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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 139


Chapter 139 Acquaintance

Looking at his wounds, Fang Xingjian shook his head and thought to himself, 'Initially I wanted to pay more attention to how I use my potential points and temporarily give up on the Boundaries Negation, slowly assassinating them one by one. But to think that this resulted in me suffering injuries... Strong warriors in the first transition are truly not to be underestimated.'

During this time, he had been chasing after Mumukeya, encountering quite a few battles on the way. Sometimes, he had also encountered other teams of Knights, but he would basically ignore them and go on his own way to kill those from Garcia.

Currently, his experience was lower since his level had increased. He was now at level 14, with his experience at 87.9%. This greatly surpassed the speed at which he had initially planned to level up at, through hunting ferocious beasts.

As expected, the fastest way to level up was to attack and kill Knights of the same level. It was a pity that there were generally few chances of doing so.

Fang Xingjian's agility had now reached 134+5 points, propelling his usual speed far above that of other first transition Knights. His speed was extremely fast. However, compared to the 139 points he had in agility, Fang Xingjian's other attributes were merely at about 50 to 60 points. This greatly restricted the speed he could display. Unless he activated Boundaries Negation, there was no way he could fully display the full prowess of his 139 agility points.

The agility attribute represented one's ability to quickly contract and release the energy in one's muscles. If agility was at a very high level, but strength, reaction and flexibility were insufficient, without the latter attributes to overcome air resistance, transit the muscles'energy, resist the various forms of pressure that one would come into contact with when moving at high speed, and without the ability to quickly react to situations, in no way was it possible to fully display the prowess of the agility attribute.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian's usual speed had increased, but only upon activating the Boundaries Negation, and thus using the ether particles to form an acceleration field to transmit information and break through the limits of his other attributes could he perfectly display the prowess of his agility attribute and attain an unbelievable speed.

However, the Boundaries Negation depleted one's potential at 1000 points per second. This was why Fang Xingjian did not use it often.

Now, just by performing the Supreme Mistwind Sword he could transcend the supersonic speed. If he continued to perform the Supreme Mistwind Sword in order to accelerate, he could even reach 1.5 times the supersonic speed. After all, the Supreme Mistwind Sword allowed one to control the air currents in the atmosphere through sword arts. So with the increase in his speed, the atmospheric pressure increased, and the accelerated effect of the Supreme Mistwind Sword also got increasingly weaker.

But despite that, it was sufficient for Fang Xingjian to handle those Great Warriors from Garcia with 1.5 times supersonic speed. As the saying went, if one does not manage to hit the target on the first attack, one must gain distance and make his escape.

But he never would have thought that his opponents would be so intrepid. Back when they were killing those seven Warriors, they had already shown how dauntless they were, shooting out various flames, curses and shockwaves until their very last breaths. Now, these people even went so far as to inflict him with serious injuries, with the intention of perishing together with him.

Although he had immediately expended his potential points to activated the Boundaries Negation, releasing three times the supersonic speed and killing the opponent in that instant, he could not undo the damage and wounds that he had been dealt.

Especially those flames with poisonous elements, causing Fang Xingjian to feel weak once the poison invaded his blood flow.

Fang Xingjian immediately took out the antidote he had won from the Netherworld Valley and drank it.

’’Poison, burns, and the previous curse...’’

Earlier, when he had killed a Garcia Warrior, the moment that person died, something like radioactive contamination burst out from his body. This was something the Garcia people had called curses, and which was causing Fang Xingjian's physical strength to continue slipping. But at least, it was not deadly.

'While these Garcia's Great Warriors are inferior to the Empire's people in terms of the grasp and knowledge of the human body and martial arts, their valiance, as well as the various eerie extraordinary powers they possess are truly troublesome.

'Even I would fall into their trap if I'm not careful. I wonder how many ordinary Knights will be sacrificed this time around.'

With his high level of cultivation in his martial arts, and with his excellent sword techniques, Fang Xingjian continued to size up his injuries, checking out the condition of his blood vessels, organs, and nerves. He unceasingly channeled in extremely small levels of energy, slowly closing up his wounds, compressing his bones together in order to let them heal, as well as channeling his vital energy and blood and protecting his organs.

'Even if I have the Elementary Berserkness, I'll still need at least six hours for my wounds to recover so that they won't affect my ability to battle.'

Fang Xingjian furrowed his brows, looking at the cracked longsword in his hand, 'My swords are gone to. I have to think of a way to replenish their number.'

Thinking of this, Fang Xingjian healed himself for another half an hour before he stood up again. Just as before, he buried the three black men's bodies, hoping to recover them after the war had ended. They could be used as ingredients for Inferior Remains divine Weapons.

And then, moving his feet, he leapt over a distance of more than twenty meters, dashing through the forest like a cheetah at full speed.

Although he had burns, and was also suffering from poison and a curse, his running speed was still about the same as that of ordinary Knights.


While Fang Xingjian was on rushing on his way, beyond Kremlin Coast, there was a steel cruiser over a hundred and fifty meters in length that was floating on the surface of the sea.

Countless Garcia's laborers were building a stronghold along the coast, occasionally looking towards the steel cruiser with feelings of fear reflected in their eyes.

In the cruiser's command center, there was a yellow-skinned man with a brush, who wore black-colored battle gear. He seemed to be very bored, looking at the electronic screen in front of him.

This electronic screen was very shabby, its various cables and transistors exposed in full view. It could only display some blurry black and white images. The images seemed to have been taken through other people's line of vision.

The yellow-skinned man looked at the battle scenes, and laughing coldly he said, ’’These Black Devils are really trash. To think that they've only managed to capture ten or so Knights after so many days of work. How am I supposed to answer when I get back?’’

’’There, there, Fang Wei. After all, they don't have much of a powerful legacy. These results are actually quite good. We've achieved our three goals to capture Knights, test out the surveillance system and weaken the Empire,’’ said a young lady wearing a white tank top and blue denim shorts who was sitting beside him.

On the young lady's exposed back and legs there were many twisted patterns similar to tadpoles, their meaning unknown. They were exuding a faint glow.

Watching the screen, she said with indifference, ’’Ten or so Knights are enough for us to bring back in order to study the Empire's martial arts legacy.

’’Although Earthlings are unable to pick up the Empire's martial arts, they are still very valuable.

’’I've heard that during this time, the Science Academy has already made some progress. In another one or two years we should be able to set up anti-ether force fields over the entire Demonic City. When that time comes, neither Demonic City nor the Miracle World will pose any threat to us anymore.’’

As she said this, she lifted up her hand and looked at the glowing magic prints with an intoxicated expression, ’’It's truly as the Mage Kings have said, that the magic prints contain the powers of the Other World's Evil Gods. I feel that ever since I've come to the Miracle World, my powers have been increasing with the diabolic energy pouring into me. This is the true prowess of the magic prints.

’’I'm now at level 20, but with my current powers, I have already achieved a level comparable to a freshly transitioned level 20 Conferred Knight, or maybe even slightly above them.’’

Fang Wei looked at the lady next to him, a hint of dread seeming to flash in his eyes. This young lady was the number one genius in the branch family. Ever since she had come to the Miracle World, her aura had become increasingly scary, as if some weird monster had been born inside her. She was growing stronger with each passing second.


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