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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 166


Chapter 166 Conversation (Part II)

Jackson thought about what he should say before he spoke, ’’This year's Regional Selection is of great importance. It affects the academy's budget for the next year. If our students can get into the top ten, it would be a tremendous help to the whole academy.’’

Although Jackson had admired Fang Xingjian, the thing he valued most was still the academy.

In the past, Fang Xingjian's talent had been too outstanding and he even had the chance to aim for the divine level. Therefore, he had devoted a lot of the resources onto Fang Xingjian, hoping to rely on him to spread the name of Kirst Academy.

However, now, the situation had changed. Fang Xingjian was now blind. Moreover, with the rewards for both the Regional Selection and National Selection being raised greatly, goodness knows how many geniuses or old freaks with many years of accumulated experience would be coming out. Each academy would be fighting frantically for a chance as well. It could said that this would be the Regional Selection with the toughest competition for the past few decades.

At such a time, even though it was a pity, Jackson knew that he could no longer continue wasting any resources on Fang Xingjian. Maintaining Fang Xingjian's eligible treatment as a Prefectural Champion was also something he had done in consideration for Huang Lin.

This was also because Edger understood this Headmaster too well. Now that the Empire was implementing changes to the rewards offered for the Regional and National Selections, nothing could be changed regardless of how close the Headmaster personally was with Fang Xingjian. It was because he had to weigh the academy's benefits against personal benefits. The two were no longer on the same side.

In fact, what Edger did was just give the final push. When the things that Jackson and Fang Xingjian were aiming for were different, even without Edger, today's situation would still come by eventually. It was just a matter of how soon.

Jackson spoke, ’’Therefore, we can only keep the resources allocated to you to be at the level given to a Prefectural Champion. Additionally, that Superior Remains divine Weapon which Governor Devitt forged for you... We hope that you can lend it to the academy for now. We will pay you a reasonable amount of compensation after the Regional Selection is over.’’

Jackson continued to keep talking in an appeasing tone, ’’Xingjian, don't worry. You just need to bear with it for the next three months and three weeks. Once our academy get good results in the Regional Selection, we will definitely pay you back in double.

’’I hope that you can restrain yourself for these four months. If we get good results in the Regional Selection and, thus, have increased budget and more resources, we will also be able to provide you with better conditions to aim for Heaven's Perception.’’

As for having the divine level expert, Holy Orison, coming to treat Fang Xingjian himself, Jackson held no hopes for this.

It was because he had already asked around. The last time the Holy Orison had stepped out to treat someone was already three years ago. Since then, he had secluded himself on the Yalan Sacred Mountain located in the northeast. He had not left the place for three years.

Moreover, Yalan Sacred Mountain was where the Church of Universal Truth was located. As the most prominent religion in the world, it was an existence which even the Empire's royalty did not dare to recklessly provoke them.

After hearing Jackson's words, Fang Xingjian kept quiet for quite a while. However, there was nothing he could say to defend his stance. Even if he had absolute confidence in himself, even if he definitely had to pass through the Regional Selection, these were just his personal reasons. There was no way that he could use these reasons to convince Jackson to support him.

There were no friendships which lasted forever, only eternal interests.

After he became blind, the interests he represented went in a different direction from what Jackson represented. Now, Fang Xingjian had no sufficient reasons or the sufficient strength to compel Jackson to do something of interest to himself.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian did not pester Jackson too much. He merely nodded and said, ’’I understand.’’

Jackson nodded and patted him on the shoulder, saying, ’’I'm very sorry.’’

Jackson left, but Fang Xingjian continued with his cultivation. The problems to everything laid in his eyes. The best thing he could do now was still to cultivate. Without attaining Heaven's Perception, he would not even be able to get through the stage of ’’Pantheon Monument Observation’’. This would mean that he would have absolutely no chances to pass the Regional Selection.

Streams of sword intentions slashed through the air occasionally, creating a series of sound explosions and waves of white air currents. These created sparks as they shot towards the air.

'My problem now is if I get into a fight, I would only be able to use my sword intent to slash my opponent within a ten-meter distance.

'Therefore, if I get into a fight, I must use my sword Qi to sense the environment, and take action before my opponent does. I must charge over and make it a close combat fight.

'Once those who are skilled increase the distance between us and engage in a far distance battle which exceeds supersonic speed, I won't be able to know where they are.

'But if I can take action first, before they do, not everyone will be able to receive an attack which is eight times of supersonic speed.

'Other than this...' A hint of white light lit up on his finger, shining out in all directions.

It was from Zhou Yong's Radiant Light Sword Technique. 'Since both my eyes are blind, I can just let my opponents lose their sight as well.'

However, Fang Xingjian still shook his head. With his eyes still blind, his current battle style was too simple.

'Since the resources from the academy have decreased, I can only think of my own ways.'

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought and eventually only managed to think of that one single solution.

He called the maid, Lina, and said, ’’Get pen and paper. Write a notice and put it up. Remember, put it up where there are the most number of people in the academy. Tell them that I've reopened classes and will be providing guidance for Knights.’’

What Fang Xingjian wanted to do was to reopen his classes to impart martial arts guidance and collect tuition fees. With that, he would be able to pay for additional amount of cultivating resources.

After all, his body cultivated martial arts automatically for twenty-four hours a day. He would just need to give a little bit of attention to the other students while he was studying the Heaven's Perception.

Although Fang Xingjian was blinded, his ability to provide guidance was well-known. Right after the notice was put up, over ten Knights came to register for the class.

Although there were still many who had not come, they were also observing quietly. Once they were sure that Fang Xingjian's ability to provide guidance had not regressed, naturally, they would sign up for the classes as well.

Anthony, Ferdinand, Robert... These who had come from the same class naturally came as well.

It was a pity that Jack had died. Ever since Lilia had been taken away by her father, she had not returned either.

Anthony looked at Fang Xingjian, his eyes filled with pity. He had seen Fang Xingjian rising up as a genius, but now, he had lost his sense of sight and also needed to open martial arts classes to earn money. Compared to how he used to be, the difference was like the gap between the heaven and earth.

Fang Xingjian could sense with his sword Qis that all eleven students had arrived. He smiled and said, ’’Long time no see. This time around, the reason that I've started this martial arts class is primarily to earn some money to get more cultivation resources.

’’I will be here every day. As long as you guys practice here, I'll provide guidance.

’’Of course, everything will be as it was. If you have any actions which are not up to standard, I'll exert my force to correct them. There will be no words spoken, no forms of communication. It will be five gold per month.’’

If there were as many people as the previous time, with him charging at five gold per month, he would be able to get an income of one to two hundred gold per month. Adding that to his monthly spending money per month as a Prefectural Champion and his savings, he would have five hundred gold in total. It would be sufficient to sustain his cultivation for twenty-four hours per day up until the Regional Selection about four months later.

However, upon hearing that Fang Xingjian would be charging five gold, a commotion broke out.

A blue-haired Knight was the first to express his dissatisfaction, ’’Previously, wasn't it agreed that we will be able to receive guidance if we were to provide one sword arts manual? Why are you asking for money now?’’

Another person protested as well, ’’That's right, five gold per month is too expensive! It would only cost one or two gold for the classes the instructors hold! Who are you to ask for five?

’’Moreover, you can't even see now. How do we know how good you are now? How can you charge so expensively at five gold?’’

Fang Xingjian replied calmly, ’’Simply because I'm ten times better than them.’’


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