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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 137


Chapter 137 Asking For Directions

With a bang, a bug was crushed to death by the foot of a person who had descended from the sky.

Kaunitz, dressed in a suit of red and had faint red colored prints on his head, looked at the stretch of fallen trees and frowned.

In the scorching forest, he seemed to once again recall the days he had spent cultivating in the volcano. His expression was slightly twisted, as if evil light was beaming out from his eyes.

Kaunitz had been brought up and nurtured by the Tresia Clan as a genius since young.

And because of this, he had received endless sword arts training, but had not had the time to deliberate over the knowledge pertaining political, trade, management and interpersonal relationships.

He had initially thought that there was no need for him to learn all these. As long as he had a sword in his hand, he had the confidence to slash apart everything before him.

Since young, he had always been first in terms of his sword arts. Regardless if it was at home, in his clan, in the academy, or in Kirst Prefecture, there had been no one who had been able to surpass his talent in sword arts, and neither had he thought that there would be anyone in the world capable of doing so.

The best sword in the world. Whenever this thought appeared in his mind, his blood would boil, and scorch all over his body.

But that was until he met Fang Xingjian.

Recalling Fang Xingjian, his large heart which was encompassed by dragon blood once again leaped a few times, furiously.

It was Fang Xingjian who had first let him taste failure. When he discovered that the other party had transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, and that there was no way for him to catch up to him no matter what he did, neverending feelings of terror had fallen upon him.

'Unable to surpass Fang Xingjian, and far from being able to compare against his talent... Then what is the purpose of my existence? What was the use of my cultivation all these years? Do I exist just to be stepped under his feet, so that I look up to him all my life?

'Why? Why must there be such geniuses in this world? Why are there such monsters in this world?'

Jealousy, vengeance and fury turned into endless flames, and together with his divine Flames of the Earth's Core, burned his body in the volcano.

Endless evil energy twisted his thoughts, torturing him, and also bound to torture everyone he came across.

The Killing technique Ancient Path of Hell emphasized the fact that if the practitioner did not first enter hell himself, then it would be impossible to make the opponent fall into hell.

And now, subjected to both his internal flames of fury and the external divine Flames, Kaunitz had turned into a demon from hell whose only target was Fang Xingjian.

Besides him, Rebecca squatted down to take a look at the slit on the branches and the wolves'corpses on the ground. Her eyes narrowed and she said, ’’This little b*stard really does run fast.’’

On the other hand, Cynthia frowned and said, ’’I'm more worried about his levelling up after killing the ferocious beasts and those Black Devils. It would only be more trouble for us. We need to find him quickly.’’

Kaunitz laughed coldly and said, ’’It's useless even if he were to level up. Each level of the Windstorm Sword Hero would only give him 8 points in agility. No matter how many levels he gains, his agility will only be between 150 and 160 points. Although it is quite amazing, the methods we've prepared to deal with him are sufficient.’’

What he did not know was that Fang Xingjian's job was not the Windstorm Sword Hero, but the Windshadow Sword divinity, which gave him 11 points in agility with each level. Fang Xingjian also had the progressive specialty, 'Single Sword World Subjugation', which increased his movement and attack speed by 2% with each additional agility point.

Rebecca stood up, looked towards the mountain range in the distance and said, ’’He's headed that way.’’

A loud explosive bang rang out under their feet, and they dashed out towards the mountain range in the distance, along with streams of air currents.

Kaunitz and the others stepped into the village. The red-colored prints on Kaunitz's forehead gradually formed a ball of red flames. It was the sign that he had mastered the Inferno Indestructible Physique.

Throwing a vague glance towards the village's devastated state, Kaunitz turned to looked towards the ten or more elderly people and children walking towards them. When they saw how Kaunitz and the others were dressed, a white-haired elderly man in the lead spoke out, ’’All of you are esteemed Knights?’’ He agitatedly said, ’’You're here to kill the Black Devils too? Earlier, one of your comrades, also a Knight, killed four Black Devils and left.’’

As he spoke, the other villagers all brought out the food they had prepared, hoping to offer it to Kaunitz and the others. Regardless if they were young or old, each of the villagers revealed sincere smiles, obviously being very welcoming towards these Knights.

However, Kaunitz and the others only looked at them coldly. None of them took the food. Nor did any of them speak out.

Kaunitz glanced at the offered poultry, fish and meat, all covered in sand, dust and seemingly burnt, and a hint of abomination and disdain flashed in his eyes.

A feeling of unrest grew in the villagers'hearts. Kaunitz walked up slowly to a young girl, smiled as he squatted down, then he patted the child on her head and asked, ’’Hello. Was the Knight who earlier passed by here carrying a lot of swords with him? And when he walked, did all the swords follow and fly behind him?’’

The little girl nodded seriously, ’’That's right. Lord Knight ran very quickly, and those swords flew after him very quickly too.’’

An evil smile broke out on Kaunitz's face before he continued to ask in a soft tone, ’’Then do you know where he was headed to?’’

Just then, the young boy who had shown Fang Xingjian the way earlier slapped off Kaunitz's hand which was holding the girl's hand, and stood in front of her, ’’How do we know that you guys are his comrades? And if you are, then why would you need to ask where he was headed to? Don't you even know this?’’

Hand at his chin, Kaunitz looked at the people before him, gave it some thought and then suddenly smiled again.

’’Originally, I just wanted to come up with a lie.

’’But after some thought, I realized that you guys are just commoners. You are not even worth to be lied to by me. ’’

Kaunitz stood up slowly and coldly asked, ’’Where did that b*stard head off to?’’

Everyone present immediately tensed up. The white-bearded old man trembled as he made his way up, saying, ’’Lord, that Knight had left just like that. We really do not know where he went.’’

With a pfft sound, Kaunitz blew on his fingers and a hole was made through the elderly man's head as he fell to the ground. It seemed as easy as killing a lamb or cow to him.

Rebecca and the others stood behind him, completely indifferent to what had just happened.

This was the Miracle World. In this era, which was even darker than the Middle Ages, these villagers and commoners were no better than lambs or cows in the eyes of aristocrats such as Kaunitz.

’’Each time I ask, I'll kill one person.’’ Kaunitz let out a faint smile and said, ’’Where did that b*stard go?’’

With another pfft sound, another person fell.

Some people screamed out, thinking of escaping, ’’Noooo!’’

There were people who dropped to their knees, ’’I beg of you, my lord, please spare us. We really don't know anything.’’

Amidst the panic and chaos, the little boy clenched his fists, his pupils unceasingly contracting and expanding, as if he had entered a state of contradiction.

Kaunitz's gaze landed on him, and with a smile, he appeared behind the little boy. He pat the boy on his shoulders, whispering next to his ears, ’’You seem to know something.’’

The young boy trembled suddenly, saying, ’’I... I don't know anything.’’

But how could a boy of ten years or so hide from Kaunitz and from the First Prince within Kaunitz? He patted the boy on the shoulder and with a pffft, another old lady dropped to the floor.

The boy shivered and cold sweat covered him yet again. Terrified cries kept ringing in his ears accompanied by Kaunitz's voice,like a devil's croon, asking, ’’The one behind you, is she your younger sister?’’


Kaunitz grabbed his youngster sister. The red silhouette was like a ghost, suddenly appearing ten meters away. Looking at the boy's nervous expression, he grinned, ’’I'm asking one last time.’’ His palm caressed the little girl's head as he asked, ’’Where did he go?’’

The boy was but a kid of ten years or so. How could he possibly bear experiencing such a catastrophe and facing such great pressure? He dropped to his knees right there, making great efforts to speak out, ’’He... he went to... Kremlin Coast.’’

Kaunitz smiled, ’’You're clever for not lying to me.’’

The next moment, the girl in his grasp turned into a ball of flames, and in less than a second, she turned into ashes.


The young boy cried out, his eyes wide open and the blood vessels in his neck all popping up. He charged towards Kaunitz, but at the next moment, he was lit up by a spark, nothing but ashes left of him, in the blink of an eye.

The slaughter started and ended at that same moment. Kaunitz nodded. This time around, their secret operation had not respected the Empire's laws. So how could they not wipe out all witnesses?

Moreover, doing it here would allow them to conveniently push the blame onto the Black Devils.

Rebecca spoke up, ’’That little b*stard really did go to chase Mumukeya. Kaunitz. The person you prepared also followed the troops and is heading in the same direction, right?’’

’’Of course.’’ A twisted expression appeared on Kaunitz's face. ’’This time around, there's no escape for him. He is just a Windstorm Sword Hero who has barely transitioned three months ago. But even if he suddenly surged to first transition level 19, he will still be dead meat.’’

’’Hmmm?’’ The First Prince in his body let out a dissatisfied cold grunt.

Kaunitz immediately reacted, and channelled his thoughts to the First Prince, ’’Of course, he won't really die. After receiving our 'great hospitality', he will only fully bow down to you, becoming your most loyal dog, your most docile blade. I promise.’’


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