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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 23


Chapter 23 The Last Three Months

The sword technique Chaotic Strike had been created by a wise senior when he was observing the peak of a towering mountain.

One important point of this sword technique was to be able to visualize the majesty and grandeur of mountains, each move and each attack having to be as heavy as a mountain.

While it sounded very mysterious, it actually meant that one had to use changes to the mind to bring about changes to the blood.

For example, when a person climbed up the mountain's peak and looked down at the other mountains and streams at their feet, that person would naturally feel broad-minded. Or when one stood by the seaside, looking at the endless sea, one would naturally feel relaxed and at peace.

Almost all sword techniques created after their inventors' close observation of nature were like this. Through observing nature one could comprehend the concept within and then apply it in such a way that it would change the state within the human body.

Just like how a person's blood pressure would rise when getting angry, or when feeling scared or nervous.

When a person was happy and relaxed, the vessels would also be relaxed. Even the burden on the organs would be lightened.

This was the theory behind the mental state affecting the physical state.

As for Chaotic Strike, it carried the concept of the majesty of mountains, coupled with moves which twisted the muscles and bones in order to massage the organs and nurture them. The most important organ to train was the heart.

The final goal was to strengthen the heart, allowing the blood flow to be as stable as a mountain, strengthening the blood's ability to supply nutrition, changing the physique and increasing physical strength.

While Fang Xingjian did not fully understand the principle within the technique, he had acquired the whole process from Kaunitz. Moreover, since Kaunitz had outstanding talent to begin with, he had made no errors with the level 12 Chaotic Strike, making Fang Xingjian's learning process more smooth.

Fang Xingjian had relied on his supernatural talent to pick up this set of sword technique. But even so, he was still being very careful, since the process relied on the mental state's ability to affect the human body from within.

The human body was extremely complicated, and a person's mental state would change very quickly. Moreover, it dealt with important elements, such as the blood and the heart. Therefore, not even the slightest bit of carelessness was allowed.

Fang Xingjian's motions were slow, similar to those of an old man's. He thrust outwards with each sword stance only by half or one-third of the actual requirement, then stopping to carefully analyze and experience it over and over again.

It could be said that this was the slowest speed at which he had ever practiced.

'The technique in this Chaotic Strike is even harder than that of the Nine Yang divine Sword Technique. Moreover, I do not have a teacher to instruct me by my side. If I make the wrong move, it may cause my blood vessels to burst and organs to deteriorate.'

But luckily, Fang Xingjian's talent was excellent. He slowly analyzed Chaotic Strike's stances and soon got a general grasp of them after a few days. After ten days or so, he was already capable of practicing it smoothly.

If Tresia's sword arts teacher ever saw this, he would be so shocked that his eyeballs would pop out!

Just like this, Fang Xingjian would head to The School of Sword Arts once in the morning and once in the afternoon to deal with some chores and to have his meal, spending the rest of his time at the abandoned ruins, practicing his sword techniques.

Seeing how Fang Xingjian headed out to practice daily, the people from The School of Sword Arts were initially full of contempt, then gradually stopped caring. After two months, they had gotten used to Fang Xingjian's actions.

Ogden had told Fang Xingjian that it was useless to avoid Kaunitz like this, advising him to apologise instead.

Lambert had asked Fang Xingjian if he needed help.

Vivian had not spoken another word to Fang Xingjian. She acted like a proud peacock, constantly accompanying Kaunitz and displaying her charms.

Kyle had also spoken to Fang Xingjian about this.

’’I heard that you and Kaunitz have had some disagreements? Do you need me to step in to mediate? No matter how powerful the Tresia Clan is, Kaunitz would have to show me some respect.’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, ’’Teacher, there's no need for that. I feel more at ease practicing alone outside.’’

During this time, Kyle had also arranged for them to register for the Prefectural Selection, and Kaunitz had taken a few of the students to attend Tresia's gathering. Kaunitz now went around together with Vivian, and in the eyes of those attending The School of Sword Arts it was as if they were already a couple.

Even Ogden started being more polite to Vivian when he saw her.

Of course, everyone still spent most of their time in their sword practice. As the Prefectural Selection got closer, the mood on the training grounds also turned more gloomy, as if the air was so tense that one could squeeze water out of it.

Unnoticeably, many warriors also came to the city from the vicinity in order to take part in the Prefectural Selection.

Just like this, time passed by very quickly. Another three months went by, and the day of the Prefectural Selection finally arrived.

In the abandoned courtyard, Fang Xingjian stopped his movements and exhaled deeply.

Chaotic Strike, Silver Moon Prayer Sword Technique, Descent of the Holy Light, and Tresia-Style Foundation Sword Technique. Each of these sets of sword techniques was extremely profound, and could penetrate the mysteries within the human body. For one with mediocre talent, even with the foundation of other sword techniques, he or she would probably require five or more years in order to fully master each of the techniques to the maximum level.

After all, Kaunitz, a genius living the life of an aristocrat, had received guidance from numerous well-known teachers and had practiced sword arts since young so that he could to attain full mastery of these four techniques by the age of sixteen.

When Fang Xingjian had reached level 10 for the Descent of the Holy Light, he realised that this sword technique's principles slightly overlapped with those of the Nine Yang divine Sword Technique, which led to the absence of increases in attributes.

He had also considered whether it would be possible to complement the advantages and disadvantages of two sword techniques. However, even though he had enough talent, he had insufficient experience in sword arts. Therefore, after failing a few attempts, he decided to give up.

From there, he decided to devote all of his energy into training Chaotic Strike, the Silver Moon Prayer Sword Technique, and the Tresia-Stye Foundation Sword Technique.

He would only sleep three hours per day, practicing sword techniques not only when he was awake, but sometimes even in his dreams.

At the end of the day, Fang Xingjian would sometimes feel giddiness, other times his body turned limp, and sometimes hateful emotions would arise in his heart.

But when he recalled that night, and recalled those vengeful feelings, he forced himself to calm down and continue with his sword practice.

Counting the time he had left, Fang Xingjian's lifespan only amounted to four and a half years. There was no other way out for him.

And his efforts paid out. One day before the Prefectural Selection, Fang Xingjian finally completely the mission which he had thought impossible. He had fully mastered the three sets of sword techniques, namely Chaotic Strike, the Silver Moon Prayer Sword Technique, and the Tresia-Stye Foundation Sword Technique to the maximum level of 20.

Chaotic Strike gave him 4 additional points in strength, 4 points in agility, 8 points in endurance, and 4 points in flexibility.

The Silver Moon Prayer Sword Technique gave him 3 additional points in strength, 3 points in agility, 5 points in reaction, 3 points in endurance, and 3 points in flexibility.

He had spent the most effort on the Tresia-Stye Foundation Sword Technique, and had received 2 points in strength, 2 in agility, 2 in reaction, 2 in endurance and 2 in flexibility.

One could tell from these stats that the more his various attributes increased, the stronger his physique became, and the less additional attributes he gained from the sword techniques.

On one hand, it was because the attributes of his body's potential were wasted less and less. On the other hand, it was also because the more his attributes grew, the more difficult it was for him to raise them through training.


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