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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 157


Chapter 157 Seism Steel and Meetings

After taking a look at the list, it suddenly occurred to Kilot and he said, ’’I'm sorry, let me read it out for you.’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head and asked, ’’Is there Seism Steel?’’

’’Seism Steel?’’ Kilot gave it some thought. Now that Fang Xingjian was blind, defense was definitely more important to him than offense. It made sense that he would need materials like Seism Steel to make his protective gears. Thus, he nodded, saying, ’’How much do you need? Or we can give you ready-made Seism Steel protective gears that we have as well.’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head again and said, ’’I don't need protective gears. I only need Seism Steel, about a hundred kilograms of it. Are you guys able to give me that?’’ He estimated that he should be able to complete his High Frequency Effulgence Weapon with about one hundred kilograms of Seism Steel.

’’A hundred kilograms?’’ Kilot frowned. Seism Steel was something which required a tremendous amount of effort in various processes, including mining, excavating, extracting and smelting. A hundred kilograms would be almost equivalent to what the Western Garrison would be able to get in a year.

Moreover, just by adding a small amount of Seism Steel into protective gears would already allow one to have a greater resistance towards quakes. How many sets of armors could a hundred kilograms of Seism Steel make?

Kilot could not begin to think of what Fang Xingjian would need these for. However, even though his eyes were filled with doubt, thinking of how this person had killed Mumukeya, Kilot nodded and said, ’’If it's a hundred kilograms of Seism Steel, it's not problem. But if you want this much, we would probably only be able to give you this one hundred kilograms of Seism Steel and nothing else.

’’Are you sure this is what you want?’’

Fang Xingjian smiled and nodded. ’’That's right. When will you guys be able to bring them to me? The sooner, the better.’’

’’Xingjian, you don't have to worry. I'll get someone to send them over within seven days at most.’’ After saying this, Kilot suddenly changed his tone and continued, ’’That was the reward and compensation given to you by the army. I'm personally also very thankful for the things you've done for the Great Western Region.’’

He gave a deep bow toward Fang Xingjian and continued, ’’I know that it is a great blow for a martial arts practitioner to lose his sense of sight. You must hang on and get through this.

’’If there's anything you need my help for, feel free to approach me anytime.’’

After Kilot left, Lilia finally could not hold it in and asked, ’’Teacher, why do you need Seism Steel? Actually, although the Western Garrison is just a local force, they do have many good items.’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head, ’’I already have a lot of things. I'll be fine if I can put them all to good use. What's most important now is still my eyes.’’ Saying that, he sent out his Ether Sword Ripples and activated the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

The breeze from his hands accelerated and became a gush of violent wind, sending the cups, plates, tables and chairs in the vicinity tumbling.

Just like a radar, as the strong gales blew, every object the wind touched would create sound, allowing Fang Xingjian to be able to sense faintly the presence of various objects in the surroundings.

At the same time, Fang Xingjian estimated the amount of energy depleted by the Ether Sword Ripples. In his current condition, he could perform the Ether Sword Ripples five hundred times. After unleashing so many, he would probably be sapped of all energy and be unable to battle.

Therefore, he formed sword fingers, starting his practice with his fingers in place of an actual sword.

'If it's strong gales, I'd be able to roughly sense what is in my surroundings.

'I'll need to try out a slight breeze next... I need sharper senses.'

A sense of urgency kept forcing Fang Xingjian to continue on. After the year had passed, Garcia had come attacking. Now, after pursuing and killing them, he had ended up unconscious for a month. There were now only four months left to the Regional Selection which would be held mid this year. If he missed this round, he would not have any hope of participating in the National Selection next year.

To him, who was left with only four years lifespan, this would mean that he would never be able to participate in the National Selection. He would be unable to have a chance at becoming a Royal Knight and going through the third transition. This was something which he could not accept.

It was because he wanted revenge. He wanted to go back and stand before Fang Clan's Old Granny Li Shuanghua and wanted to find out the truth about his mother. To do this, he would need to have the powers which would allow him to fight against divine level experts.

'I must train my attributes, Waves, Sword Intent and Effulgence Weapon, as usual.

'But concurrently, I must get used to sensing through wind.

'After this is settled, I can then find of a way to sense the ether particles...'

Just as Fang Xingjian was cultivating silently and familiarizing himself with his blindness, in another place, there was an important meeting being held.


’’I'm sure everyone is aware of the problem with next year's National Selection and this year's Regional Selection.’’

The people seated at the huge conference table were all the higher echelons from Kirst Royal Academy. Headmaster Jackson was seated at the head of the table, reading a report.

Half a month ago, the Imperial Capital had announced a new policy in order to encourage the progress of the country's martial arts and reward people who had made great contributions to the development of Royal Knights.

In the National Selection next year and the Regional Selection this year, both the participants who had made it through the selection and the academy they represented would also be given greater rewards.

The National Champion would be given a set of divine Equipment.

Why a set of divine Equipment? divine Equipments were basically divine Remains Equipments and were ultimate weapons forged from the corpses of divine level experts.

Additionally, a set of divine Equipment would be a complete set of armor made from a whole set of a divine level expert's corpse which was then forged together with countless other treasures. There would be many individual equipments, including boots, cape, armor and helmet, adding up to form a complete set of divine Equipment.

Such a complete set of divine Equipment was forged by ingenious means and had retained 30% of the divine level expert's powers. This meant that whoever put on this set of divine Remains Equipment would be able to release 30% of the divine level's powers.

How terrifying was this? Therefore, when the news spread out, it had caused a great commotion across the country. Countless Knights and Conferred Knights took action immediately. Even a few divine level experts turned their attention toward this.

It was because divine Equipments were too powerful and too precious and, therefore, attracted countless rapacious gazes.

Next were those who ranked second to tenth in the selection. They could each receive a set of level 29 Superior Remains divine Weapon. Although it was also very powerful, when compared to a set of divine Equipment, it was far from comparable.

As for the Regional Selections held in each of the Empire's eight regions, each Regional Champion could receive a set of level 29 Superior Remains divine Weapons made from a complete set of a Conferred Knight's corpse. They would receive 50% of the powers of a level 29 Conferred Knight.

How crazy was this reward? Moreover, even those who ranked second to tenth in the Regional Selections would be able to select a Superior divine Weapon from the Weaponry.

Additionally, the Royal Academies which the participants who had passed the Regional Selections represented would all be able to have an increased budget from the following year onwards.

From first to tenth, the academies would get a budget increase ranging from 100% to 10%, respectively.

This, together with the fact that the Regional Champion would be rewarded with a Killing technique from Royalty, caused countless to go crazy.

The Headmaster let out a sigh and said, ’’Although I do not agree to such methods, which are equivalent to pulling up a seedling in the mistaken hope of helping it to grow, encouraging Knights to step forth by offering material temptations... I'd have to say that the rewards this time are too generous. Even I feel somewhat envious.

’’But our competition is intense as well. What do you guys think? Feel free to speak up.’’

Just as the Headmaster finished his words, a shrill voice spoke out, ’’In the past half a year, we have poured in too much resources in Fang Xingjian's favor in order to nurture him. We even went to the extent of reducing the cultivating materials given to the other Prefectural Champions. Now that Fang Xingjian is crippled, shouldn't someone step forth to take on the responsibility?’’


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