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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Knocking On the Door

At the northern side of the commoner district, there was a two-story high building.

While it was the commoner district, the interior design was exquisite. The floor was laid with black and white ceramic tiles, and the outer walls coated with a layer of golden colored paint. Under the shine of nearly a hundred fire torches, the feeling it gave out was a mixture of dignified and rustic.

This was the biggest money squandering establishment the Venomous Serpent Gang had set up in Kirst City. One would be able to gamble, look for prostitutes, or drink here. Many Old and Young Masters from the aristocratic clans would frequent this place as well, not just ordinary businessmen.

While it was already late in the night, the place was still brightly lit up. Horse carriages could be seen stopping at the sides;many men and women entered and exited the place.

Fang Xingjian headed for the main entrance, and once he stepped in, a young man came up. Although there was a hint of despise reflected within his eyes after seeing Fang Xingjian's tattered clothes, he hid it very well from his expression. He smiled and asked, ’’Young Master, is this your first time here? Do you want to play chess or cards, or look for the girls to have a chat?’’

Fang Xingjian did not say a word but walked straight to the main hall. There were many tables for card games and sounds of cursing, cheers, men's reproaches, women's teasings, as well as pungent stenches of alcohol and smoke gushing over. This caused Fang Xingjian to furrow his brows.

He lowered his head to look at the young man who was brimming in smiles. Fang Xingjian could not even bother to talk with him. He simply sent out a kick, which the person to the ground, and said, ’’Get someone who can take charge to talk to me.’’

That young man was kicked to the ground and felt a pain akin to a few of his rib bones breaking. He immediately let out a horribly cry similar to ones pigs let out when they were being killed, ’’Guys! Someone's here to create trouble and wreck havoc!’’

Over ten strong men walked over. Each of them seemed to have a tough, stocky build, looked courageous and strong. They were all men who had been training in martial arts for many years, but yet were not able to become Knights.

’’Chap, are you courting death?’’

’’This is the Venomous Serpent Gang's territory. You dare come look for trouble here?’’

The few men walked over slowly, unhurried. They looked with curiosity and ridicule at Fang Xingjian, who was alone. He looked only about sixteen to seventeen years of age and was wearing tattered clothes. They did not feel that a young boy like this would be much danger.

Many gamblers also looked in their direction. Seeing Fang Xingjian being so silent, all of them broke out in laughter.

’’Young man, you're really daring.’’

’’Haha, Big Bear, you guys just give him a slight bashing. After all, he's only a kid.’’

Looking at the strong man who was grinning hideously as he walked over, Fang Xingjian threw a cold glare and kicked on his chest. The man let out a horribly cry and flew out a distance of about ten plus meters, crashing onto a gambling table.

’’Damn, he's been trained.’’

’’Everyone attack together. Kill him.’’

’’Just because he had learnt a few moves, he thinks he can wreck havoc in Venomous Serpent Gang's territory? Which of us here hasn't been trained before?’’

The men at the side bellowed out furiously and all charged up together. Fang Xingjian threw them all a cold look, not moving his hands, or rather, not even caring to take any action. As before, he lifted his leg and kicked out, causing a series of after images, Within a second, all the ten plus burly looking men were kicked to the ground, with more than half the gambling tables smashed down together with them. Even a few gamblers were implicated and thrown to the ground too.

Various cries of horror and bellows filled the whole hall. The other gamblers also quieten down immediately. The young man who was still crying out earlier was so scared that his legs were trembling, and he was slowing crawling outwards on his four limbs.

Fang Xingjian did what the trio from the Fire Crow Gang had suggested, and verified that what they had said about the Venomous Serpent Gang was true. After hearing how the Venomous Serpent Gang's evil crimes knew no limits, and that they had engaged in human trafficking, forcing young ladies into prostitution and causing the deaths of many lives, Fang Xingjian found it hard to push down the strong sense of fury he was feeling.

Therefore, he rushed over here immediately. He wanted to have the Venomous Serpent Gang as an offering to his sword, allowing the progress for his mental cultivation method.

In just a moment, Fang Xingjian kicked the ten plus burly men to the ground, then pulled over a chair and sat down without a care.

A helper stood out, feeling both angry and frightened. He had not participated in the joint attack against Fang Xingjian earlier, and therefore had not been injured. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Who exactly are you? Have our Venomous Serpent Gang offended you in any way?’’

’’You guys did not offend me.’’ Fang Xingjian said coldly, ’’But you've done deeds of great evil. If I don't kill all of you, I won't feel content.’’

That person fell into a daze, looking at Fang Xingjian as if he was looking at a fool, and then broke out in loud laughter, ’’You're actually a big fool. You think that just because you have a few tricks up your sleeves, you'll be able to uphold justice and eradicate evils.’’

Fang Xingjian said calmly, ’’I've never thought of upholding justice. I just want to kill all of you to make myself feel contented.’’

The person nodded. ’’Alright. Do you dare to wait here? Our brothers from the Venomous Serpent Gang would be coming in a while. I'll wait and see how you're going to kill us all.’’ After saying that, he turned to leave, wanting to call for help.

But the moment he turned, a whistling sound rang out. A chair knocked against his leg, breaking it.

He grabbed onto his leg as he rolled on the ground, crying out in pain. Fang Xingjian said coldly, ’’Did I say that you can leave?

’’Those who are not from the Venomous Serpent Gang can just scram.’’

At the next moment, a large number of gamblers and customers who came for the prostitutes ran out. Within a few blinks of the eye, those that remained in the hall were the helpers who had fallen to the ground, as well as a few other men who did not know whether they should remain standing or leave.

They were all the helpers who had not attacked Fang Xingjian. At that moment, they did not dare to fight against Fang Xingjian, but they were also afraid that their boss would blame them and thus, were unwilling to leave.

Fang Xingjian did not care about them. He simply sat down on the chair, waiting quietly.

About twenty plus minutes later, many footsteps sounds rang out. Over a hundred men were holding axes, choppers, and clubs as they dashed in, surrounding Fang Xingjian and looking at him coldly.

The man whose leg had been broken earlier was helped to his feet. There were now more people, which could have given him a sense of security, because he pointed at Fang Xingjian and said furiously, ’’Chap, let's see you carry on with your arrogance! No matter how well you can fight, would you be able to win against so many of us?’’

While he knew that Fang Xingjian should be very strong, he looked really too young. Thus, he had only treated Fang Xingjian as a normal strong Warrior who was at level 9. Who would have thought that he was a sixteen years old, genius Knight?

At that moment, he was very confident that they were going to win. He pointed to Fang Xingjian and cursed, ’’You b*stard! How dare you come wreak havoc in our Venomous Serpent Gang's territory? Guys! Chop off all his limbs! I'm going to feed him to the dogs!’’

But at that moment, Fang Xingjian asked, ’’All of you want to kill me?’’

That leader laughed out loud, ’’Why? Are you scared now? I'm telling you it's too late! Hack him up!’’

Fang Xingjian looked at over a hundred people that were charging towards him. He stood up slowly, and waves of air currents exploded outwards from around him as his Reduced Force Field was thrown out blatantly. Fang Xingjian simply took a walk around the hall, and all of them dropped to the ground with broken arms and legs. Terrifying cries filled up the whole hall, as if it was a living hell.

That leader fell into a daze within a moment, his laughing expression turned into one of endless terror.


Obviously he was still a person with some knowledge and knew of the Knight's Reduced Force Field.


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