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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 156


Chapter 156 Gratitude

Huang Lin looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Under normal circumstance, only those who have attained at least level 7 in their mental cultivation method would be able to start getting into contact with Heaven's Perception and begin thinking about how to sense ether particles.

’’However, with your current condition... it will be harder to level up your mental cultivation method...’’

As he spoke, he sighed once again.

Even if he attained Heaven's Perception, it would only allow him to sense the situations within the Reduced Force Field. He would still be unable to sense anything beyond these perimeters. To a Knight or Conferred Knight, this was a tremendous flaw.

Of course, other than this, there was another method.

Huang Lin said, ’’During this time, you can first learn some related information. Wait for me to come back and watch over you as you attempt it. Meanwhile, there's a person I need to meet.’’ His expression was grim as he continued, ’’He's one of the Empire's top ten divine level experts and the only one who specializes in healing ability, Holy Orison. I'll go look for him and hope that he can cure your eyes.’’

If he was to beg a divine level expert to cure him, what kind of price would he need to pay? Fang Xingjian was well aware that it was impossible for such a divine level expert to just provide treatment to simply anyone.

Even the Empire's King would need to treat such characters with courtesy and would not be able to push them too far. So, why would he simply treat Fang Xingjian for no special reason?

However, Huang Lin was still smiling, even though his smile was very bitter.

Ten years ago, he had already seen the fall of a genius right before his eyes. He had questioned the authorities and created havoc in the whole Imperial Capital. However, there had still been no results and he ended up leaving quietly, living a secluded life in the academy.

However, now, with a similar thing happening all over again, there was no way that he would allow another failure.

'Xingjian, your talent should shine out and your name should be left in history. Your future definitely should not be shrouded in darkness.

'Gradually, I may not be able to guide you in your sword arts anymore.

'But there are some things this set of old bones can still fight for.'

Huang Lin left, but Fang Xingjian's cultivation still had to continue. With nothing but darkness before him, he was not able to see anything. This also made him feel, for the first time ever, how troublesome life would be after losing his sight.

At the same time, he got curious about his new mental cultivation method, Ether Sword Ripples, and the powers which came with it.

After killing Mumukeya and raising his level by another level, Fang Xingjian's attack speed had been increased to 183 points. What kind of concept was this? Together with his Single Sword World Subjugation, when he activated Boundaries Negation, the maximum speed he could reach was eight times of supersonic speed.

These sword ripples had up to 1.5 times of his actual strength. Together with his maximum speed of eight times of supersonic speed, this was truly horrifying.

He tried it out slightly in the room. Despite not having gone all out, he was already astonished.

'This Ether Sword Ripples... is truly powerful.'

After testing his Ether Sword Ripples, he continued with his practice to get used to his blindness.

A slight breeze brushed across Fang Xingjian's fingertips. The wind moved across space and reached the table, touching the cups. Those slight sounds let Fang Xingjian sense the presence of objects. However, at the next moment, the wind energy was too strong and caused the cup to drop onto the floor, smashing it into pieces.

Lilia hurried in and cleaned up the mess.

’’Teacher, do you want to drink water? I'll get you some.’’

Receiving the cup from Lilia, Fang Xingjian did not say anything but just drank up quietly.

Lilia spoke, slightly worried, ’’Teacher, don't be anxious. Take it slow. It'll be fine.’’ She was worried that he would lose his confidence and become completely wasted. After all, not everyone could accept the fact that they had turned blind, especially when the person was a genius.

Fang Xingjian shook his head calmly and said, ’’I'm fine. After losing my sight and living in darkness, I feel that my heart is more at peace and I'm more relaxed.’’

He then turned to Lilia and asked, ’’Is the war over?’’

Lilia nodded and said, ’’Mmm, the Garcia people have all retreated. At the very end, the three Headmasters and the Western Garrison's General joined forces to wipe out the Garcia people's main forces. Those who remained all jumped into the sea and made their escape.’’

’’Mmm.’’ Fang Xingjian nodded. He recalled that he had buried the corpses of many of Garcia's Great Warriors. It was a pity that he was now blind and that it had been a while. He could only recall slowly and see if he could remember where they were buried.

Fang Xingjian then asked, ’’What about Kaunitz? How is he now?’’

Lilia gritted her teeth and said furiously, ’’He's now locked in a cell in the city and is being interrogated by the people from the association.’’ Naturally, Lilia had nothing but extreme hatred toward this guy who had harmed Fang Xingjian.

If it was not because the association was still defensive of him and outsiders were not allowed to interfere, she would have gotten her father to think of ways to get rid of him. However, her father had also said that even the First Prince himself would be in trouble. Kaunitz was definitely dead meat.

Fang Xingjian nodded. Kaunitz had committed a grave crime and even if he was protected by Tresia and the First Prince, with the presence of both witnesses and evidence, he was doomed.

As for Rebecca, she was now wanted by the association. However, she was, after all, a level 19 Knight at the pinnacle of the first transition. If she was bent on hiding, it would not be that easy to capture her.

Moreover, for Fang Xingjian, if it was not for the problem with his eyesight, he would be almost invincible amongst those in the first transition and the sneak attacks by his Ether Sword Ripples would even have a chance to threaten level 20 Conferred Knights.

From there, he would only need to focus on: raising the level of his Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar mental cultivation method;cultivating in sword arts to power up his Unparalleled Sword Intent;master the Effulgence Weapon;and finding a chance to level up to level 19. With these, his powers would go through a breakthrough once again.

However, now that he has lost his sight, his rhythm had been affected.

At present, the most important to Fang Xingjian was obviously to adapt to his current condition now that he had lost his sight.

At first, he considered using the Supreme Mistwind Sword to sense the environment through sword Qi, wind and sound. This would allow him to get used to daily activities at least.

However, to battle at full power, he would still need to reach the level of Heaven's Perception.

As for the treatment by the divine level expert, Fang Xingjian was just not used to putting his future on other's decisions.

After a while, Lilia brought in another man wearing military uniform. After the man came in, he saluted and said, ’’Hello, Xingjian. I'm Western Garrison's Kilot.’’

’’Hello, is anything the matter?’’ Fang Xingjian said calmly. In his hand, surges of air currents formed continuously, helping him to check out the environment around him.

Kilot said, ’’Xingjian, thank you very much for killing Mumukeya. Six of my comrades had all died in his hands.’’ Saying this, a hint of sadness appeared in Kilot's determined expression.

Mumukeya's speed had been unrivalled and he had been at the second transition. To many Knights, he had been a nightmare.

At one point in time, Kilot had been chased by Mumukeya and could only watch as his comrades were killed one by one. If it had not been for the arrival of support, he would have died as well. He still had a deep scar on his chest which had been left there by Mumukeya.

He harbored a great hatred for Mumukeya, but the latter possessed unrivalled speed and instincts akin to that of wild beasts. This allowed him to always be able to get out of tight fixes and continue to hunt down Empire's Knights.

Therefore, when he knew that Mumukeya had died in the hands of Fang Xingjian, he was extremely stirred up. When he heard that Fang Xingjian had woken up, he rushed over as soon as he could.

’’Xingjian, you've accomplished a great merit and the General admires you a lot too. If it's not because you've yet to recover from your serious injuries, he would like to have you join the army.’’ Saying this, a hint of regret flashed past Kilot's eyes as he looked at Fang Xingjian.

For a genius to have lost his sight, it was akin to him being half-crippled. Even if he attained Heaven's Perception, he would still have an unavoidably great flaw.

Saying this, Kilot took out a list and said, ’’Originally, rewards should be promulgated by His Majesty. However, the General recognizes that you need help and has gotten me to pass this list to you. If it's anything that our Western Garrison has, you can feel free to ask for it.’’


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