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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 147


Chapter 147 Gathering Together

Fang Xingjian closed his eyes, incessantly continuing to circulate his vital energy, blood, muscles and bones to heal his wounds while simultaneously attempting to force out the poison.

However, the toxin had already entered his organs through his bloodstreams. How would he be able to force the poison out?

He continuously channeled his force to move his organs, promoting the flow of his vital energy and blood. He fully activated his Internal Healing, Internal Training and Elementary Berserkness physique in order to stop the aggravation of the poison effects on his body.

'Use Internal Healing and Internal Training to slow down the movement of flow of the vital energy and blood, reducing the influx of the toxins, and then rely on the Elementary Berserkness physique to hold on... This should work...'

However, even so, Fang Xingjian's current condition was as Kaunitz had said. He felt that his limbs were weak and his organs were failing. Not even mentioning battling, he was even starting to feel that breathing was difficult and he could not even maintain his Waves.

As Kaunitz finished his words, Jack walked over gloomily. His eyes looked very listless and he seemed as if he was a walking corpse.

However, seeing this, Kaunitz continued to be even more excited.

At the same time, he continued talking to the First Prince who was in him, ’’Your Highness, Fang Xingjian is truly stubborn, intractable, and extremely arrogant. If you do not pressurize him, he will not give in. Now that he is both physically and mentally weak, it's the best time for us to put him down.’’

Although the First Prince was aware that it was likely Kaunitz wanted to take revenge, he also knew that what he said was reasonable. Fang Xingjian was truly too arrogant and proud;they needed to pressurize him. That was why he simply watched on as Kaunitz took action.

Jack walked up to Kaunitz, dropped down on one of his knees and said, ’’Young Master Kaunitz, I've already done my job. The thing that you promised me...’’

’’Dont worry, both your daughter and wife are fine.’’ Kaunitz smiled and patted Jack on the head as if he was patting a dog. He looked toward Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Fang Xingjian, do you see this? This is your friend, the person whom you've given guidance for martial arts. However, with just one word from me, he's able to die for me right now and he's able to poison you.’’

Seeing Fang Xingjian frowning, Kaunitz laughed out loud and said, ’’Fang Xingjian, do you understand now? Is talent important? Of course, it is, but a person's future, a person's prospects and a person's limits had already been decided by his parents, his family and his background from the very moment he was born.

’’A commoner will forever be a commoner. To rise up, they must serve the aristocrats.

’’Our resources, our savings, our knowledge and legacies are all beyond your expectations. ’’

Saying that, he walked up to Fang Xingjian and stomped down on his chest. Although Fang Xingjian was furious, he did not had the strength to retaliate.

’’Just like right now. I can crush you as easily as I can crush an ant, but what about you? How can you retaliate?’’ Kaunitz shook his head. ’’You have no way of retaliating. Fang Xingjian, you've lost. I know you still can't accept this, but it only shows that you are too naive. Those who win get all the power and authority while those who lose can't say a thing. You must be unscrupulous to attain your eventual goal. Who would care how the win is clinched?

’’Power, wealth, background... all these comprise one's abilities. This world is not one in which you can do whatever you wish just by relying on your talent and acting alone.’’

Just then, Kaunitz suddenly looked toward Jack with great interest and said, ’’You were taught how to how to mete out torture in the City Guards Institution, right?’’

Jack frowned, but thinking of his wife and daughter, he replied honestly anyway, ’’Yes.’’

’’Hehehehe,’’ Kaunitz laughed. ’’Then do it on Fang Xingjian. I really want to see you applying torture on him.’’

Jack said, ’’Sir, this is different from what we've said before.’’

Kaunitz shook his finger, saying, ’’You're in no position to negotiate with me. Get to it. Otherwise, I'll sell your daughter to the brothels. Oh, that might not be the case. I heard that there are many aristocrats who like little girls as well as mother and daughter combinations. Hehe, I can ask around to see if there are any around me.

’’How long do you think your daughter will be able to hold out? She is quite adorable. How long would it be before she's broken?

’’How long would it be before she turns into a lump of rotting flesh in the drains?’’

Hearing Kaunitz words and threats, strong feelings of struggle flashed past Jack's eyes. He kept clenching and releasing his fists and when Kaunitz finished his words, a hint of hatred flashed in his eyes. He shouted out,


With that, he drew out a small knife and teetered toward Fang Xingjian as if he had lost all of his vitality.

’’Haha,’’ Kaunitz laughed, then turned to Fang Xingjian. ’’Do you see this? This is the charm of power. Fang Xingjian, do you understand the gap between us?’’

He patted Jack on the shoulder and continued, ’’Fang Xingjian, I'll give you another chance. If you sign the Devil's Note now and come under the First Prince, everything from before will be all bygones. If not, I'll let Jack do his job.’’

What would be more interesting than seeing Fang Xingjian's underling pierce Fang Xingjian again and again? Kaunitz looked at Fang Xingjian with great anticipation, waiting for his reply.

Fang Xingjian paid no heed to him. He continued to close his eyes, doing everything he could to deal with the toxin in his body. It was as if even opening his eyes would be a waste of his energy.

Kaunitz patted Jack's shoulder, saying, ’’Go, let me see the City Guards Institution's methods.’’

Jack did not say a word. He held onto the small knife and walked up like a corpse.

While they were talking, he had already arrived behind Fang Xingjian. With a pfft sound, he stabbed the small knife into the back of Fang Xingjian's chest. Fang Xingjian let out a low grunt and trembled.

Jack's tone was filled with desperation as he mumbled, ’’There's a gap in the human body right here. There are no organs or arteries. It will be very painful, but the injury will not be heavy.’’

Kaunitz nodded in satisfaction.

Jack looked at Fang Xingjian and the hand that held the blade trembled. He spoke out in a soft voice, ’’Xingjian, don't blame me. Both my daughter and wife are in his hands. I don't have a choice.’’

After a few consecutive pierces, no matter how much Jack forced or advised him, Fang Xingjian did not show any signs of reaction.

Fang Xingjian even made use of these couple of wounds to force out some of the toxic blood in his body. After releasing some foul smelling, venomous blood on the ground, he felt more comfortable.

However, seeing how Fang Xingjian refused to budge or give in, for some reason, a growing sense of guilt formed in Jack's heart. He started to feel extremely aggressive.

At that moment, overcome with shame and fury, Jack could only feel that Fang Xingjian was very detestable, reflecting Jack as an extremely hideous person.

Looking at how cold Fang Xingjian was, Jack finally exploded.

’’What do you understand? You are alone by yourself, without neither a wife nor a kid. There's no way that you would understand how I feel.’’

Stabbing the knife in again, Jack shouted out, ’’Fang Xingjian! What on earth are you holding on for?! Can't you just agree quickly? What's so bad about coming under the First Prince? What on earth are you persevering for?’’

Kaunitz laughed as he watched this from the side. His eyes were filled with a lot excitement and satisfaction.

However, why would Fang Xingjian bother about Jack? He continued to heal his wounds continuously. After knowing about the poison in his body, he had used the Internal Healing and Internal Training specialties continuously in order to slow down the flow of his vital energy and blood and, in turn, relieve the symptoms to the poison.

Then while he was being stabbed repeatedly, he took the chance to release some of the toxic blood, slowing down its dispersion. He then relied on the Elementary Berserkness physique to begin the recovery.

He felt that his body had become more comfortable once again.


On the other side, Mumukeya had not really left. He simply watched the whole scene from a few hundred meters away.

Rubbing his chin, he spoke to himself, 'Internal strife?'His eyes remained fixed on Kaunitz as he mumbled, 'This red fellow... What does he have on him? Why is he giving me such a strong menacing feeling?'

At that moment, his ears twitched. Turning his head, he saw a young lady, dressed in black battle gear, land down right behind him from the sky. It was Fang Qian from the Fang Clan's branch family back in Demonic City.

Seeing Fang Qian's appearance, Mumukeya immediately dropped to his knees, saying, ’’Lord Holy Envoy, why have you come?’’

Fang Qian had on a displeased expression, ’’Mumukeya, what is with you? Why are you dreading battle and not moving forth?’’

Mumukeya lowered his head and saying, ’’I'm not afraid to battle them. However, I sense an unknown and strong surge of power from that guy in red.’’

’’Stop finding excuses for your cowardice,’’ Fang Qian snorted coldly. ’’Come with me. If you manage to catch Fang Xingjian, it will be a great merit and you will be rewarded by the gods.’’

Just as the two of them were engrossed in their discussion, a long whistle came from afar. Cutting across the sky from thousands of meters away, a black line was flying towards them at a great speed. It was as if it had slashed apart the whole sky, splitting the layers of cloud into two.

A silhouette dashed over with great speed. With each step, a beam of purple sword force appeared under his feet, allowing him to charge forth consecutively like he was on flat land.

Kaunitz's brow twitched and he said anxiously, ’’That's...’’

’’It's Huang Lin, that old man,’’ the First Prince broke into laughter. ’’This old man must have heard news of Mumukeya's presence and came here to help out. Today, he's here alone. This is a great timing.’’

While he said this, he came out from Kaunitz's body and swelled up. In just a few moments, he had turned into a giant man of fire with a height of over ten meters and confronted Huang Lin who was charging over from across the sky.


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