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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 144


Chapter 144 Flaw

Fang Xingjian's eyes were brimming with light. The effect of Netherworld Valley's medicinal ointment was truly amazing. His injuries felt so much better within such a short period of time. They no longer affected his battle capabilities.

However, he still did not take any action. He merely stared at that figure that continued to dash around, assassinating them.

’’This speed is not below mine, no... This Mumukeya is even faster than when I display the Boundaries Negation.

’’When he attacks, he will enter our ten-meter radius and become weakened by our Reduced Force Fields. That is when he is at the weakest point.’’

’’Flaw... I must wait for his flaw to appear! Find an opportunity to suppress him.’’

In Fang Xingjian consciousness, the unknown mental cultivation method was burning like fiery flames. It burned him up, making him feel like his blood was rising in temperature. However, his mind was completely at peace.

High Agility Motion Vision and Unparalleled Sword Intent circulated fanatically, searching for Mumukeya's extremely small flaw.

But his speed was simply too fast, and his attacks were too harsh and seasoned.

Fang Xingjian continued to suppress his urges, waiting for him to reveal his flaw. It was because he knew that once he attacked, he would only have fifty seconds, and If he did not settle this matter within fifty seconds, they would all be doomed.

’’ this how it is...’’

Swooshing sounds continued to ring out as if blood was splattering everywhere, as if the sound of blades were slashing across the sky.

A small pfft sound came from inside Tai Long's armor, after which fresh blood was spurting out through the gaps..

Fang Xingjang leaned his head back a little but a cut still appeared on his face, splattering half of it red with blood.

Each time Mumukeya entered their combined Reduced Force Fields, he would feel ten times heavier. It was as if there were many streams of forces everywhere, trying to stop his attacks.

Despite so, his strong physical attributes and battle instincts were akin to that of wild beasts. This allowed him to continue accelerating his thrusts. He relied on his familiar high speed movements to charge through the force field time and time again, leaving fresh wounds on everyone.

’’Hahahaha.’’ Amidst the fanatical laughter, Mumukeya grasped onto the baldie's head and lifted him up. The blood loss from his legs had already caused the baldy to lose his consciousness.

Mumukeya used his dagger to directly cut off his head and subsequently imitated a throat-slitting action towards Reiya and the others.

’’All of you...will die.’’

Reiya and the others stared at Mumukeya furiously, but there was nothing they could do.

While Garcia's second transition Destined Warriors were no match for the Empire's second transition, they still had an incomparable advantage against a first transition Knight.

Even if Mumukeya's strength attribute was not sufficient for him to overcome the six-man team's Reduced Force Field, he could still rely on his unparalleled speed to gradually wear them out.

’’There's no escape.

’’Everyone of you...

’’Will have to die!

’’It's because you guys are too, too slow! Too slow!’’

Reiya bellowed furiously, ’’Hang on! Help is definitely on the way!’’

Wei Longzi looked at Fang Xingjian who was standing there unmoving, patting him on the shoulder while saying, ’’Lad, don't be scared.’’

Grand broke out into a grin, ’’At most, we'll just die. At least before I die, I must leave something on this Black Devil.’’

Facing Mumukeya's omnipresent, non-stop attacks, Reiya and the others were slowly reaching their limits. Their physical strength were being depleted continuously and they would soon not be able to unleash their full powers.

At the next moment, however, Fang Xingjian's pupils were like a pitch dark black hole. Unparalleled Sword Intent was activated to its limits, causing the green veins on his forehead to pop up.

A loud sound rang out! The violent sound wave suddenly shook up the whole place. It was the first time the wild beast with black skin and eyes first revealed its traces. The dagger in his hand was obviously not an ordinary item either. It clashed against Fang Xingjian's Silver Dragon fiercely.

The four people at the side bellowed out in their hearts:

’’He fended it off!’’

'How is that possible?

’’This lad!’’

’’How did he do this?!’’

In this moment, it was as if time had come to a stop throughout the whole world. Everyone stared at the scene in the mid-air where Fang Xingjian had clashed with Mumukeya.

Without even a second to spare, shock, surprise, and various emotions flashed across everyone's eyes briefly. They were unable to react in time.

Fang Xingjian held onto Mumukeya in the Reduced Force Field in this one moment. It was only a momentary pause, and only two people manage to react. Reiya and Wei Longzi fanatically sent out their Reduced Force Fields. The formless energy crashed against Mumukeya, the latter of whom stopped there and let out a stifled explosion.

But this was already their limits. Their reactions and speed did not allow them to send out a second attack in time.

Mumukeya's face twisted up. With a strong step on his foot, he dashed out of the hold of the Reduced Force Field with his remaining speed.

Just as he was trying hard to retreat, however, dazzling light shone out. Fang Xingjian performed the Radiant Light Sword Technique he had acquired from Zhou Yong. The eye-piercing gleam was like a stun grenade, casting a bright light upon Mumukeya's vision.

It was a pity that the level of Fang Xingjian's Radiant Light Sword Technique was not high. This distraction only caused Mumukeya to be blinded for half a second. However, to high speed Warriors like themselves, half a second was very crucial.

At the next moment, another silver light pierced towards Mumukeya. Fang Xingjian, holding the Silver Dragon in his right hand and the steel sword in his left, had already activated the Boundaries Negation and gave chase despite his lack of time to perform the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

Silver light flashed with the first attack. Mumukeya was not able to see clearly and could only fend it off with his instincts, which were like that of wild beasts. He fended off the attack by waving his dagger with his remaining strength.

For the second attack, Mumukeya wriggled his body and, like a huge python, escaped the attack.

For the third attack, Fang Xingjian slashed downwards with his Silver Dragon, aiming for the artery on Mumukeya's thigh.

At this moment, Mumukeya kept losing speed from receiving the consecutive attacks, and it was even within the perimeters of the Reduced Force Field. His strength was running out and he had yet to garner more.. Coupled with his blurred vision, he had committed the mistake of not using the dagger to protect his lower body.

Mumukeya was slowed down, stopped, then blinded by bright light. Fang Xingjian then made a series of attacks which finally causing his opponent to reveal a small flaw.

And such a tiny flaw was firmly grasped by Fang Xingjian.

With a twisted expression, Mumukeya brought up the other hand to fend off the Silver Dragon.

Pfft pfft. When the Silver Dragon was slitting, countless sparks shone. It was the Silver Dragon coming into contact with Mumukeya's Reduced Force Field. However, Mumukeya was not a person with great strength. His strength attribute was merely about 95+, and when he encompassed himself with the Reduced Force Field for defence, the impact was greatly reduced too. On the other hand, Fang Xingjian's Silver Dragon was a grade 7 Empire's divine Weapon.

Tch tch tch tch tch! Amidst the exploding and scattering sparks, the Reduced Force Field was finally split apart like layers of cake. In the next moment, Mumukeya's palm was split open by the Empire's divine Weapon and a hole appeared in it. He finally let out a furious bellow, taking this momentary resistance to dash out.

It was then that pitter patter sounds rang out. It was the second wave of attack from the others. They continued to attack him with their Reduced Force Field, but they were not able to catch up with his speed at all.

Nevertheless, one person continued to give chase furiously. The silver colored sword light was like a maggot attached to a bone, once again chasing up to Mumukeya's head.

At that moment, however, Mumukeya was no longer restricted by the Reduced Force Fields. He swung up his dagger and received the attack from the Silver Dragon.


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