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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 16


Chapter 16 Kaunitz

Fang Xingjian did not understand what the so-called secret realms looked like, nor did he know how to complete a job transition or which job to choose. The students did not know either, and Kyle had never explained the process.

In this world, the government and the major sects controlled all the job transition channels. One had to be acknowledged by the government or by a major sect before being allowed to enter a secret realm.

As for the job transition specifics, these were kept under wraps by the most influential groups, the commoners thus being left clueless.

In case one desired to enter a secret realm for an official job transition, one had to join a clan and become its disciple, putting the clan's interests above the country's.

Alternatively, one could compete as an average student in the Empire's selections, in order to obtain the same status as those of the middle-ranking class, such as the Knights.

Of course, regardless of the chosen option, one had to pass layers and layers of professional examinations.

Initially, Fang Xingjian had considered entering The School of Sword Arts in order to become a disciple. Afterall, swordsmanship was its forte, and The School of Sword Arts' headquarters in the Empire's capital city was renowned across the whole mainland.

The truth was that, either intentionally or not, Kyle had been sounding him out regarding his interest in becoming an official disciple and leaving for the headquarters in order to train there.

However, Fang Xingjian gave up the thought in the end, because of an undisputed principle.

In this world, the Empire's royal family was the biggest faction.

This faction of royalty could select any of the country's best talents, defeat hundreds and thousands other factions, and control the country's natural resources. It was definitely the greatest and strongest faction.

In five years, Fang Xingjian wanted to become strong, seek revenge, and improve himself as fast as possible. Evidently, he had to join the strongest power in order to become the strongest and to accomplish all these.

He trusted his abilities. He believed that he would be able to pass the Prefectural Selection and become a Knight, to pass the Regional Selection and become a Model Knight, and even to pass the National Selection and become a Royal Knight.

In other words, if Fang Xingjian, with his abilities, could not do it... then who could?

On the other side, the black-haired Knight who was talking to Kyle noticed the people's envious and adoring looks and laughed casually. He had seen far too many such gazes and thought nothing of them. He then nodded to Kyle and said, ’’Then, Teacher Kyle, so it shall be.’’

With that, he gave a short nod to the golden-haired youngster, and turned to leave.

Kyle clapped his hands to gain everyone's attention. ’’Alright, stop staring. There are a few things that I want you all to know.’’ He waved at the golden-haired youngster, and with a benevolent look, he said, ’’This is your new classmate, Kaunitz Tresia. From now on until the Prefectural Selection, he will be learning the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique and the Eagle Sword Technique here, with the rest of you.

Kaunitz will be taking part in the selections as well, so everyone, help each other out and learn from each other!’’

’’Kaunitz Tresia?’’

’’Doesn't this name sound familiar?’’

’’Hey, could he be the Kaunitz Tresia?’’

’’Darn, don't tell me that the Knight was their retainer!’’

’’He's truly a man who has inherited centuries of nobility.’’

Second Martial Brother Lambert's eyes narrowed and locked on the person before him, Kaunitz Tresia. He thought to himself, unconvinced, 'Is this really Tresia Knight Academy's super genius, Kaunitz Tresia?

The entire Tresia Knight Academy belongs to his family. Why would he come to The School of Sword Arts to train?

Wait. It was rumored that he had already learnt more than five Tresia Knight Academy sword art techniques even before he turned twelve. He's now a seventeen-year-old. Could he have already perfected all levels of the academy's seven sword art techniques? Is that why he's here? To learn new sword art techniques from the renowned School of Sword Arts?

How could this be?'

Alarmed by his own conclusions, Lambert clenched his hands tightly. 'It is said that Kaunitz was focusing on practicing his swordsmanship in the past, and did not participate in the Prefectural Selection. Is he going to enter in this coming selection?

I could never rival such a genius. Not someone who's been groomed by his entire noble family since young.

Darn! The Prefectural Selection has yet to start, and one of the ten places has already been taken...'

The students' faces expressed a mixture of anxiety, shock, and envy, but the golden-haired Kaunitz stared back at the crowd with a cold, aloof gaze. He chose to ignore all of the friendly smiles and greetings from his fellow students.

After all, when compared to Tresia Knight Academy, The School of Sword Arts was just trash. He was destined not to stay here for long.

Even passing the Prefectural Selection was simply to be expected of him. His goal was to come out on top in both the Prefectural Selection and the Regional Selection in the following year, consecutively passing both selections to become a Model Knight.

’’Alright. Everyone, back to practice! There are only another four and a half months until the Prefectural Selection. All of you had better make the most of it!

Kaunitz, come here. I'll teach you the Eagle Sword Technique and the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique,’’ Kyle said as the rest of the students resumed their training.

In the following days, since Kyle had to teach Kaunitz, the leftover time dedicated to explaining to the other students dwindled. Voices of discontent arose among the students.

Only Fang Xingjian stayed focused on his sword training. His current goal was to perfect all levels of the three sword techniques he had learned.

He had also found some manual work the past nights, but it made him physically exhausted. The reduced hours of sleep also resulted in insufficient rest, which could harm his body in the long run.

He was planning on finding alternative ways of earning some money.

After the morning training that day, Kyle clapped his hands and called everyone over to him.

’’All of you have been training hard. Ogden, how's your Grizzly Bear Sword Technique?’’

Ogden's face lit up, saying, ’’Teacher, my Grizzly Bear Sword Technique has reached level 10. I've almost achieved 20 points in my strength and agility attributes. There's hope for the Prefectural Selection now!’’

Kyle nodded, looking satisfied. ’’Not bad. You were my biggest worry, but since you have reached level 10 in three sword techniques, I am relieved.’’

Kyle continued, ’’I have decided to participate in this year's Tournament of the Sword Heroes in The School of Sword Arts, and may not have time to teach the rest of you. From now on, I will pop by only once every morning. You have to train diligently by yourselves. Practicing the sword arts primarily depends on oneself.’’

’’Tournament of the Sword Heroes?’’ Fang Xingjian frowned. The Tournament of the Sword Heroes referred to the academy's selection system, which emulated the Empire's selections.

Apparently, Kyle leaving early and returning late, even the appearance of the black-haired Knight, and Kaunitz studying in The School of Sword Arts all probably served as preparation for the Tournament of the Sword Heroes.

Kyle went on, ’’Ogden, you have reached the maximum level for these three sword techniques, and you have also reached a bottleneck in the physical training of your body.

From now until the Prefectural Selection, maintain your health and body condition. You can relax...’’

’’Lambert, your reaction and flexibility are above Ogden's, but remember to be modest. Your greatest weakness is that you underestimate the enemy too often...’’

’’Xingjian, the time you've spent training is too short. Don't be too nervous in this selection, just treat it like a rehearsal...’’

At last, Kyle asked, ’’Oh, right. I will be away for a fairly long time. Who is willing to manage the school on my behalf?’’

As his voice died out, all the students fell into silence. Evidently, the Prefectural Selection in four and a half months was on everyone's minds, so they wanted to fully focus on their training. No one was willing to help Kyle with the school.

Kyle sighed and decided not to force them. As he was about to leave, Fang Xingjian raised his hands slowly, asking, ’’Are meals included?’’

Kyle smiled and nodded. ’’Included.’’


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