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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 158


Chapter 158 - Money

Even if he had been stopped from committing suicide, in the end, he did not go to the academy for half a year. Moreover, even after he returned, he kept to himself most of the time, avoiding contact with others. He could not stand to appear before other people.

To think that a person who valued his reputation this much, had been put through such a serious blow. He had been thinking of means and ways to take revenge on Jackson. However, because Jackson was very strong, he had kept his intention well hidden and had not made any moves.

However, this time around, for reasons unknown, he appeared to be very confident when he looked at Jackson.

Seeing that Jackson had turned to look at him, Edger smiled and said, ’’Did I say anything wrong? In order to nurture Fang Xingjian, for the past few months, hasn't the academy been having problems in making ends meet? There were also many precious medicinal herbs which had been kept for many years but were all used up. Now that Fang Xingjian is crippled, tell me, is this a great loss?

’’Furthermore, the Regional Selection is in four months. To think that we're having a shortage of cultivation resources at this time. No matter how we see it, isn't this disadvantageous to the academy's future?’’

’’That's right. Fang Xingjian used up so much resources but has now ended up crippled. It's really too much of a waste.’’

’’This fellow is too arrogant. I had already said this back when he challenged the other Prefectural Champions privately, but he is too undisciplined. Who would die in battle if not people like him? See, he's now crippled.’’

’’But you can't say it like this. After all, the one who did it was Kaunitz...’’

’’Wasn't it all because he was the one who started making trouble? Couldn't he have kept a low profile? Previously, he killed so many gang members in Kirst. There are many aristocrats who are displeased with him.’’

Hearing the voices of the other people, Jackson let out an exhale and said, ’’Alright, it's true that I definitely have to take responsibility for this. I'll use a portion of my personal assets to make up for the academy's losses.’’

’’I still think this isn't good.’’ Looking at Jackson's furious glare, Edger said without a care, ’’After all, you're getting on in years, it's normal to make a wrong judgement sometimes.’’

’’Haha, although I'm old, I'm not muddled yet...’’ Jackson said, letting out a cold laugh.

’’However, what little asset you have will probably not be able to help much.’’ Edger shook his head and said, ’’I heard that Green Jade Academy has gotten five hundred thousand gold worth of sponsorship from the aristocrats.

’’Mongul Academy has also signed a collaborative agreement with seventeen martial factions.

’’Even the others, Golden Sea, Biqi, and Violet... all twelve Prefectural Royal Academies in the Great Western Region, with the exception of us, Kirst, are fully prepared.’’

As he said this, Edger got someone to pass down reference materials indicating the detailed preparation done by the respective academies, including what resources they had. Everyone gasped after reading this.

Edger shrugged and said, ’’From what I know, up till last week, Headmaster Jackson was still trying to contact Lord Holy Orison and gathering files and materials regarding ether particles for Fang Xingjian... Headmaster...’’

Having said this, Edger's tone turned cold and he said solemnly, ’’Is it that you haven't given up on Fang Xingjian yet? By putting so much focus on Fang Xingjian, where are you placing the other students in the academy?’’

Jackson only felt that Edger's actions and words were pushing him into traps, putting him at a disadvantage. However, at this moment, he had no choice but answer honestly, ’’I believe that Fang Xingjian has a chance. He transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero within four months, transcended the speed of sound within a month... There are not many cases of people with such talent throughout the course of the Empire's history.

’’Such a person has great chances to sense ether particles and attain Heaven's Perception.

’’Additionally, I've also been trying to contact the Holy Orison. They are very interested in Fang Xingjian's condition.

’’As long as Fang Xingjian can recover, then our earlier investments would not be seen as a failure. If we give up on him now, all of our investments would go down the drain.’’

Edger said furiously, ’’So, you plan on using the whole academy as your wager? How much more resources are you planning to distribute to him? To a blind man? Throughout the Empire's history, has there ever been a blind man who managed to become a Conferred Knight? Has any of them participated in the Regional Selection?

’’Headmaster, be more rational. What we should be thinking of right now is to prevent further losses. If we don't even have a student breaking through to the top ten, then next year, how much would the budget, given to us by the Regional Office and the Governor, be reduced by?’’

Hearing the prospects of a lower budget, everyone paid full attention. This was something which affected them in areas such as their salary, benefits, and monthly cultivation materials.

Edger continued with great confidence, ’’This time around, the Commissioner of Education is very concerned for the upcoming Regional Selection and next year's National Selection. He is not very happy with the way that we're cutting out a large portion of our resources to be given to a portion of the talented students.’’

’’Even the Commissioner of Education said this?’’

’’It's true that this way of portioning out the resources is somewhat unfair to the other students.’’

Governor Devitt rules over the Knights in a region and naturally, there would be many leaders under him. The Commissioner of Education was one of them and was in-charge over the twelve Prefectural Royal Academies in the region.

As for the Great Western Region's only Regional Royal Academy, it was managed by Governor Devitt himself. He was both the Headmaster as well as instructor in the academy. The Regional Royal Academy was the only academy that the Commissioner of Education had no power over.

Hearing Edger's words, Jackson frowned and said, ’’Don't worry, I'm only going to make sure that Fang Xingjian gets his deserving rights as a Prefectural Champion. I will no longer provide an excessive amount of resources to him.’’

’’But to be investing so much resources into a blind man... Is there any use?

In the Regional Selection, there was a stage which required one to observe the Pantheon Monument in order to comprehend martial techniques. However, with him blind, how can he observe the monument? There is no way for him to participate in the Regional Selection.’’ Edger continued, ’’I suggest that we cancel all the resources provided to Fang Xingjian from now on. Of course, I'm referring to the cultivation resources. As for the monthly allowance, it'll remain the same. There's no need to take back the villa either.

’’Although he is blind, he still has experience. I suggest that we let him be a teacher in the Sword and Sabers Department and have him take up the job of guiding other students, allowing them a higher chance of fighting in the Regional Selection.’’

Jackson let out a cold snort and unleashed his aura explosively, pressing them against Edger. ’’Edger, do you think that you call the shots here? Are you the Headmaster?’’

Edger put up a forced smile and continued, ’’I've already had a discussion with the people from the Yellowstone Trade Association. They've agreed to sponsor the academy with one hundred thousand gold, but on one condition, which is for me to have full control over how this sum of money is used. It's because they trust my judgement. They trust that I will be able to use this sum of money appropriately to bring honor to the academy and not waste it on some blind man.’’

[1] Edger is a totally different character from Edgar, the aristocrat from Kirst City.


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