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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 170


Chapter 170 Skull

Fang Xingjian smiled. For the next few days, he continued to cultivate while concurrently guiding the other students on their martial techniques. With there only three months and thirteen days left to the Regional Selection, Fang Xingjian's Radiant Light Sword Technique had reached level 10 and he had gained a special effect: Radiant Illumination. It was not limited only to the sword or sword fingers itself;his body could radiate light as well.

At the same time, he had reached the maximum level for eighty-nine sets of sword techniques. He was now closer to leveling up his Unparalleled Sword Intent. As for the tempering of his attributes, he began to throw in all of his potential points into reaction.

His agility attribute was now too high. Other than when he was using Boundaries Negation, he kept getting held back by the other attributes. This was why he had planned to increase his other attributes.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian's attributes now became:

Name Fang Xingjian
Age 17
Occupation Windshadow Sword divinity
Level 18, 5.24%
Strength 56+5
Agility 178+5
Reaction 59
Endurance 49
Flexibility 51
The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated.
Due to Perfect Muscles, +5 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute).
Nurturing Sword Techniques 94 sets
Training Sword Techniques 12 sets
Supreme Mistwind Sword Level 30
Radiant Light Sword Technique Level 10
Ether divine Art Level 1
Specialties: Genius Swordsmanship,
Elementary Survival Instinct,
Internal Healing,
Internal Training,
Sword Specialist,
High Agility Motion Vision,
Heightened Reflexes,
Perfect Muscles,
Elementary Berserkness,
Unparalleled Sword Intent (89/100)
Potential 11,000 point increase/day
Waves Level 5 Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves
Mental Cultivation Method Level 3 Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar


Every night, Fang Xingjian would naturally continue discussing with Manny about the Heaven's Perception.

Manny carried a book as he read. There was a Conferred Knight in the Empire from ninety years ago by the name of Neumann. There were many differences between his interpretation and the Westerners'.

’’The Heaven's Perception phenomenon is one where the human body exchanges information with external ether particles.

’’Everything in the world are made up of ether particles, including the human body.

’’Ether particles unceasingly exchanges information at all times. This was what they do instinctively, and it should also be the instinctive reaction of the human body.

’’However, a human's instincts will suppress their physical body, preventing their body from being able to exchange information with the ether particles. Thus, if one wishes to attain Heaven's Perception, one must first learn to calm down, allowing the body to naturally and instinctively begin exchanging information with external ether particles in a subconscious state.’’

Fang Xingjian felt as if his eyes had lit up as he remarked, ’’This makes a lot of sense. It explains why so many Conferred Knights must enter a state of extreme calm to be able to gradually reach closer to Heaven's Perception.’’

’’Talk is easy, but it's hard to put into practice.’’ Manny shook his head, ’’From the start, the vital energy and blood in a Knight's body are full of vigor to begin with. There's also the circulation of Waves and mental cultivation method, which makes it ten times, even a hundred times harder for Knights to calm down. When one calms down, one must also constantly control the grasp so that one will not be drowned in the information from the ether particles and, as a result, eventually become an idiot or a vegetable. This is hard, too hard.’’

Fang Xingjian continued, ’’Although it is tough, there are people who have succeeded, which proves that it's possible to achieve.’’

’’But we may not have enough time.’’

Fang Xingjian did not reply. He knew Manny was right. It was truly very difficult to attain Heaven's Perception within three months.

But Manny said, ’’If only we have the skull of a level 25 Conferred Knight.’’


Manny nodded. ’’The parietal bones are the best. This is also what the old man told me. A level 25 Conferred Knight has already broke through the first five stages of the Ten Heavenly Barriers and entered the stage where he could break through the void and sense the universe. Ether particles have completely filled the brain and circulate in it for twenty-four hours a day.

’’The parietal bones of such a person will subconsciously continue to exchange information with ether particles even after he has died. And because it no longer has the consciousness of the Conferred Knight himself, even those at the Knight level would be able to sense the changes within.

’’This is something that cannot be done even through an ordinary Conferred Knight. It's because their brain still exists and their consciousness continue to run twenty-four hours a day, therefore we won't be able sense anything.’’

Fang Xingjian's mind lit up as he said, ’’You mean, if we can get our hands on the parietal bones of a level 25 or above Conferred Knight, we will have a chance to experience the feeling of Heaven's Perception?’’

What did it mean to experience Heaven's Perception? This was an unprecedented case and to Fang Xingjian. It increased his success rate of attaining Heaven's Perception by countless times.

Manny nodded. ’’But it must be the parietal bones of one who had died for ten years or less. Because even if it's a Conferred Knight, his parietal bones will only be able to continue to exchange information with ether particles for ten years after his death,.

’’And you should know the value of such a thing? It's simply priceless. Only the major aristocrats from the Imperial Capital or members of the Royal family could afford to get them. Otherwise, how could they have so many Conferred Knights?

’’I heard that when the First Prince was trying to attain Heaven's Perception, he had this stuff to help him sense Heaven's Perception for twenty-four hours a day. There were even twelve other Conferred Knights who set up a formation to protect him, preventing him from becoming an idiot.

’’Hehe, with such means, his second transition had naturally succeeded.

’’Of course, after passing the Regional Selection and becoming a student of the Regional Academy, you would also have a chance to have the parietal bones of a level 25 Conferred Knight aid you in becoming a Conferred Knight. Although the time you have to use this resource would be very short, it is still a very great opportunity.

’’That's why there are so many people who wishes to enter the Regional Academy. It is also why the Regional Academies can continuously produce Conferred Knights.

’’Of course, there are limited resources. This is why only after rounds of selections, only the most ingenious students would be able to get into the Regional Academy and go through the second transition.

’’Hehe, even so, there would still be people who failed in their attempt to attain Heaven's Perception and consequently becoming either an idiot or a vegetable.’’

However, Fang Xingjian did not stop to consider this fact. He had already begun to think endlessly of a way to get his hands on the parietal bones of a level 25 Conferred Knight.

The next morning, Fang Xingjian called Ferdinand to the side.

’’I want to know how much it costs to get my hands on a Conferred Knight's parietal bones. It must be a Conferred Knight of level 25 or above, and one that hasn't been dead for longer than ten years.’’

Ferdinand looked at Fang Xingjian with wide-open eyes. ’’Boss, you must be kidding me? The parietal bones of a Conferred Knight who was level 25 or higher is a rare treasure. You want to rely on it to increase your chances of attaining Heaven's Perception?

’’This is too hard. How many people are waiting for it? There are so many aristocrats in the Imperial Capital, and such stuff have been hogged by them. It's something that would take at least a few hundred thousand gold to get, let alone one which is within ten years.’’

Although he knew that this item must definitely be extremely costly, Fang Xingjian frowned and still continued to ask Ferdinand for his help, ’’Help me ask around to see if there's a chance. I must know the price, at least.’’

Ferdinand sighed helplessly. But seeing how serious and solemn Fang Xingjian was, that it seemed very important to him, he still nodded, ’’Alright, I got it. Leave this to me.

’’But I can only promise you that I'll do my best to ask around. I can't guarantee that there'll be results.’’

Fang Xingjian smiled, ’’It's alright. As long as there's a slight chance.’’


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