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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 173


Chapter 173 Short of Money

Over a hundred meters away from Fang Xingjian's villa, Hylong was secretly observing the over fifty people on the lawn. He noticed that everyone was putting great effort in their cultivation, regardless of whether they were from the junior or senior classes, regardless of whether they were using swords or spears, or even if they were using bare fist martial arts.

As for Fang Xingjian, he was was seated cross-legged, occasionally shooting out streams of sword Qis to hit their body.

Even when if Hylong was at a distance away, he could still hear the occasional shouts from the lawn.

’’So that's how it is! So that's how it is! I understand now!’’

’’Hahahaha, I got it! I finally got it!’’

’’Level 10! I've finally mastered this set of sword technique to level 10! The past three years of hard work have not gone to waste.’’

He could hear those occasional shouts, as if they had come from heretic followers. There were even a few female students who kept on moving closer to Fang Xingjian. Everytime they were touched and caressed by his sword Qis, they would reveal a expression of joy.

Seeing that, Hylong's expression turn even more grim. He had never taken Fang Xingjian's classes before and was therefore unable to even think of its effects.

’’What is this? They're making it seem as if it's a gathering by the Church of Universal Truth.

’’Is this class really so useful?’’

Although he was very suspicious about it, when he recalled how Link had defeated him earlier, Hylong felt an itch in his heart. He wanted to try out the effects of this Fang Xingjian's class.

When he thought of Fang Xingjian, however he once again felt extremely disgusted and furious. He could not force himself to go up to Fang Xingjian, let alone asking him for guidance on his sword arts.

Just as he was hesitating, someone abruptly walked up from behind him. Hylong turned back to see the elegant looking Ferdinand, dressed in white clothes and walking over with a few servants.

Hylong's face immediately turned red. 'Damn it. Why is he here? Did he see how I acted earlier?'

It was a pity that Ferdinand crushed his hopes very quickly. He spoke with a smile, ’’Isn't this Hylong? Why? After sneaking a peek for so long, are you also thinking of signing up for the class now? Seeing that you've realized your mistakes, how about I only charge you six gold a month? This price will be increased very soon.’’

Hylong turned red on hearing this, after which he furiously retorted, ’’This is but a stupid class. I only happened to pass by and therefore came to take a look. With this foul atmosphere, who the hell would want to participate?’’ After saying that, he left very quickly.

Seeing that he was so angry and panicky, Ferdinand chuckled and continued to head to where Fang Xingjian was.

Before he could come near, he already saw four to five girls cultivating only a few meters away from Fang Xingjian. Each time they were hit by Fang Xingjian's sword Qi, they would have on an excited, happy, and joyous expression.

Ferdinand said helplessly, ’’Please make way. It's just cultivating, do you guys have to be like this?’’

The few female Knights rolled their eyes at Ferdinand and continued with their practice. What was a few words of teasing compared to the speedy progress that Fang Xingjian could give them? After all, in this world, one's fist was the greatest reason.

Ferdinand did not bother himself with them and just got the servants to bring out the items they were holding. The first one was a set of blue and white practice clothes. He said, ’’Xingjian, how about giving everyone who signed up for the class a set of practice clothes? This would unify what everyone is wearing and could increase unity. Moreover, this set of training clothes is very similar to a Knight attire. If it's pushed out, I'm sure those administrative staff and servants would want to sign up more.’’

He then took out a piece of brochure and said, ’’There's about over eighty students in a Prefectural Academy and tens of instructors, but there is up to a thousand administrative staff and servants in total.

’’Although they are not rich, we can reduce the registration fees for people who are non-Knights. Of course, the guidance given to them would be lessened by a lot as well.

’’And now that we have more and more Knight-level students joining, I think that we should be raising the price. What do you think?’’

Fang Xingjian turned to him and said helplessly, ’’Did you think of all this by yourself? Do you think that I can guide so many people?’’

’’That's right. Why not? We can get some Knights who don't have any money to instruct them, then either reduce the tuition fees charged or give them more guidance.’’ Ferdinand suggested.

This was not the first time that Ferdinand had done something like this. Recently, he had been persuading instructors to try out the class and allowing interested party to have a one-day free trial. He gave out brochures and even came up with a class to specifically teach one how to counter the opponent's attacks, just like how Link had specially asked for his help to counter a Killing technique.

All along, Ferdinand had wanted to entice Fang Xingjian into starting up a tuition class with him.

But how was it possible for Fang Xingjian to do this? He was only left with such little lifespan. He goal was to look for an opportunity to pass the Regional and National Selection, gain the powers which would allow him to stand before a divine level expert, go back to seek revenge, and then question Li Shuanghua, Old Granny Li.

Even if the auction for the parietal bones was going to start soon, even if he was really short of money, he had not the time to do all these.

And so, Fang Xingjian shook his head. ’’Don't bother with all these rubbish. You should work hard and practice as well. The Regional Selection is only three and a half month away.’’

’’What has the upcoming Regional Selection anything to do with me?’’ Ferdinand broke up laughing, ’’I'm not a monster like you who can prepare to participate in the Regional Selection in just a year's time. I need to think of more ways to earn money, to get myself more ferocious beasts as well as heavenly and earthly treasures to boost my potential and attributes. I need to get more specialties as well. Only then will I have a chance to pass the Regional Selection in a few years' time.

’’And if we earn money like this, we may also have a chance in that event half a month later.’’

Ferdinand tried to find another way to convince Fang Xingjian. He asked the maid Lina who was standing at the side, ’’Lina, how much income do we have now?’’

Lina was very bright and immediately replied, ’’Two hundred and sixty gold in total.’’ With that, she looked at Fang Xingjian in great admiration. It was the first time she had felt that a Knight was so powerful.

'Two hundred and sixty gold... To be earning so much in just a few days... I might not be able to earn this much all my life.

'This blind man is too good at earning money.'

She gave it some thought and then said, ’’Previously, there were a few students who had taken the trial and said that they would be asking for money from the family. If we count those in, there's another twenty gold.’’

’’See?!’’ Ferdinand tried to persuade further, ’’Xingjian, if you're willing to do this with me, we can open a class in Kirst. I'll guarantee that you'll earn at least two thousand gold each month and the money would be rolling in endlessly.

’’Think about it, it's two thousand gold every month. How much can you do with that amount of money? You can even buy those ferocious beasts which are level 25 and higher. If you work a bit harder, we may even be able to try our luck in that auction half a month later.’’

Fang Xingjian sighed, ’’It does sound good but I don't have so much time to be distracted right now. If we were to go to Kirst, wouldn't there be at least a few hundred students? Although what you had said is right. Money makes many things easier, and I happen to be short of it.’’

He suddenly stood up and shouted to the others, ’’Everyone, take a break. I have something to discuss with Ferdinand.’’

All the students immediately revealed an expression of reluctance. Fang Xingjian then shouted towards Anthony and Robert, ’’The two of you, come over here for a while. I've something to say.’’

Ferdinand said suspiciously, ’’Xingjian, you can't be thinking about that head, right?’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head without saying a word.

The four of them came to Fang Xingjian's study and sat down. Fang Xingjian then spoke, ’’I've tried to do some recollection for the past few days and have basically recalled where I had buried the corpses of those Garcia Great Warriors I had killed during the war.’’


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