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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 150


Chapter 150 You Are Fast! He Is Fast! I Am the Fastest! (Part I)


Badly mutilated, Kaunitz let out a horrified scream as he started to wave all six of his arms about crazily. divine Flames of the Earth's Core were shot out in all directions: slashing the ground apart;hitting the trees;cutting countless of gullies a few meters deep;and cutting down up to a hundred big trees. Everyone backed off anxiously as they looked toward Kaunitz in astonishment.

The prowess of the divine Flames of the Earth's Core was too strong. If he was not going against an opponent like Fang Xingjian, who specialized in speed, there would probably be no one in the first transition who could be Kanunitz's match.

Fang Xingjian was too close, so he could only retreat with explosive speed once again. In his current state, if he was to suffer from any more heavy injuries, he could collapse.

However, with this explosive move, fresh blood gushed out from his wounds once again just after he had moved a hundred meters away. At the same time, his mind went black. Immense pain had spread there and even his consciousness was starting to get a little bit blurry, as if he would faint anytime.

However, Jack was not that lucky. His throat was split open. He had already been on the verge of death and now that Kaunitz had gone mad, sending out divine Flames of the Earth's Core crazily, there was no way that Jack could dodge in time. He was slashed at the waist and his stomach opened up, revealing a large section of charred organs.

Blood spewed out from his mouth incessantly. He watched as Fang Xingjian killed two Knights who were at the pinnacle of the first transition, watched as he pushed Kaunitz to the stage where he was now like a mad dog and watched as Fang Xingjian dodged his opponent's final burst of energy. He could not accept this.

’’Why?! Why is it that you're still able to fight back and kill people when you've already reached this state?’’

His vision blurred out and the last image that appeared in his mind was that of his wife and child.

'Wife, Alice, I...'

The next moment, his head tilted and he finally died.

Looking at Kaunitz who had gone mad, Fang Xingjian put him aside for a while. After all, he could not get near someone who had gone crazy. He might as well wait until the other party had exhausted himself before continuing.

Therefore, he now turned to look toward Rebecca, their last remaining warrior.

Rebecca looked at how Kaunitz was screaming in madness, then looked at Cynthia's and Zakov's corpses on the ground and felt only endless anxiety encompassing her. Fang Xingjian's silhouette was like nightmare, shuttling about in her heart. The scenes of him killing Cynthia and Zakov kept replaying before her eyes.

Moreover, now that Fang Xingjian had turned to look at her, she could feel the overwhelming killing intent which caused her body to be trembling non-stop.

This Knight, who had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had relied on her clan's large amount of resources to attain the pinnacle of the first transition, was now extremely frightened. Letting out a scream, she tried to make her escape.

Seeing that Rebecca was trying to run, although Fang Xingjian wanted to give chase, he could not take another step forward. The effects of the poison was getting increasingly serious.

He looked at the sword he was holding, then toward Rebecca who had dashed out tens of meters away. He suddenly formed sword fingers and swept outwards.

His three-foot-long sword light swept out and tens of sword Qis soared into the air.

Fang Xingjian had performed the Supreme Mistwind Sword and under the effect of the condensing sword Qis, tens of sword Qis, which had formed from the Supreme Mistwind Sword, made their way across space, catching up to Rebecca who was tens of meters away.

Boom boom boom boom boom! It was just like tens of Stingers shooting out consecutively. Although Rebecca's Reduced Force Field had been pushed out to its limits, she was still sent rolling on the ground from the explosion.

However, her physique and vitality were truly strong. After rolling for one round, she jumped up to her feet again, spewing out a large mouthful of blood. Although she was horrified, all her potential was unleashed as she charged forth crazily on all fours, fleeing to a hundred meters away from Fang Xingjian.

Another tens of sword Qis chased up right behind her. However, they were already going beyond the spot where the sword Qis had gathered, So the tens of sword Qis scattered. Rebecca casted a long glance at Fang Xingjian and her gaze was filled with both terror and hatred. She then quickly escaped towards the external perimeters.

Fang Xingjian wanted to continue giving chase, but when he just lifted his leg, he felt a bout of dizziness. Everything turned dark and he could not even see Rebecca's silhouette clearly. His body swayed a little before he dropped to sit down on the floor.

After all, he had been badly poisoned. Displaying a series of Waves, mental cultivation method and sword techniques had caused his physical and mental energy to be continuously depleted and the poisonous blood continued to enter his brain, further aggravating his injuries. His four limbs felt weak, as if he would collapse at any moment.

Looking at Rebecca's escaping silhouette, Fang Xingjian let out a cold grunt and once again turned to Kaunitz. Kaunitz, who had been slashed into a horrible sight, had stopped acting crazy.

Looking at Fang Xingjian, Kaunitz's eyes were filled with madness and engraved bitterness.

Kaunitz's face was distorted. He opened his mouth and let out a sound that was like a wild beast on the verge of death.

’’Fang Xingjian! Kill me if you dare! If I don't die today, I'll never let you off. Your friends, your family... everyone who's related to you will all have to die!’’

Fang Xingjian said indifferently, ’’Don't worry. I'll rest for a while before I go over and kill you.’’

On the other end, Reiya had completely concussed. Grand had crawled over to where she was and was applying first aid. Tai Long, dressed in a full suit of armor, and Wei Longzi, dressed completely in black, were both looking at Fang Xingjian with wide-open eyes, as if they were bulging out.

The current Fang Xingjian appeared to be so powerful, so mysterious and so unfamiliar.

He was badly injured and poisoned, yet he was still able to kill three Knights with a wave of his hand as well as deal heavy injuries to Kaunitz and scare off Rebecca. How powerful was he?

Fang Xingjian sat there on the floor with both of his eyes fixed on Kaunitz. However, he felt increasingly dizzy as his four limbs gradually lost their strength. He could only do his best to suppress the poison.

Simultaneously, he looked at his Stats Window. After killing two senior Knights in a row, his experience had increased by leaps and bounds. Cynthia and Zakov were unlike Garcia's Great Warriors;they were among the top of the Empire's first transition Knights. The experience which they had provided were too much.

Furthermore, he had been at level 14 with an experience of 87.9% and had been nearing the next level. After all these, he was now at level 17 with an experience of 0.02%. He had leveled up three levels in a go and increased his agility attribute by 33 points. How horrifying was this progress? It would be impossible for an ordinary first transition Knight to attain this.

Therefore, his stats had now changed to become:

Name Fang Xingjian
Age 17
Occupation Windshadow Sword divinity
Level 17, 0.02%
Strength 56+5
Agility 167+5
Reaction 55
Endurance 49
Flexibility 51
The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated.
Due to Perfect Muscles, +5 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute).
Nurturing Sword Techniques 94 sets
Training Sword Techniques 12 sets
Supreme Mistwind Sword Level 30
Radiant Light Sword Technique Level 6
Ether divine Art Level 1
Specialities: Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist,

High Agility Motion Vision,

Heightened Reflexes,

Perfect Muscles

Elementary Berserkness

Unparalleled Sword Intent (79/100)

Potential 11,000 point increase/day
Waves Level 5 Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves
Mental Cultivation Method Level 3 Universal Sword Dominance**

His agility attribute was at a total of 172 points, which meant that it was higher than a person at the second transition like Mumukeya. After all, even though he was at level 20, Mumukeya only had an agility attribute of 150 points. Additionally, Mumukeya did not have a skill similar to Boundaries Negation and, thus, would not be able to display the full potential of his maximum speed.

Furthermore, Fang Xingjian also had the job specialty, Single Sword World Subjugation. How fast was he now after displaying Boundaries Negation at full power? Even Fang Xingjian himself was not certain.

However, the others did not know this.


On the other side, Mumukeya, who had been hiding in the forest, spoke out in a soft voice, ’’Seems like he can't continue anymore.’’


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