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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Failure And Support

Fang Qian looked at Mumukeya's corpse which had fallen to the ground, revealing a look of disgust.

'This crap can't even deal with a first transition Knight?'

But thinking about Fang Xingjian's explosive speed earlier, Fang Qian could not help but admit that Fang Xingjian truly possessed unbelievable combat abilities.

'But his speed is only effective in close combat.'

Thinking of the scenes from Fang Xingjian's battle earlier, Fang Qian became increasingly confident of her judgement.

She then looked at how Fang Xingjian had fallen, rubbed her chin, and said, 'I still can't confirm if he has truly lost the ability to battle and lost his consciousness.

'I also can't confirm if he can still retaliate.'

After giving it some thought, she eventually decided to capture him through long distance means as a safety precaution. She recalled how he had that amazing speed which allowed him to kill someone who had gone through the second transition. Although it was Garcia's second transition, it was still unusually amazing.

Thinking of this, her gaze brimmed with even greater interest.

The next moment, the patterns on Fang Qian's body started to wriggle about like tadpoles. They subsequently released a series of glowing light, giving off a strange feeling which was both powerful and evil, terrifying yet holy at the same time.

In just an instant, the patterns all over her body turned into various grey-colored light patterns.

She could feel that power in her body which was extremely powerful and grasping. When Fang Qian opened her eyes, grey light shone out from them.

'This... This is diabolic energy!'

Unlike how it was back in Demonic City, she could summon the powers from one of the twelve evil gods after arriving at the Miracle World. With the enhancement from this power, each magic print Warrior's abilities would rise in leaps and bounds.

Although it was not comparable to the Mages who could use sorcery and directly unleash the diabolic energy from the evil gods, it was close enough.

'As long as we complete the ultimate miracle sorcery to bring forth the evil god, the whole world will be in our hands.'

Every time she unleashed this extremely majestic source of energy, Fang Qian could not help but acclaim how wonderful the power of sorcery was.

In the next moment, strong gales started to move around her as countless sounds rang out. They were sounds akin to dragons'and tigers'roars, yet similar to tens of thousands wild beasts'crying out at the same time.

Fang Xingjian aimed her palm at where Fang Xingjian was, 'Come over here, cousin.'

At the next moment, however, she look in disbelief at the grey-colored imprints on her body, at how the diabolic energy was dissipating. The grey-colored lights were gradually disappearing.

When the lights completely disappeared, Fang Qian then returned to her original form. Her diabolic energy had completely vanished as if they had never appeared in the first place.

'What's going on?

'Why? Why did the magic prints and the diabolic energy lose their effects?'

Amidst her panic, she slowly retreated from the battlefield, the image of how the diabolic energy had dissipated constantly flashing in her mind.

'I must report this to the Science Academy immediately. Diabolic energy dissipating... This is something which has never happened before.'


Rota just arrived when she saw this astonishing scene.

Sweat droplets were still trickling down her nose, her cheeks were red, and she was panting heavily. It showed how exhausted she was as she rushed over.

The scene from earlier kept playing back in her mind repeatedly.

Strong gales swirled and sounds of explosions filled the air.

At the end of the strong gales, Mumukeya stood there with his head on the ground and a fountain of fresh blood spurting out from his body which had undergone beast transmogrification.

Second transition Garcia's Destined Warrior.

The Mumukeya who had unrivalled speed.

From the beginning of the battle, he had hunted down countless Knights and even escaped from the hands of Conferred Knights.

Did he die just like that?

Rota looked at this scene with a complicated expression. Only after she walked up to the corpse did she then let out a sigh. She then turned to looked towards the unconscious Fang Xingjian whose neck seemed to have been severed off. Blood still gushing out and he was covered in wounds all over.

’’Go give him treatment.’’

Under her command, one of the Knights next to her went up to help Fang Xingjian dress his wounds.

Looking at the Fang Xingjian that killed Mumukeya, Rota's expression was very complicated. This was the guy who had defeated her before so many people in the academy, the guy who had given her great humiliation.

But now, after seeing Fang Xingjian kill Mumukeya, a strange feeling welled up from inside her. It was admiration, appreciation, or some other kind of strange emotion.

Looking at the unconscious Fang Xingjian, she still decided to get someone to give him treatment.

She wanted to win against Fang Xingjian, but definitely not by stabbing him in the back. She wanted to face him head-on, defeating him fair and square.

'Just you wait. Although you've completely surpassed me now, I'll do my best to catch up to you. You better not die before I defeat you.'

She looked towards Reiya and the others and asked, ’’How is she?’’

Reiya's chest had been penetrated by the divine Flames of the Earth's Core and her lungs were almost completely burnt. Her heart had also stopped beating. Grand looked at Reiya in despair, as if he had fallen into a daze.

Rota shook her head, ’’What on earth happened?’’

Kaunitz was still crying out in pain.

He had been hit by Fang Xingjian's final Ether Sword Ripples. While it did not kill him, it had slashed off the three arms on his right. The Six Armed Asura became a Three Armed Asura, which not only meant that his three arms were crippled, his body's balance was destroyed as well. He laid on the ground, pale-faced. As blood continued to gush out, he could neither garner any strength nor even move his body.

Kaunitz looked at his Stats Window. Each of his attributes were reduced by more than half. He had become worthless, his eyes filled with madness and desperation.

Hearing Rota's question, he laughed out in a low voice. ’’Fang Xingjian? Hehe, so what if he killed Mumukeya? He continued to go all out in battle when he was poisoned, and now the poisoned blood has already entered his brain. He's dead meat. Even if he were to take the antidote now, it's too late!

’’Hahahaha, I'm crippled, but he's dead. In the end, I still won.’’

’’Tr...ash...’’ Wei Longzi abruptly lifted his head, his eyes fixed on Kaunitz as he spoke, ’’Do you have any shame? Do you have any hint of a Knight's honor?

’’It's already unforgivable for you to have poisoned your own comrade. Earlier, if it wasn't Fang Xingjian who had killed Mumukeya, do you think you'd still be able to survive? We'd all be dead!’’

’’Hmph, who wanted him to save me?’’ Green veins popped up on Kaunitz's forehead as his eyes brimmed with rage. ’’This fatherless b*stard serves no one, goes against all values and ethics. Compared to this b*stard, I'd rather die in that Black Devil's hands.’’

’’Incapable of reasoning.’’ Wei Longzi gritted his teeth as he looked at Kaunitz, speaking out each word clearly, ’’Since that's the case, then die!’’

As he spoke, he swung both swords repeatedly, slashing towards Kaunitz with streams of electricity.

However, just as his swords were about to reach Kaunitz, Rota shook the spear and unleashed her Void Penetrative divine Spear. The silver-colored spear pierced through the gaps in space, the spear's tip forcefully stopping Wei Longzi, and pushing him back.

Then, with more flashes from her spear's tip, a series of crisp sounds rang out as it collided with Tai Long's suit of armor. Tai Long, who had similarly launched an attack, was stopped as well.

Rota bellowed, ’’Stop it! To be killing one of our own... Are you guys out of your mind?!’’

’’One of our own? Has he thought of us like that?’’ Wei Longzi bellowed, ’’It was him who had killed Reiya. He even wanted to silence all of us. He was also the one who had poisoned Fang Xingjian. He's a double-crossing madman!’’

After hearing this, Rota looked at Wei Longzi, Tai Long, and Grand, all of whom were very agitated. She shook her head and said, ’’I know you guys are very agitated. But no matter what, we need to wait for the officer to arrive and get the association to conduct a trial before we can determine the truth.’’

With that, she swept out her spear and stood before Kaunitz, saying, ’’I can't just take your one-sided words. Before the association comes to a decision, don't think about laying your hands on him. But you can rest assure that as long as what you guys said is the truth, Kaunitz will definitely get the punishment he deserves. Moreover, he's already a cripple now. Why do you need to be so anxious?’’

She then threw a glance towards Fang Xingjian and said to the person beside her, ’’Is Fang Xingjian poisoned? Go search Kaunitz. Help him bandage his wounds and check if he has the antidote.’’

Kaunitz could not move and could only let them conduct the search. However, he broke out laughing, looking at the trio with a challenging glance. Strong madness and despair flashed in his eyes. Since he was young, his greatest worth was his talent. Now that Fang Xingjian had half-crippled him, desperation and madness burned up in his heart strongly, like fuel being poured over fire.

Wei Longzi clenched his teeth and gripped his hands so strongly that they had turned white. The vengeance grew increasingly stronger.

Just then, a loud sound came from the sky and the fiery clouds started to dissipate.


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