income, residence and such, the one in first place would get rewards ten times better than someone in the tenth place.

Being the Prefectural Champion brought not only honor, there were also many other concrete benefits.

Fang Xingjian nodded his head and said, ’’That's enough, let's go in.’’

Under the lead of the maid, Fang Xingjian was taken on a tour around the residence. The whole villa had an area of over five hundred square meters and a complete set of a variety of rooms. Basically, there was a living room for receiving guests, dining rooms, toilets, training rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, and even a room for the female servant.

After making arrangements for the female servant to clean the room and prepare food, Fang Xingjian directly went to the training room to practice the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth. He wanted to make good use of this one month, or just half a month to perfect the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth to the maximum level. Not only that, he also wanted to quickly deplete the potential he had accumulated.

After all, things like accumulated potential were useless if stored within one's body. One had to constantly deplete it, and it would be optimal to maintain a balance with the amount of depletion. Only through this would one be able to gain the most benefits.

For this purpose, he decided to shorten his amount of sleep once again, sleeping only from 12am to 3am for three hours daily.

However, considering his current body's constitution, sleeping for three hours was comparable to an an ordinary human's sleep of six hours. Although it was tough to do so, he could still bear it and it would not bring harm to his body.

In the training room, Fang Xingjian executed the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth again and again, stepping forth with each slash he made. And with each step, he retracted his sword which followed with another slash again.

Slash slash slash slash slash. His entire state of mind was immersed within the series of slashes, relentlessly exhausting his potential. His strength attribute increased slowly but resolutely, akin to the piece of iron enduring the hammering of a blacksmith's blow, tempering his body.

Simultaneously, he also got increasingly familiar with each of the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth's movements, with each change in every iota of force.

Sword arts of the Nurturing Path took gradual and steady progress. They strengthened the constitution and nurtured the spirit, accumulating the body's potential.

Sword arts of the Training Path were assiduous training. They broke through one's limits again and again, akin to a hammer's blows raining down on one's body, constantly releasing the accumulated potential, allowing one's body to transcend its limits again and again.

But regardless of if it was the Training or Nurturing Path, they were all cultivation methods, and were not a way to kill one's enemies.

The academy's lessons would usually be held in the morning. On the morning of the second day, Fang Xingjian chose to attend lessons on job planning.

An instructor was standing on the platform as he spoke unceasingly. Below, there were only the ten students from Fang Xingjian's Class 256.

’’The profoundness of job transitions lies in space.

’’Some of you already know this, some of you don't. But regardless, all of you better seriously focus and pay close attention to what I'm saying. Firstly, I will talk about the three great theories.

’’The first one is the principle of space stability.

’’This world which we are in is formed by space and time.

’’Space represents the existence of the myriad of things while time presents their motion.

’’Space, is incomparably tough. So tough that it's impossible to break. For example, even if all the divine Level cultivators struck out together towards one point, it would still be impossible for them to break through space.

’’However, there are always exceptions. In certain mysterious places, the structure of space isn't as stable, and there would be many creases and cracks. To the extent that with each passing second, there would be the creation and destruction of innumerable spatial tunnels.

’’For places like this, we refer to them as the secret realms.

’’The second one is the theory of ether particles. In spaces we cannot see, there exists a special kind of energy.

’’This energy is akin to the air that surrounds us, encompassing everything in the world. However, we have no way to sense them or touch them.

’’Because the space in our world is too stable and would always be in a state of equilibrium, the instant this type of energy appeared, it would be obliterated immediately in the next instant. They exists for too short a period of time, causing us to be unable to utilize or even observe this kind of energy through conventional methods.

’’We refer this kind of omnipresent, infinite and boundless energy as 'ether particles'. We can only attempt to come into contact with them in the secret realms where there is spatial instability.

’’The third theory is that the myriad of living things in this world are all formed by waves. From something as big as the sun, moon and constellations, to something as small as ether particles. You all have to remember that ether particles themselves are a type of waves as well rather than being an actual particle. If you can't even understand this, you would have no hope of completing the job transition.

’’And our body, our consciousness, are also actually the superposition of countless waves.

’’When we are within a secret realm, in that place where the ether particles are the most active, after using the waves from our consciousness and body to pry open the gate to ether particles, we will be able to obtain extraordinary powers and obtain the recognition of the Jobs Window.

’’We refer to this process as job transition.’’

The instructor on the platform spoke with confidence and composure, while the majority of the Knights below were already drowsy and falling asleep.

Only Fang Xingjian was seriously listening to the theories as he pondered over the rationale unceasingly in his mind.

'The theories shared by this instructor did have some similarities with Earth's wave theory, something similar to quantum theory.

'However, I don't really remember the specific differences.

'But if this was really the case, the scientists under Earth's governments should have already researched this. Are the laws of physics in the Miracle World really different from that of Earth?'

Fang Xingjian did not know the exact answer, and this was also not something he could deal with now. Thus, he continued listening to the lecture.

’’So if one wishes to go through the job transition, there are two basic conditions. The first condition is to find a secret realm. All of you have already met this requirement and they are also of the best quality. Kirst Royal Academy possesses a total of seven secret realms, and there are sufficient for the students' usage.

’’The second condition is to is to use yourself to move ether particles.

’’Our body, consciousness and ether particles are all made of waves. If one of them wishes to move another, it is important to maintain a similar frequency.

’’And as for the frequency of one's body and consciousness, we termed that as vital frequency.

’’We are unable to determine how much your vital frequencies are and also have no idea the differences between your vital frequencies and that of the ether particles.

’’But with our Empire's three hundred years of experience, we are able to roughly know what kind of person can move what kind of ether particles, and transition to what kind of jobs. These are the precious experiences accumulated by countless seniors and geniuses who had made numerous attempts on themselves to conduct experiments.

’’And only in the Royal Academy would you be able to browse over this data unconditionally. But, remember, all this data regarding job transitions are not to be divulged to anyone, else you will be charged with the crime of treason.

’’Remember, your body's frequency as well as your attributes, techniques and specialities are all connected. However, the most important thing is, the Amassing Path.

’’The Nurturing Path accumulates potential, while the Training Path expends the potential. These two paths are able to temper one's body, adjusting one's attributes.

’’Amassing Path on the other hand, is able to modify your vital frequency, changing the essence of your life and thus allowing for communication with the ether particles.

’’It is the same as how the Nurturing Path is split into exterior nurturing and interior nurturing;the Amassing Path is also split into two categories.

’’The first one is to grasp the rhythm of breathing, adjusting the circulation of blood and thus causing the frequency within one's body to match with a certain distinctive type of Wave.

’’The second one is to adjust one's thoughts and transforming one's mental state, allowing one's mental frequency to match with a certain distinctive type of mental cultivation method.

’’Therefore, if you wish to transition to the job of your choice, you will need to use the remaining time to adjust yourselves. Pick up Waves and mental cultivation methods, allowing your Waves, mental cultivation technique, attributes, techniques and specialities to get as close to the requirements of the job transition of your choice. The closer you are to the requirements, the higher the probability of a successful job transition.

’’One more thing, don't blame me for being naggy, let me reiterate once again, all information related to job transitions are not to be divulged to even your descendants. These include the information about the various jobs, all the recorded Waves and mental cultivation methods in the academy. Those who divulge this information will be charged with treason.’’

Gazing at the ten people who were now paying close attention to the lecture seriously, the lecturer spoke with indifference, ’’Alright, now I will start to introduce the types of jobs for the job transitions. Today, the first job to be introduced is... Landslide Torrenter.’’


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