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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 171


Chapter 171 Request and News

At the same time in the Empire's northeast direction, a tremendous snow mountain stood there with its peak pointing toward the sky.

This was the Yalan Sacred Mountain. The majestic mountain range not only ran up and down, it was also extremely beautiful. Together with the pure white snow and foggy clouds, it exuded an extremely mysterious feeling.

This was the Empire's biggest snow mountain, and it was also the sacred mountain where the Church of Universal Truth was located within the Empire. Legend said that it was the burial ground for the Church of Universal Truth's first female saint.

On this snow mountain, there were many religious disciples in white clothes heading up the stairs, stopping and kowtowing as they worshipped sincerely in the direction of the snow mountain's peak.

The whole snow mountain was covered with structures which seemed like the Church of Universal Truth's churches and relics. It fully displayed the deep influence and financial strength possessed by the Church of Universal Truth.

At the back of the Yalan Sacred Mountain, a snowstorm was blowing in the place known as Saint's Peak. It covered the ground with about one meter of thick snow.

Under such horrible weather, a man stood in the snow. Although there was a snowstorm, he still stood tall, facing the cold wind, his eyes unmoving as he glared at the magnificent palace before him.

It was tall, magnificent, and extremely luxurious-looking. It were almost as if every inch of space were densely covered with relief sculptures and scriptures. The palace was made from pure white onyx, looking like a piece of art.

To have been able to build such a palace on the Saint's Peak five thousand meters above sea level, it was extremely unbelievable. In such a horribly cold weather, the palace was like a paradise, uncontaminated by the snow and cold, which made it even more unbelievable.

This was where the Holy Orison, who was one of the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian Kings and ranked amongst the top ten strongest in the Empire, resided in seclusion.

A religious disciple who was wearing white clothes walked up to Huang Lin. The former stepped lightly on the snow without leaving any traces of footsteps. Although he wore only a gown, he did not appear to be cold.

He looked towards Huang Lin, then shook his head and said, ’’Since the Guardian King has decided to seclude himself for ten years, then he would not come out earlier no matter what. You shouldn't wait anymore. Just take your leave.’’

Huang Lin said with determination, ’’Master Yuelun, please tell the Guardian King that the situation is really different this time around. Fang Xingjian's talent in sword arts is truly exceptional. He managed to achieve what took others decades in just one year.

’’If he can regain his sight, then his achievements in the future will not be lower than the divine level.

’’Such a child should not be wasted by injuries and sickness.

’’As long as the Guardian King is willing to cure Fang Xingjian, then I'll be willing to exhaust all my money and come under the Church of Universal Truth's wings, becoming a disciple.’’

As he spoke, Huang Lin's knees were bent. His back, which had always been upright from the day he was born, was bent for the first time ever.’’

He knelt in the snow and spoke out in the direction of the palace.

’’I, Huang Lin, have never gone down on my knees all my life. Today, I'm on my knees, asking only to be granted an interview with the Guardian King.’’

Huang Lin was a Conferred Knight, a strong Warrior who had been training in martial arts for decades... His pride, his honor, his persistence was something which could not be found across hundreds of thousands, even millions. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to succeed in attaining the second transition and become a level 25 Conferred Knight.

But at this moment, he was willing to put everything down for his disciple. He was willing to discard all the honor he had been carrying during his life as a Knight for a glimmer of hope.

It was as if he had grown ten years older in that instance. The mental cultivation method in his consciousness was circulating increasingly slowly. To think that he was not even able to keep up with it.

For him to kneel down was more than a hundred or even a thousand times harder than others. He could even possibly cause his mental cultivation method to become unstable and forever lose the possibility to progress any further, all because of this kneel.

He was betting on Fang Xingjian's future with his own.


’’Fang Xingjian has a good Master.’’

Master Yuelun sighed and headed for the palace.

’’I'll collect information about him. But as for whether the Guardian King will attend to him, I cannot guarantee.’’


Another few days passed by in Kirst Royal Academy. This morning, Ferdinand had arrived at Fang Xingjian's villa at the glimmer of dawn.

He headed straight for Fang Xingjian's study. His dark circles were very deep, signs which signified he had not gotten a good sleep. However, he could not hide the excitement in his eyes.

He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Good news, excellent news!’’

Fang Xingjian's brows twitched. Hearing that, he stood up and asked, ’’There's news about the parietal bones?’’

’’A level 25 Conferred Knight who has just died five years ago.’’ Ferdinand grinned. ’’Although they tried to keep the information under wraps, the person who fulfils these conditions should be a Headmaster from the Northern Ice Region.

’’They're not selling the parietal bones but are willing to loan it out for six hours. It's a pity that they're only willing to loan it out once. It will be going through a secret underground auction.’’

’’On loan for six hours?’’

Having heard so much information, Fang Xingjian was stunned for a moment. But the next moment, he understood what was going on.

The upcoming Regional Selection would affect the future of countless people. Regardless of whether it was the increased prizes or the fact that it could increase the academy's budget, they both caused countless people to go crazy.

This time around, the reason for the auction to put up the loan of the item was the same. The other party was planning to use this as a means to raise funds and provide better conditions for their students. The money received from the auction could be used to buy cultivation resources or divine Weapons. No matter how the money was used, it could be used to allow their students to power up.

And the reason they came all the way from the Northern Ice Region to the Great Western Region was because they were not willing to provide help to their rivals. If they were to put up the item for auction in the Northern Ice Region and allowed the students from the other academies to have a chance of attaining Heaven's Perception through the parietal bones, they could have just as well lifted a heavy rock and slammed it down on their feet.

The time the item would be loaned out for would not be long. It would only be six hours. It was naturally because the students and instructors from the Northern Ice Region would also need to use it themselves.

Having instantly understood this, Fang Xingjian nodded and asked, ’’According to you, how much money would be required to win this auction to get the loan for six hours?’’

Ferdinand nodded solemnly and said, ’’Many aristocratic clans have made their moves throughout Kirst. There are also people from Green Jade City and Mongul City who have headed over. These are people who strive to attain Heaven's Perception.

’’The auction will be held half a month later. Although the time it is loaned out for is very short, it's impossible to win the bid without twenty thousand gold. This is the skull of a level 25 Conferred Knight we're talking about here.’’

There were only five thousand Conferred Knights across the Empire, and the parietal bones of a level 25 Conferred Knight who had died within ten years was extremely valuable.

Although they could only loan it for six hours, it allowed for one to experience what Heaven's Perception felt like. Even though the person may still not be able to attain Heaven's Perception in the future, it would be an unforgettable experience nevertheless.

Thus, even Ferdinand himself was not very confident in his own conjecture. That was because he had never participated in such an auction.

When Fang Xingjian heard that the amount was twenty thousand gold, his brows furrowed. Suddenly, he thought of the corpses of those Garcia warriors he had slayed.

'It's time to go recall where those corpses are buried.'

Fang Xingjian remembered that he had killed about fourteen Garcia's Great Warriors in total. If he were to sell all fourteen of those level 19 Knight-level corpses in one piece, he might be able to gather twenty thousand gold, which would give him a chance to attain Heaven's Perception.


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