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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 164


Chapter 164 Terror And Pity

Faced with Rota's spear attack coming down from above, Fang Xingjian continued to remain calm. It was because although this spear attack was fast, putting aside the distance and time it took to pass through the spatial gaps, it still had not surpassed supersonic speed. It was only at about infrasonic speed.

Therefore, in Fang Xingjian's mind, he was still able to perfectly visualize the track of the spear's movement. It was a tremendous surge of energy breaking through the air, separating the layers of air currents and coming down with a gush of heat as if it was a bolt of lightning.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian tapped his Silver Dragon lightly, hitting the longspear where it was the weakest.

It was a casual move for him, but with his speed, no one present was able to see his movement. They could only see a silver flash and Rota was already stumbling as she retreated.

She lifted her head abruptly, surprise flashing past her eyes. However, she got herself together very quickly. The longspear attacked once again like a swimming snake, but this time around, she performed the Void Penetrative divine Spear crazily, piercing through spatial gaps, one after another. It was as if streams of curved lightning were connected around Fang Xingjian.

The moving spear tip was seemed to be crossing the barriers of space and time, moving around Fang Xingjian time and time again. However, it was still blocked casually by Fang Xingjian's small Silver Dragon.

Each time the dagger and the longspear clashed, there would be a loud sound and streams of air currents would swept out in accompaniment. The floor, tables and chairs in the surroundings were all smashed up.

Even the chair Fang Xingjian had been seated on was smashed into smithereens. However, he continued to maintain his sitting posture, almost not moving at all.

Rota withdrew her spear. Fang Xingjian seemed like he was sitting on air as he spoke with indifference, ’’That's the second one.’’

Rota's chest rose and fell quickly for a while before a faint blush flushed across her face. Of course, it was not because she felt shy or was furious, but rather because she had circulated her vital energy and blood to their limits, causing her blood vessels to pop up even from the tiny pores on her face.


With a low bellow, her longspear seemed as though it had turned into a real dragon. As it trembled, there were up to a hundred afterimages. As it pierced forth, the Void Penetrative divine Spear was sent out as well.

Each time the spear head moved, it brought with it up to a hundred after images. In each second, the Void Penetrative divine Spear would thrust through spatial gaps for over ten times.

It meant that in that short instance, up to a thousand after images surrounded Fang Xingjian.

What Rota displayed was a spear technique which perfectly combined her physical body, Killing technique and the longspear together. She had displayed all her powers to their limits.

She had used this attack to kill two of Garcia's Great Warriors during the war. Now, it was once again performed without any reservations. It showed how highly she thought of Fang Xingjian even though he was blind.

Facing Rota's almost perfect attack, if Fang Xingjian was not blind, he would be able to receive it with ease.

However, Rota's attack was launched within a second. The longspear swung around him, causing the air currents to tremble. He was not longer able to detect where the longspear's true form was just by relying on his hearing alone.

Therefore, he no longer used his Silver Dragon. It was because he was no longer able to distinguish her attacks just by relying on wind and sound alone. This was the limitation tied down to him now that he was blind.

However, this did not meant that he would lose. He lifted up on hand and sent out Ether Sword Ripples. In that instant, over ten waves of Ether Sword Ripples slashed outwards in the air with Fang Xingjian in the center.

With the Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar at level 3, the strength that he could display was 1.5 times stronger than before. Additionally, after Fang Xingjian had killed Mumukeya, he had risen to next level and his attacking speed had raised since his agility was now at 183 points. How scary was this? Used together with his Single Sword World Subjugation and Boundaries Negation, the limits of his speed was now eight times that of supersonic speed.

In just that instant, afterimages, the longspear, air currents and such were all slashed into dust by the extremely violent Ether Sword Ripples.

The slash at eight times of supersonic speed created great friction with the air, causing crimson fire sparks to appear in the sky.

With Fang Xingjian in the center, ten sword slashes shot out, cutting a few meters deep into the marble ground, and spread out to ten meters away.

The sword marks were horribly charred, as if it was the scorching temperature of a meteor tearing through the atmosphere, creating countless sparks in the surroundings.

As for Rota, the longspear she was holding flew out of her hands and she spewed out blood. She retreated continuously, only stopping after much effort from the other three Knights.

Thankfully the place was made of marble and the flames gradually died off after a while, leaving a whole stretch of burnt sword marks.

Fang Xingjian stood up, pointed to the two bags of coins on the ground and said, ’’The money these two fellows got from selling the Seism Steel are all here. Three days later, send my Seism Steel to me.’’

After saying that, he walked right out, as though he was unafraid they would go back on their promise.

When Fang Xingjian passed by, everyone from the Versailles Clan automatically cleared a path for him, as though he was a sharp blade cutting through cream.

Looking at the sword traces underneath Fang Xingjian's feet, their eyes filled with shock and they felt at a loss.

One of the golden-haired middle-aged Knights asked Rota, ’’What is his level? Did you manage to sense it?’’

’’I don't know.’’ Rota's expression was grim as she recalled the moment she had attacked earlier. ’’His speed was too fast. To think that he could create flames from the friction with the air... Uncle Davis, how many times of supersonic speed would that require?’’

Davis, the middle-aged Knight with a goatee, spoke with a solemn expression, ’’Firstly, in his first move, he was able to tap on your spear's weakness within a hair's breadth and destroy your form.

’’Not only was he fast, accurate and vicious, he was also able to see through the flaw of your move in an instant.’’

As he said this, Davis shook his head, ’’And most importantly, he's blind. He did this just by relying on listening to the wind.’’

That's right. For a blind man to be able to see through the flaw in Rota's attacks in just an instant and to be able to tap on that flaw with great accuracy, what cultivation level was he at?

The golden-haired Knight, Xeno, said, ’’It was the same for the second move. He merely depended on listening to the wind to gauge the positions of all of your one hundred and eight spears, without missing a single one of them. All his moves were right on the spot.’’

The last middle-aged Knight, Degas who had white hair, said, ’’But the most terrifying was during the last move. Rota, when you attacked, you could already tell that he was listening to the wind to gauge your positions and that was why you created disturbances in the air. The outburst from your body and the Killing technique complemented each other and created up to a thousand afterimages, cutting off his reliance on listening to the wind.

’’This was an extremely good move, but...’’

The white-haired middle-aged Knight, Degas, squatted down and touched the charred surface which still had a hint of warmth.

’’He did not move, did not unsheath his sword, did not move his dagger and even all his vital energy and blood did not explode out.

’’Merely with a point of his fingers, it seemed as if blades had slashed across the air and quickly created friction with the air, forming flames. He even created deep, charred cuts of a few meters deep in such good quality marble.’’

After saying this, the white-haired Knight, Degas, exhaled, ’’Terrifying, this move is truly terrifying.’’ He looked towards the area with sword marks and spoke with a solemn face, ’’If it was not because this move only reached out to ten meters, we would all have died in a flash.’’

After mentioning the three moves Rota had exchanged with Fang Xingjian, a hint of pity flashed past the trio's eyes.

Rota shook her head, ’’It's a pity that he is still blind. This has created a weakness which is hard to make up for. Once the attacks transcend the speed of sound, it will be hard for him to sense them.’’

The white-haired middle-aged Knight, Degas, nodded, ’’It's a pity, a pity. If he's not blind, he'll definitely be a grandmaster of the generation and has hope to attain the divine level.’’

’’In the end, he's just a blind man,’’ Dali said impatiently. ’’Elder sister, are you really going to return the Seism Steel to him? Do you know how precious that resource is? So what if a blind man like him is extremely skilled in sword arts?

’’Our three uncles are not just skilled in spear arts. I even know that all of you are also trained in archery. Even if you may not be comparable to those Knights who specialize in archery, you should still be able to shoot out arrows which transcend the speed of sound by relying on Empire's divine Weapon. At most, you can shoot from a distance and turn him into a porcupine.

’’Or we can dope him and tie him up after making him unconscious. After all, he can't see anything.’’

’’Stop fooling around!’’ Rota chided. ’’For a Knight like him, such sword technique is already an art.

’’He can only die in war or on the arena. Any other ways of dying would be an insult to him.

’’And no matter how down and out he is, he isn't someone you can show disrespect to.’’ Rota glared at Dali and said, ’’Dali, don't let me find out that you've done something to harm him. Otherwise, I'll not let you off.

’’One day, I'll catch up to him and face him head-on. I want to win him with my spear fair and square.’’


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