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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Conspiracy

Just as Fang Xingjian was on his way to Huang Lin's office...

At the foot of a volcano far away, thick fumes and ashes unceasingly sprouted out from the volcano, occasionally causing huge tremors across the land. The villages in the area had all evacuated.

Rebecca stood at the foot of the volcano looking at this natural might. She furrowed her brows and asked, ’’Kaunitz is cultivating here? This time, he had gotten us to come here in such a hurry. What would it be for?’’

A servant next to her shook his head and said, ’’Young Master did not say. He only mentioned that it is a grave issue and that I must definitely invite these few seniors of his to come and meet up with him.’’

There were two other elders who had came at the same time with Rebecca, a man and a woman.

The old man looked to be in his seventies or eighties, but had a simple and unsophisticated appearance and lean and skinny body, as if he was a villager living in the mountains and plains.

Contrary to the old man, the old lady next to him was dressed in luxurious-looking clothes and covered in splendid jewels. Her display of wealth and power was even greater than Rebecca's.

However, she also had an air of arrogance, as if she did not a care about anything in this world.

This old lady had been Rebecca's close sister when she was young, an aristocrat from the Great Western Region's Green Jade City, Cynthia. The person next to her was her husband, a man who was very fearful of his wife, Zhakov.

Hearing the servant's words, Cynthia frowned, saying, ’’Rebecca, this nephew of yours is really too outrageous. As his elders, we've come to meet him from such a long distance away. It's one thing for him to come out to greet us himself, but to think that he's even putting on airs and getting us to wait for him. This disrespect for seniors is truly ridiculous.’’

That servant explained in a soft voice, ’’Madam, it's not that Young Master Kaunitz has no respect for his elders. It's just that his cultivation has reached a crucial point and he's not able to leave as he wishes.’’

’’Hmph,’’ Cold eyes gleamed in Cynthia's eyes. She was deeply ingrained with the concepts of having to show respects for seniors, clan regulations, as well as how aristocrats were of a different class from commoners. What she detested the most was others showing her disrespect. Hearing the servant's explanation, she let out a cold laugh and sent a slap over through the air. Her Reduced Force Field sent the servant rolling on the ground and spewing out blood.

She was also a Knight;no, she, her husband, and Rebecca were all Knights. Moreover, they were all Knights at the pinnacle of the first transition, having come from aristocratic families and cultivated for decades, eating numerous good food.

They could be considered the batch of people at the very top of all first transition Knights.

After beating up the servant, Cynthia said slowly, ’’Rebecca, why is it that the Tresia Clan is getting increasingly unruly? To think that even a servant would dare to be so rude. We're having a discussion here, who is he to speak?’’

That servant covered his face in pain and quickly said, ’’I deserve to die! I deserve to die! Please spare my life!’’

Rebecca said, annoyed, ’’Scram. We'll wait here by ourselves.’’ She then turned to speak to Cynthia, ’’Sister, don't be angry. Kaunitz, this child has now gotten the appreciation of the First Prince and has reached a crucial stage in his cultivation. As his seniors, let's just wait a little while.’’

’’Hmph.’’ Cynthia shook her head. ’’You are still too soft-hearted. If a junior had asked me to wait for him back in Green Jade City, I'll definitely punish him.

’’I heard recently that there's a Windstorm Sword Hero genius who had even beaten Kaunitz up right in front of you?’’ While saying that, she showed a look of despise. ’’The youngsters these days are getting increasingly disrespectful. Only in Kirst would you see such a crude person becoming a Prefectural Champion.’’

Just then, the air in the surroundings suddenly twisted violent and the temperature increased over ten degrees. It continued to increased without stopping until it almost exceeded a hundred degrees.

The scorching heat was strong enough to scald a person to death. But to three senior Knights, it was the equivalence of soaking in a hot spring.

As the temperature rose, a gush of sulphur smell surged towards them. A nefarious feeling surge within them, and it was as if the three of them came to hell from the human world in just an instant.

’’Haha, Aunt Cynthia is right. That Fang Xingjian is disrespectful towards those of greater seniority, goes against human ethics, and doesn't give a hoot to us aristocrats. If we were to let this beast progress, he will only bring disaster to the Empire, causing endless slaughters.’’

As he said that, Kaunitz gradually walked up to the trio. His body was covered in a layer of dark black scale armor, with two long winding horns pointing towards the sky. He held onto a longsword with each of his six arms, ether particles rippling violently from every single sword.

This caused him to appear very evil and extremely horrifying. He seemed more like a vicious spirit from hell than a human.

Rebecca also received a huge shock. Her expression the quickly turned into one of delight. ’’Kaunitz, this... this is the Inferno Indestructible Physique the First Prince had imparted to you?’’

’’That's right.’’ Kaunitz appeared very proud of himself. ’’I've taken the Dragon Blood Pill and has changed my blood vessels and bone marrows, becoming half human, half dragon. I've also brought the Inferno Indestructible Physique to an unprecedented maximum level of 13.

’’Now, I don't just have the powers of dragons, I've also gained several specialties including the Demon's Nerves (increases reaction and movement speed), Heart of the Land (extraordinary recovery abilities, able to absorb geothermal energy, stamina will never dry up), and Fiend's Muscles (under the situation where one's physical strength is reduced many folds quicker, increases one's explosive force and the rate at which muscles contracts).

’’Now, although my five attributes have all just hit 50, the effects are comparable to a Knight with 50 or even 80 points in their attributes.’’

It was obvious that the earlier news of Fang Xingjian having been crippled had resulted in the First Prince devoting all of the resources he had intended to nurture Fang Xingjian with into Kaunitz.

Just those ten Dragon Blood Pills had allowed Kaunitz to gain an increase of over 20 points in his attributes.

Even if it was the First Prince, he would not have been able to bring out so much resources casually. However, the effects were truly tremendous. It had merely been a short one month and Kaunitz had already experienced tremendous growth, comparable to five year of his usual level of hard work.

Hearing his words, even the arrogant Cynthia nodded in agreement, saying, ’’As expected from a member of the royalty, to have spent such a great fortune. Even if we combine the efforts of multiple clans in Green Jade City, we may not even be able to match up to this. Seems like you are already close to attaining the divine level. In a few years' time, our Empire will probably have another divine level character.

In Kaunitz's body, the First Prince's clown frowned slightly, sending a message to Kaunitz cooly, ’’Alright, cut the crap. Get down to business.’’

Kaunitz smiled and said, ’’The First Prince is person of great spirit and means. This is but a small case to him. This time around, the reason I've invited you three elders here is to discuss about Fang Xingjian.

’’The First Prince hopes that we can make use of the opportunity of hunting down the Garcia people to have the three of you help me raise my level and quickly reach the pinnacle of level 19 as soon as possible. Also, there's another thing, which is to suppress Fang Xingjian, forcing him to sign the Devil's Note.’’


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