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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 152


Chapter 152 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am the Fastest! (Part III)

However, just as Mumukeya's attack was about to chop off Fang Xingjian's right arm, a silver light suddenly lit up and came into contact against Mumukeya's dagger.

Boundaries Negation was activated with a remaining twelve seconds left.

Even though Mumukeya's dagger was pushed away, it eventually still turned its direction and steered toward Fang Xingjian's neck at overwhelmingly high speed. It slashed through his Reduced Force Field, into his flesh, and cut deeply into his neck.

Thankfully, it ended there and did not cut through Fang Xingjian's artery and windpipes. Fang Xingjian managed to survive it even though fresh blood kept spurting out from his neck.

After the high speed assault, Mumukeya only let out a weird laugh. Slashing out a long arch, he headed toward Fang Xingjian once again.

Clink clank~~~~~

Dazzling sparks were created from the clashing of metals and strong impacts were released from the intense clashes. Fang Xingjian was struck and thrown over ten meters away, but he had still managed to fend off Mumukeya's attack yet again.

’’Don't move unnecessarily, lad.

’’Otherwise, if I kill you accidentally, I won't be able to explain it when I head back.’’

Amidst their frantic clashes, Mumukeya was like a shooting star, surrounding Fang Xingjian and attacking incessantly. During the short time he took to say his two lines, another consecutive seven clashes had rung out. Holding the Silver Dragon in one hand and a steel sword in the other, Fang Xingjian was sent flying in all directions like a spinning top, but he still managed to receive all the attacks. Each time they collided, blood would continue to spurt out from his wounds, making him appear even more wobbly.

'This lad has such a quick reaction.'

Mumukeya let out a cold laugh and the muscles throughout his body swelled up tremendously. Strong gales blew as his body and dagger tore up the atmosphere, attacking Fang Xingjian crazily from all directions.

Boundaries Negation was left with the final five seconds.

Just then, Fang Xingjian started to speak.

Accompanied with Mumukeya's attacks time and time again, air currents were sent out explosively as sound explosions filled the air. Due to having insufficient strength, his body trembled non-stop as he was sent flying continuously. However, his voice still carried to everyone's ears.


’’Haven't you noticed?’’

Boom! The ground's surface collapsed under Mumukeya's beast claws. The atmosphere wailed like a female ghost and with a dash, he appeared right before Fang Xingjian. His dagger created flashes of sparks as it clashed with Fang Xingjian's Silver Dragon, letting out explosive pitter patter sounds. At the next second, he had already passed by Fang Xingjian and the explosive air currents.

’’Your speed...

’’ already...’’

Bang! The dagger and Silver Dragon crashed against each other strongly. Raging force surged out from Mumukeya's body as he knocked against Fang Xingjian's body. This caused him to bleed furiously from the wounds he already had all over his body and he was sent flying for tens of meters away once again.

Mumukeya stomped with his big leg and the ether particles in his surroundings flashed crazily. The acceleration field was now activated. He caught up to Fang Xingjian once again and thrust out his dagger. Blood splattered out between the two of them.

’’ already not...’’

Mumukeya let out a strange cry with his eyes bloodshot. A strong surge of excitement swelled up in him. It had been a very long time since he had last come across a prey with such great tenacity and could catch up with his attacking speed.

The dagger in his hands created a series of afterimages and a whooshing sound as he thrust it toward Fang Xingjian from eight directions.

’’...not as fast as mine!’’

The moment Fang Xingjian had been waiting for finally came. It was just as Mumukeya was less than half a meter away from Fang Xingjian and the distance was so close that Mumukeya had no chance to dodge.

The Silver Dragon in Fang Xingjian's hand sent out hundreds of shadows. It was as if a heavy rain of blades had poured down in that 0.1 second and then disappeared in that very instant.

The air was torn apart completely. After the detonation of overwhelming pressure, the two of them passed by each other once again and then stood there motionless.

Time left for Boundaries Negation: 0.5 second.

At the next moment, Mumukeya's head shot up into the air and sent out a strong surge of vital energy and blood as though it was raining blood.

Mumukeya's head landed on the ground, looking at Fang Xingjian in disbelief. The Reduced Force Field tremored the air and imitated his voice.

’’To think that I would die in the hands of a first transition Knight today.’’

He looked at the huge wound on Fang Xingjian's neck. He had almost killed Fang Xingjian.

He said with great regret, ’’How fast was that move earlier? Five times of supersonic? Or was it six? It's a pity that my speed is still slower. Otherwise, you would not have been able to react in time at all with your reaction attribute. It's a pity... If only I was a little bit faster, you would already be dead.

’’Sigh, why is it that generations and generations of geniuses keep appearing in the Empire? But we still have a lot of people in Garcia, improving across generations. Even if I die, there would be even more geniuses coming forth, generation after generation of them. Eventually, they'll be able to...’’

After using the tremors in the air with his Reduced Force Field to speak for about one minute, Mumukeya finally died completely with his eyes wide-open. He had displayed the strong vitality of someone in the second transition.

Fang Xingjian looked at Mumukeya, then turned in Kaunitz's direction with a hint of regret flashing in his eyes. His vision seemed to have been affected greatly as he could not even see the other party's face clearly anymore.

After killing Mumukeya, Fang Xingjian increased in another level once again. At the same time, a comprehension he had never experienced before surged forth, causing his consciousness to boil up as if thousands of worlds were exploding in it.

His mental cultivation method circulated at great speed until it reached an extreme limit and then shattered. The new mental cultivation method finally appeared in his Stats Window after completing the metamorphosis.

Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar level 3: One man and one sword, wiping out the world. Only an unrivalled will can create unrivalled powers. If the practitioner's will is strong enough, he can transmit strength through ether particles and turn them into blades, then lash them out across space while performing sword techniques.

The actual effect was to turn 'Reduced Force Field'into 'ether sword ripples'. Each additional level of the mental cultivation method would increase his strength by 50% and the speed of the ether sword ripples would be equivalent to the speed the practitioner could attack at.

The Reduced Force Field could originally display 50% of Fang Xingjian's strength and it would just be a general crash of strength towards a certain direction. He was able to push, twist or squeeze, but would never be able to slash, cut or pierce.

Therefore, although he could turn someone into a meat patty, he would not be able to slash them into two.

Moreover, now, under the effect of his new mental cultivation method, his Reduced Force Field turned into ether sword ripples, allowing him to display 150% (additional 50% with each level and his mental cultivation method was currently at level 3). Furthermore, it would have attacking functions akin to that of a sword, including slashing, cutting and piercing.

Within ten meters, he could form blades with his will, slashing across space with 150% of his strength. The speed of his slash would also be able to inherit the attacking speed of the practitioner.

How terrifying was this?

But after the whole series of battles, Fang Xingjian's internal injuries and the degree of his poisoning had increased time and time again. However, after killing Mumukeya, he had increased in one level, increased his agility by another 11 points and his attacking speed had broken through to a whole new level once again.

Before he fainted, he was left with the last 0.5 seconds of his Boundaries Negation.

Fang Xingjian only managed to point out with a finger, causing sound explosions and flames to burst out as ether sword ripples formed instantaneously in the air at over eight times of supersonic speed. They then slashed toward Kaunitz.

The great friction in the air turned red and heated up due to the great speed. It even shot out streams of sparks. Strong gales wailed and turned into streams of heat currents, spreading out in all directions.

Formless slashes with 1.5 times of his strength shot out at eight times of supersonic speed. It was the first time he was displaying his terrifying strength in the presence of other people.

Amidst Kaunitz's terrified screams and everyone's horrified gazes, Fang Xingjian's vision turned black with a hint of regret. He merely felt a series of tremendous aches from his brain and then fainted completely.


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