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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 35


Chapter 35 Wait

At this time, Fang Xingjian already had a general idea of what potential represented, and thus was able to better understand what an advantage he would have with his sword technique brought to perfection.

In fact, he had only been able to really appreciate the advantages of the level 30 Grizzly Bear Sword Technique and the level 20 Nine Yang divine Sword Technique after officially enrolling in the Knight Academy.

It was not the additional attributes, neither the higher cultivation effects, nor their use in battles.

It was the fact that he gained ten times the potential compared to a level 10 sword technique.

When people trained their physical body to a certain degree, it was already difficult enough if they used normal training methods to raise their attributes, potential being the only way to maintain the increase in attributes.

Endlessly practicing the level 10 Grizzly Bear Sword Technique each and every day would only allow one to get a maximum of 50 potential points, and after reaching this point, no matter how much one trained, one would no longer reap any additional rewards. It was the limit of the level 10 Grizzly Bear Sword Technique.

And with a level 30 Grizzly Bear Sword Technique, coupled with Fang Xingjian's Sword Specialist specialty, the maximum potential he could attain from daily practice was 500 points. At that moment, he understood what the use of Sword Specialist specialty was. It was able to raise the potential obtained from Nurturing techniques.

Sword techniques of extremely high levels, coupled with the specialities related to sword art, could create a gap up to ten times the difference.

And similar sword techniques, such as the Nine Yang divine Sword Technique and the Descent of Holy Light provided the same amount of potential. When one attained 500 points of potential from practicing the Nine Yang divine Sword Technique, one would no longer be able to attain any additional potential via the Descent of the Holy Light. This goes to show that if one were to practice sword techniques of a similar nature, they would still only be able to raise only 500 points of potential in a day.

The higher the standard of the Nurturing technique, the higher the potential one could obtain. And the higher the standard of the Training technique, the higher the potential's consumption rate.

The more the potential, the higher the exhaustion, and the faster the rate of increase in one's attributes.

Which also meant that if Fang Xingjian were to alternate between training the techniques in the Nurturing Path and Training Path, the speed at which one could get stronger would be ten times faster than ordinary people.

A person with mediocre calibre would spend the whole morning practicing these three sword techniques but only receive 150 points in potential, and practicing the whole afternoon to exhaust the 150 points in potential. To exhaust 10,000 potential points to raise his attributes, one would need to spend up to two months.

On the other hand, after merely one day of practice, Fang Xingjian was already able to accumulate and exhaust two to three thousand points in potential;and to exhaust 10,000 potential points to raise his attributes, he would only require three to four days' time.

And the best thing was, since he practiced much more sword techniques than other people, while an ordinary person could practice three sets of level 10 sword techniques in the Nurturing Path to get 150 points in potential, Fang Xingjian could practice 10 sets or even 20 sets to attain four to five thousand points in potential.

This allowed him to pick up the pace of training his sword art to improve his physique, accumulate potential and also to temper his physical body and stimulate the amassed potential.

Although Fang Xingjian had not fully grasped this idea at the moment, he was already very excited to get his hands on a technique in the Training Path. During the time they were waiting for the results of the Prefectural Selection to be released, he decided to fully grasp the time to train his Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth and Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique.

At the same time, he would also continue practicing the other sword techniques of the Nurturing Path, including the Nine Yang divine Sword Technique, to amass even more potential.

He dived into his sword practice fanatically just like that. He did a calculation and realized that with the sword techniques he had at the moment, he could receive 3500 points in potential daily. This meant that theoretically speaking, when he practiced the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth at a strength of 30 to 40 points, he would be able to exhaust 30,000 points in potential daily, and hence be able to raise a bit of his strength attribute once every nine days.

Upon reaching 40 points in his strength attribute, he would be able to receive an increase once every 11 days.

'Very good...' Fang Xingjian revealed a satisfied smiled, 'This rate of improvement is even faster than I had expected. After enrolling at the academy, I will be able to pick up even more varieties of techniques in the Nurturing Path and Training Path, and therefore increase the rate even further.'

Compared to an ordinary person, or even to other talented people, Fang Xingjian's attributes seemed as if they was purchased at wholesale.

After a night of practice, he dragged his exhausted body to The School of Sword Arts for breakfast the next morning.

However, just when he had taken a few bites, Ogden's sarcastic voice rang out from beside him.

’’Oh? Isn't this the great genius from our school, Fang Xingjian?’’ Ogden smiled and said, ’’Haha, how was it? You'll definitely be able to pass the Prefectural Selection this time around?’’

Seeing that Fang Xingjian did not pay him any heed, his face turned grim and he said, ’’I'm sure you guys are not aware, this great genius here had left earlier during the final stage and had even learnt two techniques by himself. Hmph... he really thinks he is some ultimate genius.’’

Fang Xingjian did not bother about him and Ogden started to exaggerate things, saying how Fang Xingjian had tried to put up a strong front in the third stage, how he landed himself in a hopeless situation, and how he eventually could not take the pressure and gave up.

At that moment, the leader of School of Sword Arts, Kyle, walked in. All the disciples stood up and shouted their greetings, ’’Teacher!’’

’’Don't be nervous, today's the day the results for the Prefectural Selection are released. The academy will inform each school by sending the results slip. I'm here to check your results.’’ His brows were slightly knitted as he looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Xingjian, is what Ogden said true? You learned two sword techniques in the final stage and even left earlier?’’

Fang Xingjian finished the last bite of the black bread, nodded, and did not say anything.

Kyle shook his head and sighed, ’’Forget it, you've just picked up the sword not longer ago and this is only your first Prefectural Selection. It's nothing to feel some anxiety. With your talent, so long as you work hard in your training, you'll have a big chance in next year's

Prefectural Selection.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded, stood up and said, ’’Teacher, I'll make a move first.’’

’’You're not staying to wait for the results?’’

’’There's nothing to see.’’ Fang Xianjian would definitely pass, so he could not be bothered to wait here for the results like Ogden and the rest. If he had the time, he would rather spend it practicing the Hegemonic Qi Slash of Heavens and Earth and Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique.

Ogden stared at Fang Xingjian's departing back view and gave a cold sneer, ’’Tsk, you don't dare to stay behind for fear of embarrassing yourself?’’

Thereafter, everyone from The School of Sword Art waited at the training ground, but no one was in the mood for training. Regardless of if it was the Eldest Martial Brother Ogden, or Second Martial Brother Lambert, they were were all anxiously waiting to find out the results and turned their heads towards the direction of the door every now and then.

Suddenly, a student shouted loudly, ’’It's here, it's here!’’

The whole group of them dashed towards the door but only to realize that it was merely a passing peddler. The examinee said, embarrassed, ’’Sorry, I've got it wrong.’’

Ogden gave him a harsh glare and said, ’’It's fine, it's fine. Let's wait a little longer, it should be here soon.’’

On the other hand, in the lounge of Tresia Academy, the place was decorated with lanterns and banners, full of festivity.

The teachers in the academy were chatting amongst themselves, but at the same time, they had kept some of their attention towards the direction of the door.

Kaunitz was like a very big spotlight then, attracting everyone's attention. The young beauty who was originally from The School of Sword Arts was grabbing onto his arm and asking excitedly, ’’Kaunitz, you were saying that Master Huang Lin was full of admiration for you during the Prefectural Selection?’’

’’Mmm.’’ Kaunitz said proudly, ’’Master Huang Lin had said that the powers I displayed in the second stage were quite good, and after I demonstrated the sword technique in the third stage, he gave me encouragement, asking me to continue to work hard in my training so that I can serve the Empire.’’

Vivian's arm hugged tighter around Kaunitz and asked, ’’So you'll probably be the Prefectural Champion this time around?’’

’’There's a possibility,’’ Kaunitz said. ’’But Robert has gone already gone through the first transition after all, and has attained extraordinary powers. Although becoming the Prefectural Champion might be a little difficult, getting second place should be no problem at all.’’


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