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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 143


Chapter 143 Assassination

’’Too slow, too slow, too slow.’’

From the age of five, every time I opened my eyes, the first thing I heard was Teacher's furious bellow which was akin to that of a hot-tempered lion.

I am a member of Garcia. In Garcia, every boy will need to start receiving warrior training from the age of 5.

They said that a cheetah from the wilderness had given birth to me. Compared to those warriors who had been born from bears, wolves and dogs, my speed seems to be faster. As for who my father is, no one knows.

People from Garcia do not need parents;we only need comrades.

Running with weights, practicing archery, training with spears, swords and sabers... all these are now common occurrences.

We battle with lions and tigers in the forest and wrestle with huge bears on the ice plains. We board large ships to cross the seas and fight it out with pirates and soldiers.

’’Too slow, too slow, too slow!’’

Teacher's voice seemed to always resound next to my ear, supervising us to work harder on our training: to speed up;to be even faster, stronger and fiercer.

Failure would only mean death.

More and more warriors die in these trainings, but every year, there'll be even more warriors jumping onto the training regime.

We are from Garcia. We are born to be warriors and we are a tribe blessed by the gods. We crave for fresh blood;we crave for war. War is in our instinct and plundering is the source of our joy.

’’Too slow, too slow, too slow!’’

Teacher's voice was too noisy. He nagged at my ear everyday, causing me to feel aching pain in my head. I had even suspected that a small worm had found its way into my ears together with seawater while I had been crossing the seas.

I had cut open my skull and checked it carefully, only to discover that there had been no small worm at all. It had just been that Teacher's voice had truly been too noisy.

’’Too slow! Too slow! Too slow! Eyahr, you are too slow!’’

I turned 30 years old that year, and it was also in that year that I finally stop hearing Teacher's voice. It was because I had slit his head off myself and attached it to the belt on my waist.

I let him experience my speed for himself. Never again did he say that I was too slow.

In this absolute silence, I finally sensed the countless calls which I could never hear in the past;they were calls from ether particles.

Looking back, those of the same age as me had all turned into piles of bones already.

I chased after the gales and dashed towards lightning. I hunted down the strongest, most ferocious beasts on the plains and captured more terrifying beasts from the seas. My speed got faster and faster, and the world appeared slower and slower in my eyes.

Five years later, when I returned to the tribe, they called me Mumukeya.



It was as if something sharp had swept across the air. It seemed like a slight breeze, a streak of electricity, or perhaps just an illusion.

The bearded Knight was in a daze as he felt a prickly numb feeling spreading from within his body. Seeing that everyone was looking towards him, he asked in astonishment, ’’What happened? Why are all of you looking at me?’’

The next moment, he was immediately split into pieces, splashing blood and organs all over the baldy who was beside him.

It was only then that terrifying shrieks rang out, causing everyone to feel severe headaches.

The green-haired Reiya shouted out, ’’It's Mumukeya! Everyone in formation! Activate your Reduced Force Field!’’

At the next moment, everyone was gathered together, unleashing their Reduced Force Fields at full powers. With so many Knights activating their Reduced Force Fields at once, they managed to encompass every inch of space within a ten-meter radius. The power was comparable to that of a newly transitioned Conferred Knight.

However, just as everyone was getting into formation, that baldy, who had been splashed with blood all over, went into a daze. The next moment, he let out a loud roar and charged out with his saber.

’’Mumukeya! Come out! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!’’

Jack said anxiously, ’’That guy was his younger brother.’’

Reiya shouted angrily, ’’Get back over here, you idiot! Do you want to die?’’

However, that baldy did not give a hoot about Reiya's shouts. He continued to charge out, bringing about strong gales with the saber in his hand. He slashed away over ten big trees, then bellowed manically, ’’Come out here, Mumukeya! Come fight with me! Didn't you want to kill us? Come out and fight with me!’’

The next moment, a silhouette flashed past again. This time around, everyone could see it clearly. It was a blurry human silhouette. The silhouette drew out a long black line and went through the baldy's body.

With that, the baldy dropped to the ground. Both his legs were broken and he rolled on the ground, crying out in great pain.

Wei Longzi, who was dressed in black, spoke out in a soft voice, ’’I'll go save him.’’

’’Are you out of your mind as well?’’ Reiya frowned. ’’He crippled him on purpose just so that we will send people out to save him! We need to stay in our formation, within our six-person Reduced Force Field.’’

Reiya gave it some thought, then said, ’’We'll walk over slowly, all six of us together, and close in bit by bit.’’

Therefore, all six of them maintained their Reduced Force Fields, keeping a consistent flow of energy, and headed toward the baldy who was screaming out in pain.

After they had only walked for ten meters, a piercing shriek rang out once again. Jack let out a grunt as a slit suddenly appeared on his arms.

A weird sounding voice spoke out in awkward Common language, ’’Too slow! Too slow! Too slow! You guys are too slow!’’

Reiya said harshly, ’’He is testing out the weakness in our Reduced Force Fields. We cannot move.’’

After all, the six of them did not have enough synergy. Once they moved, there would be weak spots where their Reduced Force Fields overlapped and they would be attacked.

However, the ability of a person at the second transition was truly not an ability which someone at the first transition could compare with easily.

Even if the six of them stood there motionless, Mumukeya would still continue with his consecutive attacks after waiting for a while.

Many streams of afterimages swept past the sides of the Reduced Force Fields. Occasionally, the sounds of clashing metals would ring out and create a series of sparks.

That was because Mumukeya's dagger had pierced against their Knight attire and armor or swords and sabers.

Although the impact of every attack was weakened by their combined Reduced Force Field, Mumukeya's horrifying power and speed still continued to exhaust their physical strength, leaving many wounds on their bodies.

If it had not been because their combined Reduced Force Fields had caused Mumukeya's strength and speed to be greatly reduced each time he came within a ten-meter radius and that he would retreat after each attack, they would long be dead.

However, even so, wounds continued to appear on their bodies and their physical strength continued to be depleted. The situation would only get worse at it went on.

Coming from afar, Mumukeya's voice was like an owl's.

’’Too slow, too slow, too slow.

’’All of you can forget about escaping.’’

Reiya bellowed, ’’Get moving! Staying here would only be waiting for death!’’

While continuing to display their Reduced Force Fields, all of them started to move at the speed of a tortoise. However, Mumukeya was like a hardworking bee, continuing to thrust, pierce and attack them.

Wound after wound appeared on their bodies and blood continued to flow, staining the floor with drops of blood akin to stars in the sky.

Although Jack was very nervous, he stared at Fang Xingjian from the beginning to the end, as if wanting to know his situation.


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