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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 40


Chapter 40 Goal

Jack said, ’’Anthony has been touring Uranlis and only returned this past month to enter the Prefectural Selection.’’

Uranlis? Traces of killing intent flashed intensely in Fang Xingjian's eyes. Was Uranlis not the country that the Mage Association governed, and was it not also the country that currently allied with the five great nations of Earth, exchanging resources and skills?

And was the Black Mage King not one of the three greatest Mage Kings, the true ruler behind Uranlis' governing body?

Therefore once he heard the news, Fang Xingjian took his own initiative to shake hands with Anthony as he introduced himself, ’’Hi, my name is Fang Xingjian.’’

Anthony replied in a friendly manner, ’’During this year's Prefectural Selection, your name and reputation were like the sounds of thunder piercing the ears. Please take care of me in the future.’’

Fang Xingjian asked, ’’You just returned?’’

’’Yup, I was in Uranlis before I arrived here.’’

Fang Xingjian made small talk with Anthony for two to three sentences, and he nonchalantly asked, ’’I heard that the Black Mage King of the Mage Association just accepted a disciple?’’

’’Mhm, yeah. I just received this news recently. The new disciple seems to be a commoner, and no one has ever seen him before. However, since he could become the Black Mage King's disciple, he's really incomparably lucky.’’ He was different from those in the Empire who had their own perceptions towards Uranlis. As someone who had lived there before, Anthony was clearly more rational. ’’You all better not think that all these Mages are all swindlers, using illusion techniques and sleight of hand magicians.

’’In reality, the Mage Association in Uranlis is exceptionally powerful. The three Mage Kings, especially, are much stronger than even the majority of the other countries' Knights.’’ In his speech, he was already conservative in his estimate of the power of the Mage Kings.

’’Even more terrifying than the Knights of other countries?’’ Jack, who was a City Guard asked. ’’Are you serious? In the amount of time it takes them to channel and cast their spells, our Knights can already chop and slash them more than seven to eight times, right?’’

’’It's not that simple.’’ Anthony shook his head, but he didn't provide any further explanation. Evidently, he had already met many people like Jack who had underestimated the Mages.

Fang Xingjian was not really sure about this as well. Originally, when considering the magic prints of Demonic City, Mages would always be ranked above Knights and Warriors. However, after cultivating for half a year in the Empire, he discovered that the four paths: Nurturing, Training, Amassing, and Killing were all extremely profound. Their might surpassed those of the magic prints.

So were the Empire's Knights stronger or were the Mages of Uranlis stronger? He had no way to verify this.

However, he continued asking, ’’I wonder what sort of person the disciple of the Black Mage King is?’’

Anthony replied, ’’I'm not very certain about this, but I heard that this disciple seems to have originated from the western regions.’’ After completing this sentence, he cast a glance at Fang Xingjian because his physical features, yellow-skinned and black hair, also indicated that he had a bloodline from the western regions.

After hearing this answer, Fang Xingjian had already understood. Somehow, during the competition to become the Mage King's disciple, Fang Clan had obtained victory in the end. Fang Xingchen had become the disciple of the Mage King, but Fang Xingjian simply did not know what or how great the price Li Shuanghua had paid.

Afterwards, Fang Xingjian continued chatting with Anthony. Mainly, he wanted to enquire about Uranlis' current situation.

Approximately ten minutes later, instructor di*k walked in and glanced at those who were present as his gaze slightly lingered for a moment on Fang Xingjian. Because Fang Xingjian obtained the position of Prefectural Champion this time around, it had caused him to lose his bet with Hogan. It could even be said that he had lost both the bet and his pride.

Although he understood that he should not blame Fang Xingjian, in the end, a hint of malice still entered his eyes every time he glanced at Fang Xingjian. In particular, Fang Xingjian was not a noble;rather, he was just a commoner and a vagrant.

Lightly coughing, di*k spoke. ’’Everyone, from now on, you will all be formal students of Kirst Royal Knight Academy as Knights of the Empire.

’’Today is the first day of your lessons. We have many missions here, but first, your Knight attire and medallions.’’ After he spoke, he clapped his hands as some attendants brought over Knight attires, the Empire's medallions, as well as sets of data.

After seeing the brand new attires placed in front of them, many students in the crowd had expressions of slight eagerness on their faces. Even Kaunitz and the others were all extremely excited as they saw their Knight attire.

di*k continued speaking, ’’A Knight attire is made from materials obtained from Fire Kirins and had the added effect of expansion and contraction. Size doesn't matter here, so all of you can just directly put it on.’’

Jack, who was beside Fang Xingjian, dumbly stared at the Knight attire as he continually used his hands to stroke the scales of the attire. ’’A Knight attire, this is a real set of a Knight attire, and I'm finally able to put them on.’’

di*k continued, ’’As for the Knight's medallion, it represents your identity. You can use it to enjoy the benefits of a Knight, and it is also your pass to enter the academy. Only with this medallion will you be able to enter or exit a majority of the places within the academy.

’’Next, the following materials are required for you students to take note of.’’

Fang Xingjian picked up the medallion from the box as he played around with it. There was a tiny bronze-colored sword with many small-sized rune-like characters engraved on it. Fang Xingjian knew that these should be the secret data that's used to determined one's identity.

These medallions were created by the Royal Knight Association. Not only were the materials difficult to fake, the secret data was also one of a kind. It could be said that each and every medallion ever given out by the association could be easily traced, and there was absolutely no way to counterfeit it.

He used a string to thread the gap between the coupling links of the tiny sword as he hung the medallion around his neck.

Fang Xingjian then glanced at the nearby stacked documents regarding the information to take note again. These documents told the new students about things in the academy where one needed to pay attention to. For example, students were not allowed to participate in life and death battles, and students were not allowed to enter or exit on their own. There was also a map, which showed locations of the canteen, library, reef, their dormitories, et cetera.

Naturally, some of the documents also showed some of the benefits and preferential treatment that they would be able to enjoy based on their identity as Knights. As the champion of the Prefectural Selection, Fang Xingjian naturally would be able to enjoy the highest degree of preferential treatment, as well as to obtain the most benefits. As for this, Fang Xingjian merely roughly glossed over it without reading it in much detail.

di*k continued speaking, ’’Remember this, passing the Prefectural Selection and becoming a Knight is only the first step of your ten thousand mile long journey. If people who are proud just because of their results from the Prefectural Selection and don't improve, I will personally report this matter up to our academy's higher management and expel them from this place.’’

When he spoke, both of his eyes continuously stared at Fang Xingjian, as though he were referring to him.

Afterwards, he shifted the direction of his speech, as he added, ’’The ten of you are considered this year's batch of Knights, and you belong to the Class 256. Our academy was founded two hundred and fifty-six years ago, so there are already a total of two hundred and fifty-six classes, including your batch.

’’Currently, there are a total of eight classes that are active within the academy, and I am the instructor in charge of your class.

’’There will be a monthly competition between different classes, and based on the results, punishments will be distributed to the class in last place.’’

After observing the crowd's nonchalant expressions reflected in their faces, di*k coldly smiled as he stated, ’’Don't assume the punishment is very easy. I can guarantee that none of you will like it.’’

He then continued, ’’However, as you all are new students, you all have a buffer of three months before you need to enroll in the competition. And within these three months, the first mission you have to accomplish is to complete your first transition.

’’And in the following month, the various profession lessons as well as physical training, qualities development, specialized training will all be preparation for your first transition. The choice of your profession will determine the development of your entire lives. I hope you all will take this seriously.

’’A month later, there won't be any lessons planned for all of you. Own time own target, and all of you have to complete your first transition within the last two months.’’


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