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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 Chase

At this moment, the western coast of the Empire's Great Western Region, had already become a battlefield because of the havoc caused by Garcia's three hundred Great Warriors.

Most of these three hundred Garcia's Great Warriors were split up into countless small teams comprised of three to five people. They spread out across the land and caused great damages, burning villages down, killing people, and looting as well.

These Garcia's Great Warriors'abilities were not comparable to the Empire's Knights because they had not managed to pass down their martial arts knowledge in Garcia.

But now, there was a situation which had never occurred before, one where they send out such a large number of people to carry out a large-scale battle. To think that they were able to suppress the Western Garrison which comprised of over a hundred people.

Thus, they had to request for the Royal Academy's support.

If fact, it was not just Kirst's Royal Academy. There were also two other prefectures who had sent out their own Knights.

After all, all of the Royal Academies were schools training the next generation of soldiers. Now that the students were activated, the Empire's terrifying battle potential was immediately displayed.

But given how Garcia had split up into tens of teams of Knights to wreck havoc everywhere, the Empire was not able to stop this within a short frame of time.

Despite so, most of the cities were safe with the support of so many Knights and Conferred Knights. Those who were in danger were the villages which had insufficient defensive abilities.

After all, there had been said to be ten thousand official Knights and five thousand Conferred Knights in the whole Empire. The battle faced by the Western Garrison was considered merely a trifle issue to the Empire, but it was a complete disaster to many commoners at the lower hierarchy.


Fang Xingjian left the academy and first started running towards the direction of the fishing village. However, what he saw were only ruins.

He then rushed towards the villages in the vicinity and subsequently witnessed over ten of them burnt down into ruins. He finally came across some survivors after a while and, after affirming that these were indeed acts committed by Mumukeya and his men, began to charged towards the west at great speed.

His speed was fast to start with. Even if he were not able to rush at full speed for an extended period of time, his running speed would be at least comparable to the cars on the expressway.

His whole body was supported with streams of sword Qis, and with a gentle leap, he flew out tens of meters away. Each time his sword Qis were depleted over ten streams of sword Qis would be created again with a casual wave of his hand.

At the same time, up to a hundred steel swords were following behind him, letting out soft whooshing sounds.

He was like a sharp arrow, dashing quickly through the forest and astonishing countless birds.

On the way, he would eat dry rations whenever he felt hungry, drink water from the streams whenever he felt thirsty, and take a ten minutes break after running for two hours. This ensured that his physical strength was constantly maintained at the optimum, and while he proceeded with great speed, he did not come across any battles on the way.

When the next morning came, he had already tramped over mountains and through ravines, arriving at a piece of low lying land.

Howl! Howl! Howl!

Call of wolves rang out. As Fang Xingjian dashed through the forest, a few wolves suddenly appeared behind him. They were huge, each of them at a length of at least four to five meters long.

A year ago, when Fang Xingjian had come across such ferocious beasts, he could only run. But now, when he came across these huge wolves, he could only break into a faint smile.

While he was in midair, he suddenly twisted his upper body. As he turned his head back towards them, his longsword swept out. An extremely sharp white colored sword Qi shot out a distance of up to a hundred meters like a laser beam.

At the next moment the huge wolves were slashed into pieces. Tens of huge trees also fell with a loud bang.

Just these few huge wolves alone provided Fang Xingjian with 0.5% experience. Currently, at level 10, his experience was at 11.3%. Most of them had been gained from the killings he had done today.

This was also his first time slaughtering beasts to raise his level. As for those from the Venomous Serpent Gang previously, the experience gained from those useless bums were not even comparable to him training a set of sword technique.

'As expected, it's really not very fast to level by hunting down ferocious beasts. It takes too much time to find them.

'I wonder how much experience I can gain from killing Knights.'

Fang Xingjian gently landed before the wolves'corpses and looked towards this pile of meat. He had decided to have them for dinner.

Just then, his ears twitched slightly and he heard sounds of crying. Turning his head, he could see black smoke occasionally surging into the air from the far mountain range behind him.

Fang Xingjian squinted his eyes slightly and strong gales gathered. In the next moment, he had already disappeared together with half a wolf's corpse.

In a village with about a hundred villagers, there were a still a few houses which were in flames. Most of the other houses had already been turned into ashes.

Over ten elderly and small children knelt down at the village's entrance, bawling loudly.

Strong gales swept by and Fang Xingjian appeared before them. At the same time, light shuffling sounds rang out and up to a hundred steel swords had already pierced into the ground.

A young boy about ten plus years old shouted out loudly, ’’You... you are a Knight?’’

Fang Xingjian ignored him and took a close look around the place. When he saw a few corpses with their organs showing, he could not help but frowned.

He asked, ’’Were these done by the people from Garcia?’’

’’They are not human! They are beasts!’’ The crowd suddenly raged. Over ten elderly and young kids knelt down before Fang Xingjian as they cried out.

Early that morning, four of Garcia's Great Warriors had dashed into the village, killing everyone they saw regardless if they were men or women. They slaughtered indiscriminately, raped the women, and burned down the place.

Fang Xingjian walked up to one of the corpse and discovered that it was a pregnant lady whose child was forcefully dug out from her body while she was still alive.

The people from Garcia were more ignorant that the people in the Empire. Their condition was as if they remained in a state, as if they were from a tribe. Their Great Warriors who invaded external land were even more brutal.

He asked, ’’How long had they left?’’

’’Slightly more than an hour.’’ that young boy said. ’’Lord, please help us take revenge.’’ The young boy's skin was very tanned, and despite his young age, his hands were already filled with calluses. His eyes were bloodshot, filled with terror, shock, and vengeance.

Fang Xingjian nodded and asked, ’’Which of you know the way?’’

’’Me!’’ the young boy spoke out. ’’I'd always went around with my dad to hunt in the area. I know the place very well.’’

Fang Xingjian put down the half of the wolf's corpse he was carrying and said casually, ’’Help me roast these meat. I'll be back shortly.’’

At the next moment, without bringing along those steel swords, he grabbed onto that young boy and turned into a breeze, disappearing without a trace. The elderly and children were left staring at each other, not knowing what to do.

That young boy who had been grabbed by Fang Xingjian was letting out a series of terrified cry. When Fang Xingjian stopped, the boy realized that he was already on the top of one of the mountains outside the village.

’’Where did they head off to?’’

That young boy took a look around and then pointed to the northwest direction and said loudly, ’’There! They headed to the direction of the Mountain Goat Ravine!’’

The next moment, the images in the surroundings transformed, flashing by very quickly as if one was looking at the scenery while on a running horse. But this time around, the boy put up with the discomfort and did not cry out.

However, his physical attributes were too weak and Fang Xingjian needed to stop to let him take a break after a short distance. In the meantime, he took the chance to check out his directions.

After the constant moving and stopping for slightly over half an hour, Fang Xingjian put the boy down.

The boy was not even able to stand steadily on his own. Dizziness hit him and he dropped to the floor while he mumbled, ’’'It's... it's okay... I can still hang on...’’

Fang Xingjian said calmly, ’’We've already caught up to them.’’

He threw a glance at the young boy and said, ’’You wait here.’’

The next second, Fang Xingjian's body brought up a series of after images as he dashed out.


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