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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 134


Chapter 134 Getting Out of the Cage

Over the next few days, most of the Knights in the academy left together with the troops. In the blink of an eye, the whole academy had turned cold and deserted.

Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged on the floor, cultivating his sword arts while simultaneously looking at the mental cultivation method on his Stats Window.

'Universal Sword Dominance**'

Even since the other day, he had faced up to Huang Lin's reprimands but did not back off. His mental cultivation method had become clearer again, and he just needed an additional turning point to reach its completion.

These few days, he had been kept locked up by Huang Lin, therefore he decided to fully focus on his sword arts cultivation for now in order to complete the Unparalleled Sword Intent. After a few days, he had reached the maximum level for yet another three sword techniques. He now had a total of seventy-eight sets of sword techniques which were at the maximum level.

Other than that, he naturally had not stopped tempering his attributes and cultivating his Waves.

He checked the basement of the villa and discovered that there were truly plenty of rations and preserved ferocious beasts stocked up, sufficient to last him for very long.

As for the sword forces left behind by Huang Lin, he had also tested them out. However, it was not easy to destroy them.

After so many days had passed by, Fang Xingjian lifted his head and let out a sigh.

The last day of the year had passed by and Fang Xingjian still had four years out of the promised five. He was now seventeen years old.

Looking up into the sky, Fang Xingjian's expression was very calm, but it was still as if flames were burning in his eyes.

’’Demonic City...’’

At that moment, loud noises came from afar. Fang Xingjian frowned as he looked into the far distance, only to discover than the noises were growing increasingly loud. It seemed that many people had came out.

While almost all the Knights in the academy had left, there were still many people left behind, including the servants, chefs, and maids. As the din grew increasingly louder, Fang Xingjian saw a tan young man in his twenties heading in his direction.

That young man's skin was very dark and dry, the result of exposure to the blazing sun for an extended period of time. His hands and feet were filled with calluses, indicating that he must have done a lot of physical labor.

Walking up to Fang Xingjian, he dropped to his knees right before where Huang Lin had left his sword force. He kowtowed repeatedly, banging his head against the ground and creating loud colliding sounds. In a short moment, his forehead was covered in blood.

Fang Xingjian looked at him coldly, with no feelings of sympathy and benevolence. Fang Xingjian watched as the young man kowtowed for over ten times, his forehead dripping in blood as he said, ’’Lord Fang Xingjian, I'm Walilan from Harvest Fishing Village.’’

Fang Xingjian looked at the young man's eyes and expression, which was filled with pain and fury, and slowly recalled everything.

Harvest Fishing Village was the fishing village which had taken him in when he had first arrived in the Miracle World. With the exemplary memory he had attained with his mental cultivation method, the image of a shy young man from his mind gradually matched with this young man before him.

He slowly asked, ’’What happened?’’

’’The Old Master is dead! Everyone in the village is dead!’’ Walilan sprawled down onto the ground and broke out in tears. The guards and servants who were chasing after him all came to a stop, exchanging glances as they looked at this scene.

’’You guys can take your leave.’’ Fang Xingjian dismissed most of the servants before asking, ’’Who did it?’’

’’It's the Great Warriors from Garcia.’’ That person cried. ’’Other than me, everyone else in the village are all dead. After those people came ashore, they killed everyone they saw, even the women and children!’’

Garcia's Great Warriors were comparable to the local Knights. It was the how the people from Garcia addressed the Warriors who had completed the first transition and gained extraordinary strength.

Hearing the young man's cries, Fang Xingjian said, ’’Do you know who in Garcia had done it?’’ His gaze was like a sharp sword, cutting through the air and reflecting into the young man's eyes. ’’Don't lie to me. Otherwise, I'll definitely kill you with one slash.’’

That young man shivered intuitively as a gush of cold air gushed forth. However, he had not lied, thus he could reply without any hesitation, ’’It's a Black Devil by the name of Mumukeya. When I was in hiding, I heard the other Black Devils calling their leaders as such.’’

One of the servant, who had yet to leave, frowned and said, ’’Mumukeya means the most courageous hunter in Garcia's language. This time round, the ones leading the Garcia troops are three Destined Warriors (corresponds to Conferred Knights). One of them is called Mumukeya.’’

Mumukeya, Garcia's second transition Destined Warrior.

Of course, Garcia did not have a complete legacy like the Empire did. Most of them depended on superiority and chance to successfully complete the second transition.

They did not have the second transition legacy the Empire had, which was the most important one of them all, the ten-day stages. Breaking through one stage allowed one to break through to the next level. It slowly changed one's life traits, allowed for more in depth interaction with ether particles, and even increase one's damaging prowess to be akin to natural disasters.

Thus, all the Destined Warriors were all at level 20 and had no way to advance any further. But even so, ordinary first transition Knights were unable to defeat them.

Fang Xingjian looked towards the young man and asked, ’’You want me to take revenge for you?’’

The servant at the side said in astonishment, ’’Sir, you can't! This time, Garcia had brought along three hundred Great Warriors, and Mumukeya is one of Garcia's Destined Warriors. He is comparable to the level of our Conferred Knights, and his abilities are not to be undermined...’’

Hearing the servant's words, the young man also began to hesitate. Before this, he was only overwhelmed by fury, thinking of revenge. How would he understand the current battle situation and Mumukeya's abilities?

Seeing his hesitant look, Fang Xingjian smiled. However, his eyes were flashing with killing intent;fury accumulated within him, as if he were a volcano about to erupt.

With the move of a single hand, a longsword had already landed in his hands. He then reached out his other hand to draw the Silver Dragon out from his waist.

He thought to himself, 'This is good too. I wanted to wait until my sword intent or Waves reached a new level before participating in the battle to increase my level, aiming to reach first transition level 19 before the Regional Selection.'

But Fang Xingjian only felt that his mental cultivation method was beginning to stir, as an extremely violent surge of energy was hovering around in his consciousness.

He understood that if he could face up to the endless pressure and slash that Mumukeya, he would definitely be able to slay the unwarranted emotions in his heart and understanding his true nature, allowing his mental cultivation method to achieve great success.

If he could not even withstand this little pressure, then there would be no need to talk about cleaning up the world. If he hoped for his mental cultivation method to progress further, it would also be extremely difficult.

This was the path he had chosen, a path which was extremely narrow and tough. However, Fang Xingjian did not regret it in the least.

’’You wait in the academy. I'll definitely bring back Mumukeya's head and take revenge for your whole village.’’

At the next moment, a crazy gale created hundreds of after images, blowing away the servants and the young man. The Silver Dragon in Fang Xingjian's hand were like streams of silver colored thunderbolts, slashing towards the sword force left behind by Huang Lin.

If it was Fang Xingjian's own sword Qis and longsword, then it would be very hard for him to slash through these sword force and make his escape.

But now, he held a sword in one hand, displaying the Supreme Mistwind Sword with increasing speed. In his other hand was the Silver Dragon. He relied on the sharpness of this level 7 Empire's divine Weapon to consecutively slash the sword force.

That sword force had been casually performed by Huang Lin, and it was already quite a feat that it could sustain for such a long period of time. It could even withstand the blows from steel longswords. But how could it not be harmed in the slightest after continuously receiving attacks from a level 7 Empire's divine Weapon like the Silver Dragon, on top of the supersonic sword attacks?

After about a minute under the siege of countless supersonic slashes, endless crackling sounds rang out. When all the smoke dispersed, a black shadow abruptly shot out, shortly followed by a series of whizzing sounds. Up to a hundred steel swords rose up within the villa, shooting out together with the black shadow like a platoon of flying swords, piercing through the air and creating light swooshing wounds.

Accompanied with Fang Xingjian's disappearance, an extremely loud whizzing sound rang out.

’’Slash, slash, slash. Slash to create a noble spirit that will never perish.’’

’’Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash. Slash the world upside down.’’


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