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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 142


Chapter 142 Danger

It was on the day war broke out and the Western Garrison requested for assistance.

Jack had taken leave for the purpose of returning to Kirst City and to return home.

He stood outside the familiar-looking small, wooden house. Looking at the warm light emanating from the house, he thought of his daughter and wife and the corner of his lips curled up into a blissful smile.

Opening the door, he walked in. ’’Alice, daddy is back. You guys...’’

At the next moment, when he turned in and looked toward the main hall, his expression froze.


Kaunitz, wearing a red attire, was smiling as he sat there on a chair. In his arms, cute Alice was deep in sleep, looking like a sleeping kitty.

Jack's wife was kneeling down at the side, trembling with terror reflected on her face. When she saw that Jack had returned, tears came pouring down from her eyes.

Looking at Jack's frozen state, Kaunitz smiled. Patting Alice on the head, he said, ’’Jack, long time no see.’’

By then, Jack had already calmed down. He said coldly, ’’Kaunitz, what do you want?’’

Kaunitz smiled, his finger stroking across Alice's tender cheeks. ’’I only want to see how much you love your wife and daughter.’’

Jack said coldly, ’’Attacking another Knight's family in order to threaten them is a great violation of the Association's regulations. The whole Tresia Clan would be clouded in shame from your actions.’’

’’Is that so?’’ Kaunitz smiled, ’’However, I can sacrifice the whole Tresia Clan for own sake. Would you be able to do the same for your adorable daughter and wife?’’

As Kaunitz said this, with a slight stroke of his finger, Alice's little finger landed on the ground. Still in her dreams, her brows furrowed. Kaunitz had apparently done something that caused her to not awake in fright even after going through such pain.

’’No!’’ Jack's wife suddenly screamed out. After receiving a slap from Kaunitz across the air, she fell to the floor. Tears blurred up her vision as she looked toward Kaunitz with terror and panick.

With a loud bang, Jack pounced forth but was grasped by Kaunitz with his Reduced Force Field. Kaunitz, who had mastered the Inferno Indestructible Physique and changed his blood into a combination of human's and dragon's, was not someone Jack could be a match against.

Looking at Jack, who was struggling in mid-air as if he was a frog held up by someone, Jack's wife knelt down, crying out, ’’I beg of you, I beg of you to let us go... I beg of you...’’

Kaunitz shook his finger, looked at the grim-faced Jack, who was like a beast, and said, ’’Don't be so agitated. It's just a finger. But if you don't listen to what I have to say from now on... it wouldn't be just a finger.’’

Jack forced himself to calm down and he stared at Kaunitz as he asked, ’’What on earth do you want?’’

’’Just a small favor.’’ Kaunitz smiled and passed Jack a packet of medicinal ointment, saying, ’’After you guys go to the battlefield, if you meet Fang Xingjian, you must use this medicinal ointment on him.’’

Jack froze and then bellowed furiously, ’’Don't even think about it!’’

Kaunitz did not say anything. He only moved his finger slightly to slit Alice's arm, leaving a long trail of blood.

’’No!’’ Jack's wife knelt there, torn apart. She muffled her mouth with her hands and cried silently.

The muscles, vital energy and blood all throughout Jack's body suddenly swelled up, his Reduced Force Field thrown out at full force. However, the powers coming from Kaunitz was like a huge of mountain suppressing him down, not giving him a chance to move an inch.

Kaunitz said calmly, ’’Jack, I'm not kidding. Or do you think there's still another way out for you? Fang Xingjian is someone the First Prince has set his eyes on and the First Prince is the future king of the world. Do you think there's a chance that the things he has set his eyes on will be able to escape?

’’I've come here today to give you only two options. One is for you to agree to it and, thus, become one of the First Prince's people from now onwards. Your whole family will enjoy great happiness and prosperity.

’’The other option is for me to kill you. Your daughter and your wife will even suffer the most horrible hardships before they die.

’’Which are you going to choose?’’

As he said this, Kaunitz laughed out loud, shook his finger and said, ’’Jack, you don't have a choice. When a weakling is confronted with someone in power, they never have the right to choose.’’ With that, he carried Alice in one hand and Jack's wife in the other, and walked towards the shadows.

’’If you leak out the secret, they will die. If you report this to the academy, they will die. If you meet up with Fang Xingjian but do not use the medicine on him, they will also die. No matter what it is that you do that puts us at a disadvantage, they will die.

’’Furthermore, it won't be a simple death. They will both be sold to the dirtiest brothels and be humiliated by the lowest laborers. They will eventually become lumps of rotten flesh which even dogs would not care for, and they will be tossed into the stinky drains in the commoner district.

’’Jack, don't think about trying to put it under wraps. The First Prince's influence is something beyond your imagination.

’’You classmates, your teacher, and even amongst the academy's echelon, there are too many people who are with us.

’’Jack, you don't have any other choice.’’

Jack wanted to chase after him, but the moment he lifted up his foot, he was pushed down to the ground by a terrifying force. Dropping to his knees, he could only watch slowly as his wife and child disappeared into the endless darkness. The muscles all over his body kept swelling up but were then suppressed down. So, his muscles and bones kept getting injured because of this competition of strength.

’’There are people who do special checks Fang Xingjian's food and medicine. They won't give me a chance to use this medicine!’’

He trembled as he looked in the direction Kaunitz had disappeared into and bellowed out with a maniacal and pained expression on his face.

’’Haha, don't worry. The moment the battle starts, you'll get plenty of chances.’’

As he said that, a piece of paper, exuding a strong sulphuric smell, landed before Jack. Kaunitz's voice was weirdly bewitching as it rang out to Jack's ears.

Jack said in astonishment, ’’Devil's Note?’’

’’Hehe, do you think you have the qualifications to sign on the Devil's Note?’’ Kaunitz snorted, ’’This is the Purgatory Contract the First Prince created himself. Sign it. We'll be able to find out as soon as you give him the medicine. At the same time, if you are to divulge the secret, we'll find out as well.’’

’’But the battlefield is so big! I won't be able to find him!’’

’’Sign the contract. We'll guide you to him.’’


After applying the medicine, Fang Xingjian immediately felt that his wounds were much better. The effects of Netherworld Valley's medicinal ointment were much better than he had expected them to be. His failing organs once again felt full of vitality. Even the minute blood vessels and nerves, which he could not heal by channeling energy over, were all starting to heal as well.

He let out a deep exhale that had the stench of fresh blood. It was from all the blood clots which were now scattered.

Looking at how Fang Xingjian seemed to be much more relaxed, confusion flashed across Jack's face.

Just then, a sharp shriek rang out. Jack suddenly quivered, shouting out, ’’He's here! Mumukeya is here!’’


At the same time, on the other side, Kaunitz suddenly broke into a smile as he watched the scroll on his palm burn up despite there being no fire.

Cynthia asked, ''After following them for so long, is it finally done?’’

The next moment, Kaunitz, Rebecca, Cynthia and Cynthia's husband all suddenly sped up, heading toward Fang Xingjian who was two kilometers away.


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