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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 138


Chapter 138 Injured

Countless rays of black lines spread across in the sky. Rushing back and forth, they released swooshing sounds as they cut across the air. It was as if they were bomber aircrafts soaring through the sky.

A few of Garcia's black-skinned and black-eyed Great Warriors stared angrily at the steel swords flying about in the sky.

One of them furiously said, ’’Damn it, where did this monster come from? He is only a first transition Knight but has a battle prowess close to that of a Conferred Knight.’’

Another person spoke up, ’’We can't let this continue any further. We've already lost seven of our men. If this goes on, we'll be wiped out before we meet up with our comrades.’’

’’Hmph. He killed seven of our people but got injured himself. He's definitely not in a good state since he was hit by Manya's curse. Moreover, we've already destroyed a large number of his longswords in the sky and there's only about twenty or so of them left. If we fight to the bitter end, we'll definitely be able to kill him.’’

’’What are you talking about? We should retreat first and deal with him after we meet up with the other teams.’’

’’Retreat? Are you still one of Garcia's warriors? We've lost seven brothers and you're thinking of retreating? You idiot. How will we be able to escape if the opponent's speed is so fast?’’

Facing a strong Warrior like Fang Xingjian who had unparalleled speed, unless one was able to defeat him, what awaited was only death. It was impossible to even think about escaping.

While the three of them were still in the midst of the endless argument on whether they should retreat or fight to the bitter end, the twenty odd steel swords moved together at once. At the next moment, they turned in their direction and shot toward the three men's hiding place.

’’Watch out!’’

’’It's coming!’’

’’F**k it!’’

One of Garcia's Great Warriors stood up immediately, releasing huge bursts of aura. Countless thick black hairs sprouted all over his body, making him become a monster like King Kong.

He opened his mouth wide, bellowing loudly. Huge bursts of air currents were swept up and shot out like shock waves, clashing head-on with the twenty odd flying swords.

Bang, bang, bang, bang! Loud explosive sounds rang out and in that instant, more than half the flying swords shattered.

To think that this King Kong's abrupt and violent exhale could shatter longswords made of steel. How ferocious was his power?

However, after just one attack, the King Kong seemed very weak. Looking at the remaining flying swords, he could not even make a move to dodge them. It was just then that a Black Devil dashed out. Raising his two hands high up, he gathered endless earth-colored aura on his arms and formed two earth elemental magnetic shields.

The remaining flying swords clashed violently against them but it was as if they had sunk into mud, sucked in by this magnetic energy. Not only were they unable to penetrate the shields, but it was to the extent that they were shaking repeatedly, and yet were unable to fly out.

However, even when all the flying swords had been fended off, the trio still did not seem to have relaxed in the slightest. It was because they knew that the most dangerous attack had yet to come.

The Flame God Unit and the divine Vanguard Unit were the elite teams in Garcia's expeditionary unit this time around and after being pursued for a few consecutive days, none of them had died under those flying swords.

The flying swords were merely a form of defense and support for the opponent's attacks. Truly, the most powerful thing had always been that swift and elusive sword which came and went like a shadow.

As expected, just as all the flying swords' attacks had been blocked, a black shadow appeared suddenly behind the King Kong. Silver-colored sword light like a dash of silver colored lightning thrust towards the King Kong's back in an instant, sending down sword Qis like violent rain.

Pffft! Cut by countless sword Qis, the King Kong's back was cut open like a piece of cake. In that instant, up to a hundred wounds appeared on his back with blood spurting out in rivers.

However, just then, green-colored flames spread out all over the King Kong's body. Fang Xingjian's gaze twitched a little as he tried to quickly back off. However, it was too late. Fang Xingjian's attack was already dashing toward the King Kong's back. To reduce his speed and then accelerate in the opposite direction he needed a moment at the very least.

However, he was too close to the target and the explosion happened too quickly as well. At that moment, he was already accelerating in the opposite direction, but green flames had already splashed all over him. He let out a low grunt and immediately dashed into the woods, rolling incessantly and dashing about trying to extinguish the fire.

’’Hahaha.’’ That King Kong fell to the ground, breaking out in crazy laughter. As he did so, he continued to spew out blood from his mouth, ’’Sinkoda's devil, you're doomed. My brothers will avenge me.’’

The Great Warrior Garcia, who had been controlling the magnetic force, walked over and looked at the fallen King Kong. As he looked at how the King Kong was covered in charred and opened wounds, and at his body, continuously burning in the green flames, an expression filled with grief reflected in his eyes.

He thought of how they had crossed the ocean to come to the Empire;going through battle after battle, killing in order to make a path for themselves and for Garcia's future. When they had received the order to retreat, they had thought that they would be able to bring back immense fortune, but to think that eventually their comrades had fallen.

He gritted his teeth and said, ’’Sinkoda's devil, you've killed many of our comrades. I'll let you die slowly in hell and have a taste of agony which you've never experienced in all your life.’’

The third Great Warrior, who had been hiding, also stepped out with green flames reflecting in his eyes. He looked toward the King Kong and said, ’’Rest in peace, we'll avenge you.’’ The next moment, he pierced his longspear into the King Kong's heart.

The King Kong showed an expression of relief and his body convulsed slightly before he finally died.

It turned out that their earlier argument had been nothing but an act. In order to kill Fang Xingjian, they had come up with a plan. However, one of them had to perish together with Fang Xingjian. The Great Warrior, who controlled the green flames injected more than half his energy into the King Kong beforehand, prepared to detonate it at anytime.

In the back of the forest, Fang Xingjian looked at the flames which were still burning on his chest and right arm. Furrowing his brows, he said, ’’Too careless.’’

On the other side, the Warriors who controlled green flames and magnetism had already chased up to him.

’’Sinkoda's coward! Do you only know sneak attacks?! You've been wounded by my Venomous Flames. There's no escape for you now!’’

’’There's no water source within over a hundred li [1]. You're dead meat!’’

’’Come out! We'll show you our Garcia martial art techniques!’’

Previously, Fang Xingjian had shadowed them day and night, relying on his great speed to assassinate them. Each time he killed a person, he would hide far away quickly and repeat the attempt when everyone had let their guard down. He had not given these two teams the opportunity to face him in a battle head-on.

It was only at this time, after performing their vicious plan of a suicide attack, that they were finally able to injure Fang Xingjian.

However, just after the two had finished talking, Fang Xingjian walked out slowly. Looking at their astonished expressions, he coldly said, ’’Martial art techniques? A bunch of people who live the lives of savages are fit to talk about martial art techniques?’’

Looking at the two's furious expressions, Fang Xingjian activated Boundaries Negation. Taking a step forward, he had reached supersonic speed and with a second step, he gained a speed two times faster than the supersonic speed.

With a third step, he had already appeared behind the two Great Warriors. Fresh blood and flying swords filled the sky and the two of them were turned into a lump of minced meat. Blood rained down over Fang Xingjian and he then used this rain of blood to extinguish the green flames on him.

After the flames were extinguished, Fang Xingjian's muscles gradually wriggled under the circulation of his force. The next moment, various bruised and venomous blood spurted out from his wounds. Then his wounds gradually squirmed and compressed together as they sealed up.

His three major specialties, Internal Healing, Internal Training and Elementary Berserkness were activated at once, healing his injuries.


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