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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Dispute

Fang Xingjian gradually walked up to him and asked, ’’Where's your boss? Why did he not come? Where is he?’’

It turned out that the boss of the Venomous Serpent Gang was very cautious. He did not turn up despite knowing that someone was here to wreck trouble, only sending his subordinates over instead.

The leader who was being stared at began to shiver, unable to say a single word. Fang Xingjian furrowed his brows and was about to ask again when loud footsteps sounds came from outside again.

’’Everyone stop!

’’Are you guys thinking of rebelling?’’

Tens of guards from the City Guards Institution charged in. When they saw the people on the ground, groaning out, they were all stunned. The head of the guards frowned and shouted at Fang Xingjian, ’’Who are you? What has happened here?’’

That leader of the gangsters seemed to have found himself a life buoy, and he grabbed onto the thigh of one of the guards and shouted, ’’Help! Save me! This person wants to kill us! Save me!’’

Looking at this scene, the captain of the city guards frowned and looked at Fang Xingjian, not able to identity Fang Xingjian's identity outright. Although that chap from the Venomous Serpent Gang had deliberately chosen not to reveal that Fang Xingjian had performed the Reduced Force Field, after seeing so many people lying on the ground, how could he fail to understand that Fang Xingjian was not an easy character?

Therefore, he forced out a smile and said, ’’May I ask who you are? Could we take a step outside and have a talk?’’

But Fang Xingjian did not give him any face. Throwing him a sideward glance, he said, ’’You're in charge of this area with the Venomous Serpent Gang's territory right? You've really 'put in great efforts to govern the place', allowing this area to be turned into a place with such foul atmosphere.’’

How could that captain not tell the sarcasm in Fang Xingjian's words? But the more the other party acted like this, the more he did not dare to look down on him. He bent forward slightly, saying with a face full of smiles, ’’You must be jesting. I wonder how the Venomous Serpent Gang has offended you?’’ With that, he pushed a bag of money to Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian let out a cold snort and slapped away the hand which was secretly passing him the bag, and then said coldly, ’’Tell the head of the Venomous Serpent Gang Jerry to come receive his punishments within two hours time. If not, it would not end so simply if I were to take action myself.

’’You're under Hogan, right? To think that you've allowed something like the Venomous Serpent Gang to form under your jurisdiction. After I've dealt with Jerry, I'll come for you next.’’

The captain's countenance turned grim. He had already showed Fang Xingjian a lot of courtesy, but the other party had paid them no regards. He had even especially mentioned Hogan's name, though he did not seem to show Hogan any respect either. This made the captain even more unsure where this person was from, and he could only gradually retreat.

That captain then carried on and asked, ’’At least you must let us know your name? It'll let our brothers know better on what to do next.’’

But Fang Xingjian had already closed his eyes, ignoring the captain's question.

That captain could only walked out of the hall with a pale countenance, furrowing his brows as he thought about who this person was.

But a soldier with a large build who stood at the very back walked up to him quietly. It was the previous Eldest Martial Brother Ogden from The School of Sword Arts.

He looked at the captain and said, ’’Captain, that person in the gambling den, seems... seems to be Fang Xingjian.’’

’’What?’’ The captain anxiously asked, ’’Are you sure?’’

Ogden said, ’’A few of our brothers had went to observe the academy's competition. If you don't believe me, you can ask them.’’

The captain asked around, and truly, quite a number of them all felt that the guy in the gambling den was Fang Xingjian.

The captain smiled bitterly, ’’To think that it's such an important character, a sixteen year old Windstorm Sword Hero. This thing is beyond us.’’ He spoke to one of his subordinate at the side and said, ’’Go pass the message to Jerry. Let him bring out whatever backer he has, if not the matter may get worse.’’

He then recalled Fang Xingjian's words earlier, and let out a shudder as he said, ’’Come, let's go look for Boss Hogan. This is like a fight between the gods. It's beyond us.’’

Fang Xingjian kept waiting in the hall. The leader also calmed down. His gaze when looking at Fang Xingjian were filled with enmity and terror.

However, he and the rest of the helpers were being monitored by Fang Xingjian, so no one could save them. They could only bear with the pain and stay there, letting out occasional groans of suffering.

An hour later, Hogan accompanied an elderly man here. Behind them, there were seven muscular and stout men who did not seem to be of any good.

Hogan shooked his head and smiled, ’’Xingjian, Xingjian. Why did you not tell us when you've come to Kirst?’’ Looking at the wounded lying on the ground, he smiled bitterly and said, ’’What is this?’’

Fang Xingjian did not say a word, but looking at the old man beside Hogan and the seven burly looking men behind them, he asked, ’’Which of them is Jerry?’’

That old man beamed and pointed to a middle-aged man with a full beard and was blind in one eye and said, ’’This is Jerry, the head of the Venomous Serpent Gang. The other six are his brothers, the echelon in the gang.’’

Fang Xingjian threw him and glance and asked, ’’And who are you?’’

Hogan introduced, ’’Haha, this is Old Master Edgar. Old Master is also a senior Knight in Kirst and the current clan head of Edgar Clan.’’

As he said this, his lips trembled slightly, already passing Fang Xingjian the message to Fang Xingjian through the trembling air created by his Reduced Force Field, ’’Xingjian, this Venomous Serpent Gang has the support of Edgar behind them. Edgar Clan is one of the aristocrats in Kirst.

’’Their clan is not big, so they are not able to set up their own academy or trade like Tresia. That's why they only do some dishonest trade.

’’He is already showing you great respect, to have brought you the Venomous Serpent Gang's echelon. Let this matter go after killing these seven people. Old Master Edgar admires your talent a lot. You can have a good talk with him.’’

Fang Xingjian ignored Hogan's secret message and looked at Edgar, asking out clearly, ’’Old man, you're the one supporting Jerry's Venomous Serpent Gang?’’

Seeing how Fang Xingjian was asking out so straightforwardly, Edgar's face which was full of smiles earlier, froze up, appearing a little awkward.

He had not expected the other party to ask out so straightforwardly before the hundred plus people around.

Hogan's countenance turned slightly grim as he continued to communicate with Fang Xingjian through the sound waves, ’’Xingjian, what are you trying to do?!’’

Fang Xingjian only stared at Edgar and said, ’’Then are you aware that this beast Jerry abducts and trafficks young children from other places, torturing them, breaking their limbs, and making them beg?

’’He even forced young ladies into prostitutions, abducting girls from other places, forcing them to sell their bodies. And after they lose their beauties and their bodies can no longer take it, he would throw them out to fend for themselves.

’’Do you know how many families have been ruined because of their existences? Do you know how many people want to kill them?’’

Edgar smiled awkwardly and looked at Fang Xingjian, appearing baffled. He said, ’’I have no relations to them. How would I know what the Venomous Serpent Gang has done?’’

Hogan also got furious as he continued to communicate with Fang Xingjian,’’What on earth are you trying to do? Kirst is not the only one with such gangs. There's no end to people like these who does all these bad deeds in this world. Even if you've eradicated the Venomous Serpent Gang, there'll still be the Fire Serpent Gang, the Ice Serpent Gang, the Dark Serpent Gang. Would you be able to wipe out all of them?

’’At least these people are still under our control and would not go overboard. It's better to keep them than to allow for the formation of another gang which is hard to control.

’’Do you know that once you've eradicated them, the vacant spot would cause fights to break out between the many gangs? Do you know how many people will need to die?

’’Only by keeping the status quo would the commoner district remain peaceful, without chaos.’’


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