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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 151


hapter 151 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am the Fastest! (Part II)

A kilometer away, a total of four Knights were dashing towards where Fang Xingjian was. Rota was in the lead with her silver-colored spear, her expression determined. In order not to be affected during battle, she tied up her long, silky black hair into a ponytail.

Her Knight attire was filled with dirt and traces of blood, but these damages and stains only further enhanced her valiance.

As she proceeded with great speed, she lifted her head to look to the skies, her two eyes continuously staring like wolves at the unceasingly burning and exploding fire clouds.

As one of the top amongst all the students in Kirst Royal Academy, Rota had been fighting in the front line for a long period of time. Countless battles with Garcia's Great Warriors allowed her battle experience and will to increase at amazing speed. Her abilities underwent an even greater level of improvement.

'Fang Xingjian, just you wait. I'll surpass you.'

Looking at the fiery clouds in the sky, Rota spoke in a cold voice, ’’Teacher Huang Lin has already engaged the other party, but it shouldn't be Mumukeya. We'll need to be careful from now on. Mumukeya is probably still hunting down our Knights on the surface.’’

'Mumukeya, if I can defeat you, if my Void Penetrative divine Spear is able to pierce through you, then I should also be able to defeat Fang Xingjian who is similarly an expert of speed, right?'

While she spoke, all four of them had arrived on the battlefield.


On the other side, Mumukeya who had been hiding in the forest spoke out in a soft voice, ’’Seems like he can't continue anymore.’’

Fang Qian asked, ’’It's a pity that job transitions with magic prints does not give one Reduced Force Field, and those who go through the second transition would also not have the Heaven's Perception. Do you sense anything?’’

Mumukeya looked up into the sky. He looked at the First Prince and Huang Lin who were both still engaged in battle, unleashing various light flashes and explosions, making a hole in the clouds. He said, ’’I don't know. Heaven's Perception must also be within ten meters of the Reduced Force Field. It's best for you not to be exposed, so I will head over and take a look first.’’

Heaven's Perception was the ability that belonged to those who were at second transition level 20 or higher. They could, within the perimeters of their Reduced Force Field, sense the messages transmitted by ether particles, such as warmth, light, flow of air currents, or tremblings of the ground. It was akin to having a sensor with a radius of ten meters which monitored every little change.

This also meant that from the second transition onwards, strong Warriors no longer needed to use their actual eye to see during close combat, since it would prevent them from reacting in time. Moreover, they would not be able to see clearly. However, Heaven's Perception could make up for this flaw by being a replacement for the eyes..

While Fang Xingjian had, early on, unleashed a battle power like never before, both Fang Qian and Mumukeya were extremely confident.

One reason was naturally because Fang Xingjian had obviously reached his limits. The other reason was because he was still at the first transition after all.

There was an unsurpassable gap between those in the first transition and those in the second. Heaven's Perception was one of them.

Even though Mumukeya had been injured and even pushed back by Fang Xingjian earlier, it was only because Fang Xingjian had caught him by surprise. What's more, there was a six-man Reduced Force Field, not to mention Fang Xingjian's Radiant Light Sword Technique. If not for Mumukeya amazing instincts, which had caused him to be scared off by the First Prince, there was no way that he would leave.

Thus, the two of them were still very confident even after seeing Fang Xingjian displaying his battle skills.

However, they would never have thought that Fang Xingjian's job and job specialties were so horrifying. They did not possess those heaven-defying abilities Fang Xingjian had. He even quickly rose up by three levels, which increased his agility attribute by 33 points.

As such, Mumukeya let out a smile and said, ’’Then I'll head over first. You can cover for me.’’

With that, he let out a fierce tremble, after which the muscles throughout his body rapidly expanded and contracted. Layers of brown-colored hair sprouted up from the surface of his body.

Because their strengths were inherited from those ferocious beasts as well as mutated humans, almost all of Garcia's warriors had the powers from ancient beasts. Beast transmogrification was also a skill that all of them could use.

However, beast transmogrification would modify their body and deplete their vital energy and blood. It was something which would harm themselves first before inflicting harm on others, and if they used too much of it, their lifespans would be reduced. Many of Garcia's Great Warriors would recklessly abuse their ability to undergo beast transmogrification so much so that many of them ended up dying from sudden deaths at the age of forty.

Having reached Mumukeya's level after the second transition, however, they would be able be communicate better with ether particles. They would also have a better understanding their bodies and pay attention to nurturing it. As a result, they would no longer use their ability to undergo beast transmogrification aside from crucial moments.

Amidst the fierce transformation, Mumukeya grew taller and bigger. Sharp teeth protruded from his mouth and he became a cheetah in a human form.

Not only would beast transmogrification greatly raise the attributes of Garcia people, they would also be given various unique abilities.

At this moment, Mumukeya's overall attributes increased by 20 points or higher. His agility attribute had even broke through 170 points.

Simultaneously, traces of light started to flash around Mumukeya. They were the tremors from the unceasingly stacking ether particles. The greatest difference between the first and second transition was that those in the first would only be able to transmit their strength through ether particles. They would use their strength to trade with ether particles, unleashing light, electric, heat, magnetism, and other kinds of amazing powers.

After breaking through to second transition level 20, those in the second transition would be able to rely on the strength of the ether particles to attack. They would be capable of creating destructive forces akin to natural disasters, as Huang Lin and the First Prince were doing.

One used ether particles as converters while the other communicate with ether particles to borrow their powers.

Now, after borrowing powers from the ether particles, Mumukeya immediately formed an acceleration force field, using the ether particles'powers to accelerate his own speed like an electromagnetic gun.

It was just that there were no martial arts legacy passed down and Mumukeya's actions were extremely rough because of it. There was a time limit he could use this skill each day, otherwise it would harm his body. This was the reason he had not use it until now.

In fact, if he had not met a weirdo like Fang Xingjian, Mumukeya's usual speed was more than enough to overwhelm all Knights.

As he chuckled, Mumukeya squatted down with both hands pressed on the ground, as if he were a modern day runner who was about to kickstart a run during competitions.

His two legs swelled up crazily and his muscles seemed to have expanded by two times in just an instant.

The ground under his feet cracked, turning into a huge crater and shooting out countless rocks into the sky.

At this point, Rota had also arrived. She looked at Fang Xingjian who was wobbling and covered in blood all over, then at Mumukeya who had undergone beast transmogrification. He seemed as if he would explode any moment.

’’Not good!’’

’’He's going to kill Fang Xingjian!’’

She let out a cry and sent out her Void Penetrative divine Spear at full speed. However, she was too far away. She could see Mumukeya but could not reach him.

At the next moment, she abruptly turned her head, unconsciously wanting to shout out something. However, she fell into a daze after witnessing the scene before her, eyes wide-open in disbelief.

Mumukeya's body suddenly disappeared. He had dashed out suddenly. Wherever he passed by, electricity would flash nonstop in the surrounds. The acceleration force field created from the ether particles was increasing his speed.

Unleashing his abilities which was five times that of supersonic speed, he had already arrived next to Fang Xingjian before Wei Longzi and the others could react.

Wherever he passed by, it were as if the air was pierced. Sounds were stacked over each other, compressed together by his body at extreme speed. It was so fast that the others had not been able to hear anything yet.

The whole world seemed to have slowed down at this moment. It was as if time had stopped for everyone and they completely stopped moving.

Mumukeya's dagger was encompassed by a layer of Reduced Force Field, and like a venomous snake, it twisted and pierced towards Fang Xingjian's arm. As he was instructed by Fang Qian to capture him alive, he planned to amputate one of his arms first.

Ripples that could be seen by the naked eye formed wherever he passed by, creating a long stream of white smoke. It were as if he was a supersonic plane cutting across the sky.

The speed of the dagger was extremely fast. They had yet to see Mumukeya, but his dagger was already about to pierce Fang Xingjian's arm.


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