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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 175


Chapter 175 Bashed Up

Despite Edger's beaming smile, hidden behind it was a dagger.

If Fang Xingjian continued with his classes, it would have an increasing impact in the academy and he would gain both fame and wealth. How could he allow for that to happen? However, after getting someone to conduct an investigation, Fang Xingjian's ability to provide guidance was indeed strong. If he forcefully put an end to the classes on the pretext that it affected the academy's order, it would probably give rise to a lot of dissatisfaction in many Knights.

Therefore, he had planned to get Fang Xingjian's help in guiding the elite class. He would give Fang Xingjian an empty cheque, putting up the front that Fang Xingjian was on good terms with the academy. He hoped to use the principles of righteousness to bully Fang Xingjian, and eventually let him close down the class out of his own volition.

Seeing Fang Xingjian's furrowed brows, Edger sighed and said, ’’Xingjian, the academy's current financial situation is really tight now. As the saying goes, all the good steel must be used on blades.

’’Therefore, we plan to spend most of the money on the elite class, including the money paid to you for instructing them. We may have to pay you after the Regional Selection is over.

’’But be assured that when the Regional Selection is over and the additional budget is given to us, I'll definitely reward you heavily.

’’So I hope that you can, for the sake of the school, make a little sacrifice and concentrate all your efforts onto the elite class from now on.’’

As Edger said this, he smirked to himself in his heart. He had promised to pay a remuneration of three hundred gold per month, and that would definitely be a tempting offer. As long as Fang Xingjian accepted the conditions and stopped the classes he was conducting, not only would he need to refund the tuition fees he had received, his reputation would also plunge.

Fang Xingjian would be without his income for the next three months and longer, having devoted all his time onto the elite class. After disappearing from the sight of everyone, if Edger were to add more fuel to the flames, Fang Xingjian could be pushed to the sides. This would also give Fang Xingjian an even greater impact, and as for the rewards and payment after the Regional Selection...

'Hmph... Fang Xingjian's influence would only be reduced at an increasing rate. I would then just need to think of ways to make him borrow some money and land himself in debt. People will be unaware that he was instructing the elite class. With people under the impression that I was the one who had led the students to achieve the results, it would be an easy feat to deal with him then.

'As for the various remunerations and rewards, I would naturally not be giving them to him either.'

Thinking of this, Edger's expression turned into one that was even more insecure. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’And so, we'll need to trouble you this time around.’’ He bowed and said, ’’The Headmaster also hopes that you can help the elite class. We'll be placing the academy's hope on you.’’

Seeing that he was bowing sincerely, a hint of surprise flashed past Hamil and the others. They all gained a newfound admiration for Edger, as if he had become a person who had great passion for the academy and had great patriotism.

Edger laughed coldly in his heart. 'A seventeen year old child. Hmph, just by saying a few words, I can charm you so much that you won't even be able to distinguish your directions.'

Thinking about this, he bowed even more deeply, as if he wanted to fully touch Fang Xingjian, completely convince him to sacrifice his class to instruct the elite class.

However, what Edger did not know was that despite being merely seventeen years old, his character was long different from ordinary people.

How could he care about responsibilities, touching emotions, admiration, and patriotism?

’’There's no way that I'd be giving up on my class.’’ Fang Xingjian sized up Hamil and the others before he continued, ’’And, for the three of them, I'll only spend two hours instructing them. That's how much time I have.

’’But during these two hours, I'll put in extra attention. Therefore, I won't just be accepting one hundred gold per person, I'll be asking for two hundred gold per person. But it must be paid on the first day of every month. Don't even think of paying only after the Regional Selection is over.’’

Hearing how relentless Fang Xingjian was, Edger frowned. He had never expected his plan against Fang Xingjian to fail. However, he still had another plan.

He lifted his head and looked sternly at Fang Xingjian before saying with a solemn tone, ’’Fang Xingjian, do you know what you're doing? Earning money from your schoolmates? Dragging the whole academy down at the most crucial time?

’’Do you know that you're not giving a hoot about the bigger picture?

’’Can't you just bear with it for just three months? Or do you think that the academy will refuse to pay up?’’

He pointed to Fang Xingjian, appearing to be more angry the more he spoke. He spoke out righteously, ’’Do you really care not about the bigger picture? About responsibility? About team spirit and honor? How can you be so selfish and only about money?

’’If you're really bent on doing things like this, the academy can only cancel your classes so that you won't continue to affect the order in the academy and spread such selfish mindset to the other students.

’’Of course, this is something that we do not hope to see. As long as you can properly support the elite class, then we can maintain the status quo.’’

'Since I cannot move you, then I'll threaten you. Feeding you a carrot, then holding onto a stick, I don't believe that you won't give in.' Moreover, to him, Fang Xingjian was already blind and he would need to depend on the academy in the future. How could Fang Xingjian afford to offend him?

However, Edger had been an instructor for far too long. He thought that every student was like those he had taught in the past, obedient and naive. He had never tried to fully understand Fang Xingjian, this seventeen year old young man. He knew that Fang Xingjian had talent, was competitive, and rash.

But Fang Xingjian was, after all, blind.

What he did not know was that Fang Xingjian had the number one sword arts talent in the world, a five year lifespan, and deep vengeance. He also was not aware that Fang Xingjian never gave in.

Back then, even the First Prince was not able to force him to do as he said. So how could he, a mere Deputy Headmaster, succeed?

When Edger finished saying what he had to say, Fang Xingjian's brows furrowed tightly. It was as if one could hear the swooshing sounds of the blood in his body, the popping of veins on his forehead, as if a lump of black aura had gathered at his glabella [1].

Fang Xingjian gradually lifted a single finger and pointed towards Edger's direction, saying, ’’I don't like the way you're talking and doing things.

’’Therefore, I'll talk to the three of them directly.’’

The next moment, a piercing white light appeared on Fang Xingjian's fingertip and immediately encompassed his whole body. Edger felt as if a sun had appeared before his eyes. The strong light beam caused everything to turn into a white color.

If Edger knew about the existence of a flash grenade, then he would have definitely felt that what he was experiencing now was very similar to it.

However, although he did not know about flash grenades, he knew the sword technique Fang Xingjian was displaying.

'Radiant Light Sword Technique!'

His eyes could not see anything at all and his first reaction was to get into a defensive stance. He set off his Reduced Force Field to encompass himself.

Absolute light brings about absolute darkness.

To Edger, it was a situation where he could not see anything. To Fang Xingjian, however, it was no difference from how he usually was. He had long gotten used to the darkness and blended into it.

To Fang Xingjian senses, it were as if Edger's defensive stance had not existed at all.

A current of air surged towards Edger, causing pain in his stomach. He received three consecutive kicks at his chest and his knees weakened. He fell to the ground, half-kneeling. He then felt a sharp pain at his chin as he was kicked and sent flying, eventually landing on the floor.

In less than a second, he was kicked five times in total, each attack extremely vicious. There were no signs of holding back as he was knocked down flat on the ground.

He only felt a burning fury, as if his heart was on fire. It caused him to bellow loudly and stand up.

’’Fang Xingjian, you... you... What nerves! What are you doing?! Do you know what you are doing?!’’

Edger lifted his head, his face extremely bruised as if he had just received a thrashing by a group of people.

What he valued most was his reputation. Back then, when he was down and out, what he wanted to do most was to walk over Jackson so that he could become the Headmaster and have his name pass down in history.

For a person who valued his reputation most, how furious must he feel to have been defeated by his student and bashed up badly?

The light gradually scattered and Fang Xingjian said with his head tilted, ’’What did I do?’’

’’You attacked a teacher, attacked the Deputy Headmaster of a Prefectural Academy!’’ Edgar bellowed, ’’Fang Xingjian, you're doomed. I'm telling you, you can forget about being a Knight!’’

’’Did I beat you up?’’ Fang Xingjian asked coldly, ’’Did you see it?’’

With a light sway of his body, Edger was sent flying with a kick and landed over ten meters away.

Fang Xingjian smiled coldly as he shook his leg, asking, ’’Did you see me attacking? Didn't you fly out yourself?’’

He looked towards Hamil and the others and asked, ’’Did any of you see me attacking?’’

[1] The point between the eyebrows.


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