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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 Crisis And Chance Encounter

Unwilling to be continuously suppressed by the other party, Fang Wei tried to stray from the subject, ’’It's a pity that the academy has yet to completely figure out the laws in the two worlds. If not, we would be able to bring the armored troops and the intercontinental ballistic missiles [1] over and would have long flattened this world. It wouldn't be like how it is now. Everything we've brought here have just turned into a pile of useless junk, yet we still have to stay here to reconstruct and study them based on this world's physics laws.’’

The young lady shook her head and an unfathomable look filled her eyes. ’’Fang Wei, don't look down on the people in this world. You have to admit, their development of the human body far surpasses ours. If we hadn't received the Evil Gods' help, there's no way we'd be able to surpass them in this area.

’’Moreover, the law of the two worlds is extremely profound. The more you analyze deeper into it, the greater their differences are. It's not that I look down on those maniacs from the Science Academy, but they can probably forget about sending things like nuclear bombs over here within a few hundred years.

’’Furthermore, even with nuclear bombs, we may not necessarily be able to do anything to those divine level experts. Once they charge all out and go on a mass killing spree on Earth, even those Mage Kings would have a headache dealing with them.’’

Just as the young lady was saying this, Fang Wei's gaze turned. On the run-down electronic screen with blurry black and white blurry images, there was a man holding a longsword, landing gradually on the ground.

’’This person... looks very familiar...

’’Fang Xingjian?’’

Hearing Fang Wei's words, that young lady's eyes narrowed. Exuding a strong killing intent, it was as if she was a tiger that had just woken up.

’’You're sure that this is Fang Xingjian?’’

Fang Wei said a bit hesitantly, ’’He looks a bit like him, but his disposition seems a bit different and his looks seemed to have change a little as well. However, Onassis Clan's Caroline should already killed Fang Xingjian. Why would he be here?’’

The young lady said coldly, ’’It seems like not only is he not dead, he had a great encounter and received the Empire's Knight legacy. He's really the b*stard child of someone from the Other World. If not, it'd be impossible for him to pick up martial art techniques.

’’Due to this person backed off, my younger brother was chosen to become that Fang Xingchen's apostle.

’’That Fang Xingchen has the aptitude to become a mage. I've nothing to say to this.

’’Therefore, I had planned to wait until I reached the divine level before I bring back my younger brother. However, since I've met this Fang Xingjian here, I shall claim the merit in bringing him back home and let the Old Granny deal with him herself.’’

Old Granny had been on guard against the branch family all these time. Not only did she suppress them, she had even chased them out of the main residence, leaving the Old Granny's own children in the main residence.

If it had not been because Fang Qian was truly outstanding, she would not have had the chance to come to the Other World, receiving the chance to cultivate and upgrade herself.

However, she knew that after the incident with Fang Xingjian, the Old Granny had been infuriated. If she was able to catch Fang Xingjian and bring him back, her words in Fang Clan would hold more weight, she would have a higher standing, and more training resources in Fang Clan.

Moreover, if Fang Xingjian had not escaped, why would her brother have been sent to become Fang Xingchen's apostle?

An apostle tended to have greater battle powers if their blood relation and age were closer to the mage. If Fang Xingjian had been around, her brother would not have been brought into this.

As she spoke, currents began to move agitatedly around her, and a faint sound of a tiger's roar could be heard.

Fang Wei shouted, ’’Fang Qian, we are not allowed to participate in this mission. If you take part and get discovered by the Empire, it may become a threat to our bigger plan.’’

At the same time, the image shown on the screen was of Fang Xingjian displaying his Boundaries Negation at the very end. The next moment, the image disappeared and another scene was shown. It meant that the two Garcia Warriors had died.

Confidence brimmed in Fang Qian's eyes, ’’He even got injured while killing Great Warriors, so he's at most at the pinnacle of the first transition. For me to catch him, it'll be as easy as slaughtering chickens and goats. How would we be discovered?

’’Furthermore, this person does have some luck. Not only did he not die, he even picked up the Empire's legacy. If we were to catch him and bring him back to the Old Granny, it'll be a great merit.’’

Saying this, the energy throughout her body charged up into the skies and even made a small hole in the clouds.

’’Fang Wei, you go control the surveillance system and see where is he heading off to.’’

Fang Wei shook his head helplessly, ’’This is only the trial product made by the Science Academy to accommodate to the Miracle World's law of physics. We can only check out current situations and cannot track back to what had happened earlier. We can't even use it for communication. Now, we can only try our luck to see if other Great Warriors have come into contact with him.’’

On the other side, Fang Xingjian was still unaware that there were some familiar acquaintances who had fixed their gazes on him.

He continued to advance and about an hour later, he came across some footsteps. He squatted down to take a look and discovered that they were footprints from armors.

’’The casting of the Garcia people is of a really low standard. These should be the traces left behind from the armors of the Empire's Knights.’’

Thinking about this, he took a look around the surroundings and found other traces.

Therefore, he continued his chase in the direction where there were even more traces. However, when he came to a big tree, four people surrounded him suddenly.

’’Haha, Tai Long, I told you that someone would definitely follow the traces we left behind. Your armor is too heavy.’’

The one who spoke up was someone really skinny. However, while he was wearing a Knight attire, it was hard to conceal his wretched disposition.

The one called Tai Long was a Knight wearing a set of heavy armor which encompassed all over his body. When he heard this, he shouted out, ’’Who are you? Why are you following us?’’

’’Isn't it obvious? One look and you can tell that he is a Knight.’’ A green haired female Knight smiled and looked at the ragged Fang Xingjian, asking, ’’Fellow, which academy are you from? Have you been separated from your team mates?’’

On the other end, a Knight who was covered in a black suit casted a few glances in Fang Xingjian's direction. He seemed to feel that Fang Xingjian was of no threat to him and leaped up a branch, starting to be on his guard to the surroundings.

Fang Xingjian casted a glance at these four and said, ’’I'm from Kirst Royal Academy. Who are you guys?’’

’’Oh? From Kirst? We are from Lathander Royal Academy.’’ The green haired lady smiled, ’’This time around, you guys from Kirst really have stolen all the limelight. Do you know the guy called Hamil? He had killed seven of those Black Devils alone by himself. Seems like he'll have a chance in the next Regional Selection.’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head, ’’I've been rushing on my way till now and am not very clear about the current situation. Do you guys have spare weapons?’’

The wretched-looking skinny man smiled, took out a longsword from the bag he was carrying on his back and tossed it to Fang Xingjian, saying, ’’Did you just transition recently? To think that you dare to be so rash even though you are alone. Seems like you've suffered quite a bit.’’

Fang Xingjian swung the longsword casually for a bit. Not answering the question, he asked instead, ’’Where are you guys heading to next? Have those Garcia people retreated successfully?’’

’’Not yet,’’ The green haired lady said. ’’They were suppressed by us and are now retreating at full speed towards the Kremlin Coast. We are now pushing in on them and gathering towards the coast. It's said that General Oliperth plans to eradicate them there.’’

Oliperth was the Western Garrison's commander and also the highest in command in this battle. At the same time, he was also the guy whom Huang Lin had secretly asked to provide guidance to Fang Xingjian on his Waves.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian did not say anything, the green haired lady looked at him again. Looking at the burn wounds he had and how dirty his Knight attire was, she shook her head and said, ’’Forget it, you can come along with us. If you're to go on alone like this, you'll end up being eaten up by those Black Devils.’’

The guy in the black suit, who was standing on guard on the tree, said in discontent, ’’We don't have the time to guide novices. He'll slow down our speed.’’

The green haired Knight smiled and said, ’’He's considered outstanding to be able to come all the way here by himself. He's not likely to drag us down.’’

The black suit guy let out a helpless sigh, looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’If you drag us down, we won't stay to wait for you.’’

Fang Xingjian said with indifference, ’’The same can be said to you.’’ Swinging his longsword, he tossed away his lousy sword from before and kept the new one in his sheath.

Fang Xingjian threw a glance towards the four of them. He was currently injured and was not familiar with the directions to Kremlin Coast. Moreover, if they were to proceed on, they were likely to meet more and more Black Devils. He decided that he should really stay together with a team of Knights for now.

The green haired Knight laughed, ’’Alright, let's make a move quickly. If we're late, it might already be over by then. I haven't killed enough of those Black Devils.’’


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