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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Metamorphosis of the Mental Cultivation Method

Whenever Fang Xingjian thought about the varying injustice and darkness in the world, his mental cultivation method would start to circulate at an increasing rate.

Letting out an exhale, he seem to want to swallow down the accumulated feelings of depression in one breath.

’’If I cannot eradicate the evil and wipe out the feelings of unfairness in my heart, I won't be satisfied no matter how high my level of sword cultivation is, or how much power and authority I wield.’’

At this moment on Fang Xingjian's Stats Window, the Ice Age Meditation Art appeared blurry, as if it would undergo a transformation at any moment.

Unlike the physical body, the mental cultivation method corresponded to one's spirit and thoughts. It was something that could be comprehended.

To succeed in training the physical body, one would need to plough through long hours of tough training day and night, unceasingly training each and every muscle, each and every bone.

But one's consciousness was akin to nihility;something that could be changed at will.

Therefore, while a person could develop different views due to the accumulating years of environmental and situational influences, a person could also gain instant comprehension when subjected to certain stimulations from events or from having certain ways of thinking.

This was why Fang Xingjian had taken over one month to change his Waves while cultivating it, turning the Mistral Windgod's Waves into the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves.

And now, with a change of his thinking, his Ice Age Meditation Art had started to go through a change. When the thoughts in his consciousness settled down, his mental cultivation method could go through a metamorphosis.

There was still a chance of turning back the changes to one's physical body and Waves, but if one's thoughts were to change, it would be extremely difficult to reverse the changes.

Take for example, a monk that had broken the Buddhist rule of abstinence in lust, it was simply impossible to get him to forget about **** and revert to his initial innocent state.

Another example would be when a serial killer had killed hundreds of people. How difficult would it be for him to forget about all about killing and repent?

With mental cultivation methods, it was hard to reverse any changes once the first step was taken.

However,Fang Xingjian did not regret this at all. He had to start from a different way of thinking to be able to begin his cultivation in the Ice Age Meditation Art. If he had to wipe out all of his desires and retain all the disturbances he had in his mind, what meaning would there be to stay alive?

Although he calmed his heart by eradicating external disturbances, which allowed for his experience gained to soar very quickly, it was a natural flow for his mental cultivation method to experience an eventual change as long as he persisted.

But how could it be possible that Fang Xingjian would have any regret?

'If I must follow the way the Ice Age Meditation Art is supposed to be cultivated, turn myself into a cowardly tortoise, an ice mountain, I'll be better off dead.'

At that moment, Fang Xingjian had fixed his goal of travelling around, eradicating evil-doers to wipe out external evils and attain a peace of mind, thus improving his mental cultivation method.

Thinking about this, Fang Xingjian started to feel as if all his body was at ease. It was as if every single muscle, every single bone, had turned active and free.

The mental cultivation method on his Stats Window started to turn blurry, as if it was going to undergo a change at any moment.

Looking at the transformation to the Stats Window, Fang Xingjian thought to himself, 'Oh well, I'll lend you a helping hand. I'll complete my mental cultivation method before I look for sword arts and materials.'In the next moment, he dashed to the back alley behind a restaurant. He saw three burly looking gangsters who were carrying weapons.

Kirst's gangs were all people who had cultivated some form of martial technique, but were unable to pass the Prefectural Selection. Thus, they were stuck between the aristocrats and the commoners, forming organizations who exploited the commoners for a living.

The three of them felt as if their vision blurred for a while before Fang Xingjian appeared before them.

The three of them got on their guard, and a young man who appeared to be the leader spoke up, ’’Brother, may I ask what matter you have with our Fire Crow Gang?’’

This Fire Crow Gang was considered a small gang in Kirst, with only over ten people. They took charged of two streets and charged for protection fees in exchange for protecting the businesses in the area from the harassment of hoodlums. Sometimes, they would also help with catching thieves or hounds after creditors.

While they were a gang, they were not considered a big evil.

Fang Xingjian nodded, and with a flick of his finger, sword Qi cut across the faces of all three of them. They froze in their tracks. To be able to create strong forces and sword Qi with just a flick of a finger was something that only strong Warriors at the Knight level were able to accomplish.

The three of them immediately broke into a pacifying smile and asked, ’’May I know which Lord Knight you are? What matters do you need us Fire Crow Gang to help with?’’

Fang Xingjian said coldly, ’’In Kirst City, what evil-doers and evil gangs are there? Tell me.’’

The three of them were stunned and had yet to react when they saw Fang Xingjian gently flicking his nails, creating a crisp metallic sound. They immediately broke out in cold sweat.

The three of them quickly said, ’’If we're talking about evil-doers and evil gangs, it'll have to be the Venomous Serpent Jerry and his Venomous Serpent Gang.’’

The three of them spoke in greater detail, ’’This Jerry from the Venomous Serpent Gang is a martial arts practitioner who been cultivating for over thirty years and will be turning forty years old soon. His martial arts is amongst one of the better ones in Kirst. But of course, he can't be compared to Lord Knights such as yourself.’’

Back then, Jerry had also devoted all his focus on the pursuance of martial arts and wanted to take the test to become a Knight. After many failing attempts, however, he became dejected and led his Martial Brothers to form the Venomous Serpent Gang. It quickly got out of hand and they soon became the biggest gang in Kirst.

’’There are many gangs in Kirst, but everyone are locals. Therefore, most would only take some protection fees or get some money from people who are unlucky.

’’But Jerry and the Venomous Serpent Gang are different. They would often force young girls into prostitution and deal with human trafficking. They had also raided homes and plundered houses, committing acts of murders and arson as well.’’

Fang Xingjian frowned, ’’Even though you've said this, are there any actual cases?’’

’’Of course.’’ That person continued, ’’We don't know where they just bought a bunch of young kids from. Recently, they've made them beg in the aristocratic district. They even broke their feet and dug out their eyes, just so that the kids would look more pitiful and could get some money from the aristocratic ladies. Who in Kirst does not know about this?

’’Last year, there was a couple that came by and found their kid, causing a huge ruckus. They wanted to bring the case to the City Lord, but, hehe, the next day, they were already buried. Now, the wild grass before their tombstones should already be higher than a person's waist.’’

’’Not just that.’’ Another person spoke up. ’’There's also the Harrison family at the east of the city. Their youngest daughter was born a beauty and was well-liked by many. But the hoodlums from Venomous Serpent Gang came to ask for her hand in marriage and dragged her away directly. When she returned the next day, she hanged herself.’’

Fang Xingjian listened as they listed out the evil deeds committed by the Venomous Serpent Gang. Each event seemed very coherent, not like some fabricated lies.

And because of this, the cold gleam in his eyes became increasingly stronger. He could not pacify the fury that he was feeling inside.

Fang Xingjian asked, ’’Is there no one who will step out to stop the Venomous Serpent Gang?’’

’’Hehe,’’ someone let out a weird laugh and said, ’’They have someone backing them up. How could ordinary commoners stop them?

’’Hmph, since when have those aristocrats cared about our lives? Even if there are thousands or tens of thousands of lives like ours, to them, it would not even be comparable to a single finger of theirs.’’

’’That's enough. I'll go ask around to see if what you guys have said are true. If there's a single lie in it, I'll return and chop off all your limbs.’’

When Fang Xingjian said this, it was as if icy-cold wind was coming out from the gaps between his teeth. The three shivered, but stopped very quickly and said, ’’Sir, please feel free to verify what we had said. There's not a single lie in what we said. These Venomous Serpent Gang hold a candle to the devil, and have committed heinous crimes. No matter how many we list, it would just be 10% of what they had done. ’’

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. In the next moment, his silhouette disappeared with the wind as if he had not been there in the first place, leaving the three men staring at each other.


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