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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 169


Chapter 169 Success of the Effulgence Weapon

Manny started reading out the various theories behind Heaven's Perception. Of course, the two of them would also engage in occasional discussions about it.

’’According to what the old man said, sensing ether particles must be a subconscious activity. Therefore, it says here that one must stop without stopping, move without moving. However, I still don't understand. If it's a subconscious act, then how do you sense the ether particles?’’

Fang Xingjian said, ’’Maybe it's like breathing. Usually, for us, the act of breathing is not a conscious act. It's because it has already become instinctive.’’

’’But how do we turn an activity that we've never done before into an instinctive act?’’

Just like this, from then onwards Manny would come to Fang Xingjian's study every night to read the books and discuss how to attain Heaven's Perception.


On the second day, with the help of Ferdinand's advertisement, even more people came for the free trial of Fang Xingjian's martial arts class. Other than the eight people who had come the day before, there were about another fifteen Knights who were practicing their respective martial techniques on the lawn.

However, Fang Xingjian's level and abilities had increased by more than ten times than when he was in the Reflection Chamber. Now, when he provided guidance, the effects were many times greater than before. Not only was he able to grasp the force from the muscles and bones, but he could also have great control over the vital energy and blood.

A total of twenty-three people continued to unceasingly cultivate their martial arts under Fang Xingjian's guidance. Their Nurturing and Training techniques all improved at god speed. After one day, other than three Knights who needed to raise funds, the twelve Knights who had just joined all signed up for Fang Xingjian's class.

Suddenly, a person shouted out loud, ’’Hahahaha, so this is how it is, this is how it is.’’

Another person, after being hit by a wisp of sword Qi, broke out into a maniacal laughter, ’’I understand now, I understand now.’’

Their eyes were brimming with enthusiasm for martial arts. It was a feeling of rain after a long drought, or a tough question which had been troubling them for very long finally being solved. It made them feel very excited.

The other people in the surroundings were no longer surprised by such occurrences. Such situations had occurred too frequently under Fang Xingjian's guidance.

Therefore, after three days, the number of people who registered for the class increased to thirty-seven. There were even two young instructors who came to take up the class, showing how effective Fang Xingjian's classes were.

This also increased Fang Xingjian's monthly income to a hundred and eighty-five gold. Now, to have three meals of ferocious beasts and top grade medicinal food from Netherworld Valley would cost him at least ten gold.

An income of one hundred and eighty-five gold greatly reduced his burden. Added to the ten gold from his monthly spending money and his savings of five hundred gold, it should be able to last until four months later. Of course, if he could earn more, he would be able to get better food as well as stronger and more expensive ferocious beasts. For example, if he were to spend at least one hundred gold each day, he would be able to purchase ferocious beasts of at least level 20 or higher, as well as more medicinal food.

With that, he would even be able to level up his 'Elementary Berserkness' specialty, which, after all this time, had yet to see any progress towards the intermediate level or even advance level. It would bring him better effects for his body's recovery.

However, this goal was too far-fetched. Previously, even Jackson had not been able to bring out such a large amount of money to feed Fang Xingjian.

Three days had passed, and early this morning, the Versailles Clan got someone to delivery that one hundred kilograms worth of Seism Steel. Therefore, on this day, Fang Xingjian declared a one day break. Sending off the students who were reluctant to leave, he went back to the training room by himself and started to work on his High Frequency Effulgence Weapon.

Fang Xingjian grabbed onto a large piece of Seism Steel with both hands. Waves of foggy light exuded from his palms, unceasingly trembling at an increasing speed. The Seism Steel grew increasingly hotter and smaller. Various impurities were removed, leaving only the essence in Fang Xingjian's palm.

Repeating the process with each piece of Seism Steel, Fang Xingjian spent nine hours to refine all ten pieces of Seism Steel, leaving slightly over one kilogram worth of essence in his palms. Fang Xingjian continued with the method recorded on the Ether divine Art and started to absorb the Seism Steel into his skin.

Fang Xingjian tapped on the lump of essence and suddenly, it scattered and turned into fog, covering Fang Xingjian's entire hand, all the way up to his elbow. The essence had turned into countless grains which were hard to be seen by the naked eye, thus appearing to seem like fog.

Looking at the fog encompassing his right arm, Fang Xingjian then continued with the method recorded in the Ether divine Art and started to absorb the essence.

The fluctuations from the ether particles scattered out from his arm, and, as if they were countless threads had been transmitted from void, gradually brought the fog closer to the skin on Fang Xingjian's arm. The fog eventually entered his skin and stayed under it.

Suddenly, his whole arm appeared to be sparkling brightly, as if a milky way had been tied around it. It was only when Fang Xingjian stopped his circulation and movement that the gleam disappeared.

However, if one were to look at it carefully, they would still be able to find faint hints of sparkles on the skin of his arm.

Fang Xingjian was blind and thus was unable to see the changes on his arms. After the completion of this step, he simply continued as per written in the records of the Ether divine Art and started to condense his Effulgence Weapon.

A hint of light spread out from his arm. The Seism Steel which was turned into fog earlier also started to appear from under his skin.

Then, seemingly controlled by formless hands, they were instantly kneaded, molded, and merged, before being combined with the white glow, creating a longsword which exuded a faint fog.

The fog was like the stars in the universe, ceaselessly revolving. They were moving, yet continuing to stay in a certain shape rather than scattering off after a while.

The Seism Steel was not meant to be transformed into a real sword but rather, into something like fog, moving in a regulated formation;it was like fog, fluttering while maintaining a fixed shape.

His only goal was to, through such a moveable formation, create a skeleton for the Effulgence Weapon. In addition, since he could absorb the tremors, it would prevent the Effulgence Weapon from scattering again. It would be able to attach to the skeletal structure, continuing to grow and to speed up the growth rate of the Effulgence Weapon.

Naturally, since it is made up of light and fog, Fang Xingjian's Effulgence Weapon had no proper form. It would usually stay hidden in his arm and only be called out as and when required.

Therefore, the Ether Effulgence Weapon became:

Ether Effulgence Weapon - High Frequency Effulgence Weapon - level 1.

Fang Xingjian could sense that this level 1 Effulgence Weapon could maintain at five hundred tremors per second. If he wished to increase the frequency and damaging prowess, he would still need to gradually increase its level.

After giving it some thought, he felt that the name High Frequency Effulgence Weapon was too plain. Thus, he decided, 'Maybe I should call it Silver Fox. It'll be a good match with the Silver Dragon.'

Therefore, on his Stats Window, the High Frequency Effulgence Weapon became Silver Fox - level 1.

The names of the various skills, specialties and other items could all be changed. Of course, there was not much point in changing the names, nor would it be of any use to one's battle powers. They would only appear more pleasing to the eye.


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