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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Flaw

In an advance class for sword techniques in Kirst Royal Academy, everyone present were all expert Knights who had transitioned for fifteen years or more.

A senior female instructor looked and nodded at the seven students who were working hard in their cultivation.

If one were to take a closer look at these students, they would be able to tell that each of their movements were extremely slow. Each thrust, slash, and block were slow as ordinary people performing a sword dance. After they completed each action, they would stop to carefully think it through, reflecting expressions of being deep in thought before carrying on with the next move.

Although their movements were extremely slow as they swung about their swords, the muscles and longswords would compress the air, which caused explosive sounds to ring out in a display of extremely strong power.

The female instructor nodded in satisfaction and said, ’’That's right. Whether it's the Nurturing, Training, Amassing, or Training technique, the accuracy of the actions and the flow of the force are very important at the start of every martial technique. One must practice repeatedly to increase the mastery level of the technique and temper the attributes.

’’At your stage, however, you will come across bottlenecks. During this time, you must slow down and practice steadily. Experience it carefully before thinking about the flaws present.

’’Remember, a high level in martial arts can not be achieved by pure brute effort but rather through careful thinking through.

’’Those Garcia's wild beasts know only how to pursue the limits and temper their bodies. They do not know the laws of the world, nor how profound the human body is. This is why the highest level they are able to attain in their life would only be second transition, level 20. Even those of the same level are far a match for the Empire's Knights.

’’And so, this is all the more reason why you guys cannot be like those wild beasts who only knows how to act according to their instincts.

’’You guys must learn to think. Thinking is the most important aspect of practicing martial arts. Those who only know how to devote effort in training, who do not know how to think, could never dream of becoming an expert in all their lives.’’

Hearing what she said, everyone present nodded in agreement. They put more effort in their thoughts, slowly appreciating their movements, as well as the weaknesses and flaws in their techniques.

Hylong was one of them. As one of the most senior students in the whole academy, he was considered one of the strongest students in this sword techniques class.

Four arms extended from his back, and in total, his six arms were each holding onto a longsword. It was the Six Armed Asura's ability. It was obvious that he had the same job as Kaunitz.

He performed sword techniques concurrently with all his six arms, but each of of them were all performing the same set of Nurturing technique. It was just that each of his arm displayed slight differences and he was slowly appreciating the differences between each of them, hoping to discover the strength exertion most compatible to himself.

'As I expected, the force passes through the bones and flows to the ends. This set of Six Armed divine Sword should be performed. With this, I'll only need to cultivate my Nurturing technique for half an hour a day to fill up potential points.'

There was a limit to the amount of potential points each set of sword technique could increase each day. Therefore, second transition Knights would constantly study about ways to practice more effectively within a shorter timespan.

Moreover, the many stances in Nurturing techniques were the basic sword stances. They were the building blocks to a series of other sword techniques.

After studying this Six Armed divine Sword for half a month, Hylong had finally reached a higher level today. He broke out into a satisfied smile.

At that moment, the female instructor clapped her hands to gather everyone's attention. She then shouted, ’’There's three and a half more months to the Regional Selection. All of you are senior students in the academy, and all of you have hopes of participating in the Regional Selection.

’’In the Regional Selection, other than having the Pantheon Monument Observation to test a person's talent and potential, what's most important is the various arena and hunting battles. Those require extremely tough Killing techniques.

’’From today onwards, we'll go through actual combat daily. As per usual, I'll spar with Duo Ze while the rest of you look for your own sparring partners.’’

In sword techniques classes like this, which were conducted on a daily basis, the students naturally knew each other very well. Normally, during combat practices, they would look for people who were on a similar level as they were.

Of course, such drills were not meant to facilitate life and death battles, nor was it for them to fight against instructors who were much stronger than themselves. It was just that in such arrangements, the instructor would be able to have control during the combat and thus reduce the chances of injuries.

Thus, when students fought amongst themselves, in order to control the number of injuries, they all swapped to wooden swords to practice with.

Hylong also swapped weapons and, as he held onto six wooden swords, and walked up to a senior student. He called out, ’’Link, come on! Today, I'll let you have a taste of my powers!’’

The student by the name of Link smiled. After which, arms popped up on his back. To think that his job was also the Six Armed Asura.

Well, the academy only provided seventeen types of jobs in total, therefore it was very common to find an opponent in the same class who cultivated a similar type of martial arts and was of the same job as well.

Hylong looked at this student by the name of Link and broke into a faint smile. Link was one year his junior and his martial arts was weaker than him. However, they shared the same job.

This was why he especially liked to spar with him. Not only would he be able to win his opponent, he would also be able to increase his combat experience and find out where his flaws were.

But this time around, Link had on an extremely confident gaze as he looked at Hylong. He bellowed, ’’Watch out, here I come!’’

The next moment, his six arms and six swords stretched out, each of them lunging toward Hylong with gravitational waves, high temperature, low temperature, electric current, poison, and illusion respectively.

With all six swords of varying sword techniques and extraordinary strength, it was as if there were six Links attacking together at once.

It was obviously a Killing technique which was extremely suitable for those with the Six Armed Asura job.

Looking at this scene, Hylong broke into a faint smile. He had seen his opponent's Killing technique too many times and could handle it without even opening his eyes. He also stretch out his six arms and, at the next moment, created up to a hundred streams of sword shadows which swept out towards Link.

Hylong's Phantom Sword Technique was a combination of waves and sword arts. It could give physical forms to the sword shadows. When mastered to a high level, one sword could create a thousand shadows with a power akin to surging river water.

In the past, he had always used this sword technique to utterly defeat his opponent. But this time around, his Phantom Sword Technique was easily received by Link.

And after over twenty moves, the other party seemed to have fully seen through his attacks. His opponent's six longswords moved about with great ease and broke through all his attacks. Each of his opponent's attacks had landed on his flaws.

After fifty moves, Hylong's expression turned extremely pale. He was having great trouble keeping up and it would not be long before he lost.

At the sixty-second move, six consecutive bangs rang out. All of Hylong's six wooden swords were all sent flying. He looked at Link with a pale face and shouted, ’’What's going on? Why... Why is it that you've become so good in just a few days time?’’

Link smiled, ’’Why? Didn't you sign up for Fang Xingjian's class? I demonstrated your Phantom Sword Technique to Fang Xingjian a couple of times and he had pointed out eighteen major flaws and fifty-four minor flaws to me in total. I am now very clear about all of these flaws.’’

Hylong's body abruptly shook and he bellowed, ’’That's impossible! How could there be so many flaws in my sword technique?! I don't believe it!’’

Seeing that everyone had turned towards his direction, Hylong's face flushed red and he left very quickly.


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