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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 167


Chapter 167 Magnificent Results

’’If you guys want to stay, then stay. If you're not willing to pay up, then leave.’’

’’What kind of attitude is this?!’’ The blue-haired Knight mumbled and backed off. ’’You're already blind, yet you're still charging five gold to people who wish to take your classes. You must be out to cheat people of their money!’’

Saying that, he also instigated the others, ’’Let's go, let's go. The cost is so expensive that it's enough to let me get three instructors to give me guidance everyday.’’

Ferdinand frowned. Although Fang Xingjian was blind and had lost half of his prospects, Ferdinand was still full of admiration for the level that Fang Xingjian had attained.

Additionally, he knew well how terrifying Fang Xingjian's talent was. Although Fang Xingjian was blind, it was not for sure that he would have no way to make a comeback. The reason he came here to sign up for the class was because he trusted Fang Xingjian's guidance and also because he wanted to form a friendly relationship with him.

Moreover, he had received news yesterday that Fang Xingjian had single-handedly barged into the Versailles Clan's tavern, defeated two Knights from the Western Garrison and had also taken three hits from Rota while sitting down, motionless.

Hearing the blue-haired Knight's words, Ferdinand stepped up and said, ’’Hylong, are you done? If you don't want to pay the money, then please leave. Don't interfere with our practice.’’

The one who was causing trouble was Hylong, one of the students from Class 248 which was the most senior class in the academy. He had been taught a lesson by Fang Xingjian previously and was still harboring hatred toward him.

In the past, he had not dared to do anything since Fang Xingjian had been highly influential. However, now, having heard that Fang Xingjian had lost his sight and the academy had also reduced the cultivating resources allocated to him to the level of a Prefectural Champion, removing all the other excesses. Naturally, he assumed that Fang Xingjian's time had already past and was here to beat him down further.

Therefore, when he heard Ferdinand's words, he let out a cold laugh and said, ’’Fang Xingjian is charging more expensive than before despite that he can no longer see. Why, can't we say anything even though he's going back on his conscience to earn money from his school mates?’’

Hylong was a senior student in the academy and there was no way that he would give a care about Ferdinand. Moreover, the reason he had come here today was to create trouble for Fang Xingjian.

However, Fang Xingjian did not lose his cool. With a tap of his finger, a stream of sword Qi was created casually and it crashed against Hylong's body. It knocked him backwards over a distance of more than ten meters before he could crawl up to his feet.

’’If you don't want to pay, then scram.

’’The same goes for the rest. Those who don't want to pay can just leave.

’’As for those who're worried that I'm not able to provide guidance because I've become blind...’’

Hylong stood up, glaring fiercely at Fang Xingjian. However, Fang Xingjian once again rose his sword finger, sending another stream of sword Qi toward him.

’’Right hand.’’

Hylong's right hand was hit by the sword Qi and he let out a cry in pain.

’’Left leg.’’

The condensed sword Qi was like a beam of white laser light. It hit against Hylong's lower thigh, causing him to drop to the floor as he let out another cry.


Hylong was just about to get up when he felt a pang on his back and then once again was knocked down by a surge of energy.

He was so angry that he was trembling. He turned to look in Fang Xingjian's direction but saw that his palm was once again raised. Hylong immediately made his escape, only turning back to glare at Fang Xingjian after he was over two hundred meters away. He shouted, ’’What are you guys still doing there?! Paying to get beaten? Are you guys idiots?’’

Seeing that Fang Xingjian seemed like he was about to stand up, Hylong quickly ran away.

Through teaching Hylong a lesson, Fang Xingjian proved that although he was blind, he was still able to have a very delicate grasp of his surroundings.

He then spoke, ’’Although I can no longer see, I can still sense through the wind and sound. There's not much difference. If you guys feel that there's no problem, then feel free to stay.’’

After Hylong left, so did another two students, leaving only eight behind. After they had paid or agreed to pay the next day, since some of them had not brought along any money, the eight of them started practicing their martial arts under Fang Xingjian's guidance.

’’Alright, just practice the martial techniques that each of you want to train and wish to be corrected in. I'll guide you from the side.’’

Ferdinand took the lead and said, ’’Alright, alright, let's start the practice. I have faith in Xingjian's level. It's definitely going to be alright.’’

Under Ferdinand's lead, everyone started their respective practice on the lawn in Fang Xingjian's villa. They each practiced different martial arts, including sword arts, saber arts, staff arts and barefisted martial arts.

Fang Xingjian sat in the middle of the lawn, crossed legged, with a hand on each of his knees.

Another beam of white light lit up on his finger tip like starlight. It was the Radiant Light Sword Technique he was cultivating. This was not only to strengthen his Unparalleled Sword Intent, but also to increase his advantages during battle now that he was blind.

The other hand formed sword fingers, occasionally tapping out, shooting out streams of sword Qis from the Supreme Mistwind Sword and correcting the eight students' force channeling.

After having guided them in the martial arts previously for a month, he understood too well the martial techniques in which these Knights in the academy were cultivating. They were far from attaining the speed of sound and it was within a level in which he could sense with his sword Qis.

Added onto his increasingly strong Unparalleled Sword Intent and experience, providing guidance to these people was simply too easy.

It did not even affect the processes of his body to automatically circulate sword arts and Waves for twenty-four hours a day, allowing him to be able to constantly temper his attributes, cultivate his Waves and increase the number of sword arts he had reached the maximum level in.

Ferdinand, Anthony and the others also felt that under Fang Xingjian's guidance, their martial arts had improved in leaps and bounds. It was more than ten times faster than when they had been cultivating alone.

The gazes they used to look at Fang Xingjian were brimming with admiration. To be growing stronger at such unbelievable speed was too much of an enjoyment.

They practiced from the morning all the way until night time. Even when Fang Xingjian had started to chase them out, there were still people who could not bear to part with such ecstasy.

’’Xingjian, wait.’’ Anthony shouted as he continued practicing. ’’How about we go on for another hour? Just one more.’’

Another person shouted, ’’That's right. Xingjian, our condition is too good today. Let us carry on for another hour!’’

A stream of sword Qi hit into Ferdinand's body and a surging force passed through half his body like an electric current, causing him to let out a comfortable croon.

’’That's the feeling. That's how it should be. The force of this spear should be hit out like this.’’

He laughed out loud, thrusting out his spear. As if strong gales were blowing and the clouds were scattering, the muscles and bones throughout his body let out an explosive sound. He reached the maximum level for the Hundred Blossoms Spear Technique at level 11.

Hearing everyone's pleas, Ferdinand did not join them but instead, helped Fang Xingjian to round them up to send them off. ’’Alright, alright. You guys should hurry up and leave. You're asking for so much despite paying only five gold per month.

’’If it's not because I don't have enough money, I'll get Xingjian give me private guidance for a whole month for five hundred gold.’’

Although Ferdinand came from an aristocratic clan, it was very simple for him to make friends if he was sincere enough. After one day, he was already very close with the other students and chased them off, half jokingly, half scolding. He walked up to Fang Xingjian and looked at him with eyes that shone brightly.

’’Xingjian, you were originally very talented and your goal was set to become a Conferred Knight or even a Royal Knight, so I won't bring this up to you. However, since you're taking the initiative to earn money now, I'd like to ask, are you interested to make it on a larger scale?

’’With your ability to provide guidance in martial arts, as long as you're willing, I think that you can become best teacher in Kirst, no, across the whole Empire.’’


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