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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 Heated Fight

Clank clank clank clank clank clank clank! The dense clashing sounds were akin to strong gales and heavy storms, ringing out agitatedly. Fang Xingjian and Mumukeya continued to charge forth and fanatically cross their daggers. Silver colored sword light and yellow sparks chased after them, unceasingly flashing in the forest like countless shooting stars.

Fang Xingjian did not give him any chances to treat his wounds. With Boundaries Negation activated, he performed the Supreme Mistwind Sword with the longsword in his left hand. Streams of sword Qis closed in fron all directions like atmospheric dragons, leaving a vast area of wasteland. This was to help him accelerate. At the same time, the Silver Dragon flashed crazily, piercing towards Mumukeya.

’’Too slow! Too slow! Too slow! Mumukeya, you are too slow!’’

Having received a cut on his palm, Mumukeya did not dare to unleash his full powers. It would open up the wounds, causing him to incessantly bleed.

Fang Xingjian took this opportunity to unleash his full powers, suppressing his opponent's speed.

Roar! Hearing his opponent's sarcasm, Mumukeya let out a furious bellow, no longer caring about his injuries. He stopped in his tracks, waving his hands so quickly that it create afterimages, then went after Fang Xingjian with the countless dagger shadows.

The two of them stood where they were, bursting out hundreds of cold gleams as if countless shooting stars had collided, creating an explosion of countless star light.

Regardless of whether it was Mumukeya or Fang Xingjian, over tens of wounds broke out on their bodies in that moment. In just an instant, they were covered in blood. It was especially severe Fang Xingjian, whose every injury appeared to have been cut all the way to his bones, blood gushing out.

'So fast!'Fang Xingjian was astonished. After the other party unleashed his full speed, he could not catch up to it at all. If he had not been unceasingly attacking his opponent's flaws using his Unparalleled Sword Intent, causing his opponent to defend himself, Mumukeya would probably have slit open his throat and pierced through his heart within just a few seconds.

This was especially so since Mumukeya's strength had completely overwhelmed his, causing him to back off after each clash. Fang Xingjian did not dare head in for a tough fight. He could only parry and defend himself time and time again with his exceptional sword cultivation, incessantly attacking his opponent's flaws to save himself.

To others, it seemed as if he had suppressed Mumukeya, but only he himself knew how much pressure he was under right now.

’’I cannot make a wrong move... I cannot make a wrong move...’’

Fang Xingjian made sure that each move of his could force Mumukeya to save himself. Only then would he be able to cause his opponent to be a tad slower and have his strength suppressed in the battle.

Once he made a wrong move,, Mumukeya's unparalleled speed would be able to split open his head in just a single opportunity.

The pressure of struggling between life and death kept hounding Fang Xingjian. Boundaries Negation circulated to the extreme. Even his mental cultivation method kept ringing, as if it would explode in the next moment.

Huge drops of sweat constantly appeared on Fang Xingjian's forehead but were flung out at great speed again and again.

Under the extreme anxiety and pressure, all of Fang Xingjian's focus was on the battle right now. Each of strand of his muscle and each blood vessel seemed to have been brought out to their limits.

Reiya drew her bow, shooting green light. The others also threw out their Reduced Force Fields from ten meters away but could only reach their opponent's afterimage.

’’This can't do. My bow and arrows can't catch up to him at all.’’ Reiya looked at this scene in disbelief. ’’To think that the novice lad can actually catch up with his movements...’’

’’He didn't just catch up to him.’’ Wei Longzi's appeared as if he had just seen something unbelievable.

’’It's like... It's like...’’ Tai Long, who was covered up in armor, muttered, ’’He seems to have suppressed Mumukeya.’’

Grand gasped.

’’Mumukeya... is not his match.’’

Suddenly, Wei Longzi's gaze flashed as he said, ’’Wait a minute. He said that he was from Kirst Royal Academy. This year, Kirst Royal Academy has a genius who transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero. Could it be... But even if it was him, Mumukeya is at second transition level...’’

What was this? Although Garcia's Destined Warriors were far more than a match for the Empire's Conferred Knight, there had been no ordinary first transition Knights who could be a match for them.

Mumukeya's face turned green. Blood was gushing out from the other hand and his wound felt increasingly painful with more blood flowing out.

However, Fang Xingjian continued to progress under the extreme pressure. Each and every stance was brought to their limits. Not only did they fend off Mumukeya's attacks, he even gained the upper hand.

It were as if he was being squeezed down to a tiny dot by overwhelming pressure, then bursted out at the very end. He felt very calm, as if there were nothing else that was important in life. It was as if nothing could compared to the battle he was having with Mumukeya, nor the importance of killing him.

When the pressure was taken off him, his mental circulation method circulated increasingly faster in his mind. The last few words on the Stats Window became increasingly clearer as well.

In the next moment, however, Mumukeya burst out, allowing the Silver Dragon to slash a wound on his chest. It forcefully slashed Fang Xingjian several tens of meters away. He then retreated. After all, his strength was greater than Fang Xingjian.

His eyes squinted slightly, the muscles under his skin trembling as if there was a large snake gliding about. Accompanied by a lot of black smoke, it was as if his muscles had wanted to charge out at anytime.

He could tell how exemplary his opponent's skills were. It was as if he had entered a state of comprehension and did not plan to fight it out.

’’Good, you guys are good. It's been a long time since I last got injured.’’ He looked towards Fang Xingjian with a gaze akin to that of a venomous snake. ’’I'll pickle you well and slowly eat you up piece by piece.’’

But in the next moment, he suddenly felt an overwhelming and evil aura nearing towards him.

This was his specialty, 'Wild Beast's Instinct', something which he had attained after toiling through countless life and death situations. It was a specialty which allowed him to sense tremendous threats in advance. It had helped him escape countless fatal situations.

'Their support?'

Mumukeya frowned, but did not have a slight bit of hesitation. He made made an escape without dawdling.

If he did not manage to hit the target on the first attack, he would distance himself and make his escape. If he sensed any danger, he would rely on his unparalleled speed to quickly leave the place. This was how he had managed to survive until today.

’’People of the Empire. Just wait. Next time we meet, I'll kill each of you one by one.’’

Without any Reduced Force Fields to hold him back, Mumukeya escaped at full speed. The others had simply no way to catch up to him.

Looking at the injured and escaping Mumukeya, Fang Xingjian let out a cold laugh. He wiped off the fresh blood at the corner of his lips as a feeling of great satisfaction washed over his body.

He took action alone, chasing him down over a very long distance. While Fang Xingjian did not manage to kill Mumukeya, he had finally managed to push him back.

Tremendous booming sounds rang out in Fang Xingjian's mind as his mental cultivation method circulated faster and faster. It were as if he would be able to attain a breakthrough at any moment, allowing this mental cultivation method to complete the metamorphosis.

He could sense a strong surge of energy brewing in this mental cultivation method. Once it was completed, the mutated mental cultivation method would have terrifying and formidable powers.

The event in Kirst City had allowed him to gain insight on his spirit. Chasing down Mumukeya, as well as taking part in the battles on the way, had allowed him to complete the training of his spirit.

As he gained more insights and trained harder, the rewards he reaped would naturally be more, and his mutated mental cultivation method would naturally be stronger as well.

Fang Xingjian wanted to rely on himself to clean up the world, slashing through all darkness and evils... What level of insight was this? What kind of wish was this?

Now, he was alone with a sword in hand, chasing down across the distance to engage someone who had gone through the second transition in battle. To want to kill a second transition Warrior whilst he was still at the first transition phase, what level of difficulty did this pose?

With his mental cultivation method, which had changed from such insights, wishes, and training, how strong would he be? Fang Xingjian started to feel more and more anticipation.

While the wounds he had suffered were serious and he was in such a bad state that some of his injuries were even showing his bones, he had managed to avoid taking fatal blows with his Unparalleled Sword Intent. Fang Xingjian circulated the energy in his body, activating his 'Internal Healing', 'Internal Training'and 'Elementary Berserkness'specialties, he closed up his wounds and stopped the bleeding.

While physical wounds would hurt, while he would lose a large amount of vital energy and blood, it was not sufficient to make him lose his battle prowess with his current attributes.

He threw a glance at the mental cultivation method which was circulating more and more agitatedly. Fang Xingjian took a step forward. He wanted to chase down Mumukeya. He was still left with thirty-two seconds of his Boundaries Negation, and if he were to be conservative, he would have at least ten seconds to attempt to launch another attack. If it failed, he could still retreat.

He felt that if he were to grab onto this chance, his mental cultivation method would be able to go through metamorphosis anytime.

But just as he took this step forward, his face suddenly turn red as he spewed out a large mouthful of fresh blood.


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