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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 148


Chapter 148 Slash

’’George!’’ Huang Lin stepped on two beams of sword force, his gaze was now even more cold as he looked at the man of fire who had risen up.

He lowered his head to look towards the direction Kaunitz was in. When he saw Fang Xingjian, his eyes squinted as if he was a tiger who had seen its prey.

’’George, you shouldn't have laid your hands on my disciple.’’ Huang Lin's voice was as cold as the gust of wind in Siberia at night, cold enough to pierce one's bones.

The First Prince broke out laughing as the trembling air was formed from high-temperature flame, giving off a feeling as if the heaven and earth were trembling.

’’Huang Lin, you're just an old dog my younger brother keeps, but you're not bad in teaching your disciples. Ten years ago, one died. But now, there's one with even greater prospects.

’’But I, George Krieg, have been unhindered in this world, dominating the world for decades. All the geniuses in this world should come under me.

’’Back then, your disciple was lost. Today, it's just right that you're giving me another.’’

Huang Lin's killing intent surged. Ten years ago, he was still back in the Imperial Capital. His first disciple Victor was one with exemplary talent, especially in the area of sword arts cultivation. He was like the sunlight that lit up the whole Imperial Capital.

But he was still unable to fend off the temptations the aristocrats had brought. He drowned himself in pleasure, participated in drinking parties and gatherings;he even took turns lingering in the rooms of many young aristocratic ladies.

In the end, when he had been discovered, he had nothing on but rags and had died on a woman's bed.

When Huang Lin brought his corpse back, results on the investigation of his death had been attributed only to an overdose of medicine which caused him to become brain dead, among other absurd reasons.

Huang Lin could only vaguely connect this case to the First Prince. He then created havoc in the Imperial Capital and had been forced to give up on his government post. However, a Conferred Knight talent like him was a precious resource, and even if he were temporarily removed from office, it would not be possible for him to disappear forever.

He was then assigned to the Western Garrison, next to Kirst Academy.

In Kirst, he had finally found an even more talented and disciplined disciple who could reach even greater heights in the area of sword arts.

’’George,’’ Huang Lin's voice was so cold that it would cause one's heart to tremble, ’’you deserve to die.’’

The next moment, purple-colored sword force swelled up from Huang Lin's palm, reaching two meters, three meters, ten meters... It continued to extend unceasingly.

The First Prince smiled. Huang Lin's Killing technique, Void Laceration Long Sword, was a Killing technique which materialize one's strength. The greater the strength displayed, the stronger the materialized sword force would be.

When the purple colored sword force reached fifty meters, the First Prince was still very confident. But when it swelled up to one hundred meters, his expression turned slightly grim.

The greatest trait of the Void Laceration Long Sword was that it could garner up the repeated explosion of brute strength, materializing them into a physical sword force. He now had a sword force of over one hundred meters, which meant that he had created explosive outbursts for a hundred times.

’’Huang Lin, it seems like you've not been wasting these past few years. You must also have held back when we were in the academy last time.’’

Huang Lin said, ’’George, if anything were to happen to my disciple today, after I slash your clone, I'll even dare to go all the way to the Imperial Capital to slash apart your true body.’’

’’Hmph, arrogant.’’ Seeing that the purple colored sword force was still growing unceasingly, the First Prince let out a cold grunt, creating flame streams of over hundreds of zhang [1], pushing them towards Huang Lin. It appeared as if fire was raining down over him.

Purgatory Demonic Compendium - Grand Solar Unending fire.

Traces of pure gold flames turned into flame hoops, surrounding the First Prince and Huang Lin. These pure gold flames could burn up with ether particles. Wherever they passed by, they would completely burn out the ether particles near the opponent, rendering g the enemy unable to perform any extraordinary strength.

Wherever the Grand Solar Unending fire passed by, almost all extraordinary strength were cut off.

A serious gaze which had never been seen before flashed past Huang Lin's eyes. With a loud bellow, the purple-colored sword force he held, which was over one hundred meters, burst forth and slashed towards the flames.

High temperature, kinetic energy, strength... Various things came together to create a large explosion.

With a loud boom, strong gales raged, heading towards all directions while infused with flames as if they were fire tornadoes. All the clouds within hundreds of meters were scattered. As strong gales raged towards the surfaces, sand and dust flew all over, plants and trees fell.

What was more terrifying was that the Grand Solar Unending Fire was still gradually spreading out, taking over every single space and preventing even Huang Lin from entering.

And this was just the start. As the flames and purple colored sword force kept clashing and exploding in the skies, it was as if thunder kept ringing out amidst lumps of fiery clouds, releasing extremely bright light and loud sounds. It appeared to be a battle between the gods and the demons as mentioned in the legends.

'It's a pity. If my true form was here, just an 'Overturned Hell'alone would be able to wipe all of you out. I wouldn't have to go through so much trouble then.'

The First Prince's true form was an expert which was at the pinnacle of level 29 in the second transition while Huang Lin was a second transition level 25 expert. The two of them could not be mentioned in the same breath. After all, in the second transition, each additional level would give the person an overwhelming amount of strength.

This was why the First Prince could suppress Huang Lin with his clone which only had one-tenth of his actual powers.

As if the flaming clouds were afraid of hurting the people on the surface, they continued to rise unceasingly. In an instant, they managed to be thousands of meters away from the surface, and the people on the ground could only see faint flashes of light and explosions.

Mumukeya was astonished. ’’These Empire's Conferred Knights are natural disasters which take the forms of humans. Compared to our tribe's Destined Warriors, they really are much stronger. If we were to fight face on, I would not be his match.

’’It's a pity, a pity. If we also have their legacy, grasp the methods to breakthrough the Ten Heavenly Barriers', and change our physiques, Garcia's Destined Warriors would not be stuck at level 20.’’

Each level the Empire's second transition Conferred Knights went through was a Heavenly Barriers. Breaking through each Heavenly Barrier would allow one's physique to be changed, enabling one to grasp the ether particles even better. Regardless of whether it was the attributes, specialties, or skills, there would be different levels of enhancement and evolution.

Fang Xingjian looked at the two people who continued to head upwards, let out a cold laugh, and said, ’’Stop looking at them, they're gone too far. It's perfect for us. When they get a bit further, we'll take action.’’ While she said this, she was already looking towards Fang Xingjian and the others who were on the ground.

Kaunitz broke out laughing, ’’Fang Xingjian, how is it? When your teacher appeared earlier, did you think that you were saved? It's such a pity... This time around, no one would be able to save you.’’

Saying this, his eyebrows furrowed and his ears twitched. He then said, ’’Hmmm? You heartbeat is recovering? Your organs are regaining their strength too?’’

Kaunitz was not aware that Fang Xingjian had the specialties Internal Healing and Internal Training, and moreso the fact that his martial arts level had already reached a stage where he could control the circulation of his vital energy and blood. He even had the Elementary Berserkness physique which could withstand the remaining toxin.

Similarly, Fang Xingjian did not know that Kaunitz had mastered the Inferno Indestructible Physique and that his five senses were now so sharp that he could clearly hear the movements of others' organs as well as the circulation of their vital energy and blood.

Kaunitz fell into a daze for a short moment, but at the next moment, he threw out a palm. This attack was the full force of his palm, accompanied by layers of Reduced Force Fields.

He released 15% of his force that caused the air currents to swirl violently, releasing pitter patter exploding sounds. However, just as he was about to land this attack on Fang Xingjian, the latter abruptly opened his eyes, dodging the blow when Kaunitz's palm was just an inch away from him.

However, after he had moved ten meters away, Fang Xingjian once again stumbled and came to a stop as some of the foul smelling venomous blood trickled out from the corner of his lips.

Kaunitz looked at Fang Xingjian who was struggling to keep up and said coldly, ’’Fang Xingjian, even if the control over your body is extraordinary and you can slow down the effects of the poison, you're left with at most 30% of your abilities. You still want to resist in this condition?’’

Rebecca, Cynthia, and Zakov all walked over. All four experts at the pinnacle of the first transition surrounded Fang Xingjian while the injured Wei Longzi, Tai Long, Grand, and the others all wore an expression of despair.

Jack look at this scene, a hint of fury reflected in his eyes. He walked up next to Rebecca and the others. At this stage, he had no other way out. He could only completely submit to the First Prince and suppress Fang Xingjian.

'Fang Xingjian, don't blame me. If you want to blame something, blame your stubbornness. It's god's will for the First Prince to be the future King of the Empire. Why are you not willing to submit to him?'

Thinking about this, he started to hate Fang Xingjian. If not for his stubbornness, if not for the fact that he had persisted to do things his own way, all these things would not have happened. His daughter, his wife would not have been kidnapped by Kaunitz.

'It's your fault, it's all your fault!'

In the skies, Huang Lin was still fighting it out with the First Prince. It was impossible for them to rush over within a short period of time.

Fang Xingjian had internal injuries to begin, and with the poison acting up, it further added on to his injuries. Even though he could slow down the poison with the great control he had over his body on top of his physique, he was only left with 30% of his abilities after being interrupted by Kaunitz.

Looking at Kaunitz, Fang Xingjian stayed where he was, left sword in hand. He looked at the five people before him coldly, speaking with indifference, ’’'I find it a waste to even use 10% of my powers to deal with people like you, let alone using 30% of my powers.’’

While the venom in his body had not been cleaned completely yet, he had at least regained his clear consciousness. His Waves started to circulate, his mental cultivation method started to move. He could now use extraordinary strength and skills.

The next moment, Boundaries Negation was activated. With one step forward, Fang Xingjian's distance from Kaunitz was only one meter one.

Boundaries Negation could allow him to neglect the obstruction from other situations, allowing him to fully utilize the user's agility attribute and powers.

It was also then that Fang Xingjian was temporarily rid of the obstruction from the poison and his internal injuries, which prevented him from displaying his attributes. He had also managed to reach a speed three times that of supersonic speed.

With a flash of silver light, the special effect of level 10 Supreme Mistwind Sword was activated. The indestructible three feet sword light directly slashed down on Kaunitz's chest.

Kaunitz let out an earth shaking cry. A huge wound appeared on his chest and he quickly retreated.

All the three experts at the pinnacle of first transition, Rebecca, Cynthia, and Zakov, made their attacks with Jack following behind. However, just as they moved within ten meters of Fang Xingjian, they could see sword light flashing like beams of lightning.

Blood splashed out from all four of them as they let out a horrible cry and proceeded to make their escape.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian's Boundaries Negation was still left with thirty seconds.

[1]: Measurement of length. One zhang is about 3.3 meters.


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