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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 124


Chapter 124 Tremors

Finally, Fang Xingjian's one month in the Reflection Chamber was up and he returned to his villa.

During this period of time, Fang Xingjian had gone through tough training day and night, unceasingly tempering his attributes and cultivating his mental cultivation methods, Waves, and sword arts. Of course, he continued to throw in all his potential points into raising his agility, thus increasing his powers. His attributes were now:

Name Fang Xingjian
Age 16
Occupation Windshadow Sword divinity
Level 10
Strength 56+5
Agility 91+5
Reaction 55
Endurance 49
Flexibility 51
The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated
Due to Perfect Muscles, +5 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute)
Nurturing Sword Techniques 79 sets
Training Sword Techniques 12 sets
Supreme Mistwind Sword Level 30
Radiant Light Sword Technique Level 6
Ether divine Art Level 1
Specialities: Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healingļ¼Œ

Internal Trainingļ¼Œ

Sword Specialist,

High Agility Motion Vision,

Heightened Reflexes,

Perfect Muscles

Elementary Berserkness

Unparalleled Sword Intent (79/100)

Potential 11,000 point increase/day
Waves Level 5 Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves
Mental Cultivation Method Level 3 Ice Age Meditation Art

Currently, Fang Xingjian had reached the maximum level for seventy-nine sets of sword techniques. His sword arts cultivation was progressing in great strides as the days passed by. It was almost as if just one swing of his hand would turn into various wonderful sword arts. But at the same time, the sword arts he could acquire from the other students and from the library were only these.

'It's a pity that the academy keeps the Killing techniques secretly stashed away. Demonic Dusk and Eternal divine Sword are not mere sword arts, but sword techniques which rely on Waves and ether particles to release special powers, and they are closer to Ether divine Art.'

Fang Xingjian would probably take longer to level these types of sword techniques as compared to the Supreme Mistwind Sword, and might not even contribute to the Unparalleled Sword Intent when he had attained the maximum levels for these techniques.

Thus, Fang Xingjian's plan was to gather other Nurturing and Training sword techniques. These two types of sword arts were the safest and fastest option for him.

'Waves and potential can raise attributes and can only be trained slowly. There's still ten plus days before the academy will be starting on actual combat practice. By then, I'll go all out, raise my level, and increase my powers.

'But for my mental cultivation method and Unparalleled Sword Intent, I can still think of ways to progress them a little.'

As a strong Warrior in the area of speed, Fang Xingjian's current speed was already very fast because of his high attributes and the specialty, Single Sword World Subjugation. If he were to come into contact with strong foes, he could even perform the Supreme Mistwind Sword. Coupled with Boundaries Negation, it would bring his speed to even greater heights and he would be able to battle at supersonic speed.

Such great speed, coupled with the ability to see through other's moves with his Unparalleled Sword Intent, allowed for Fang Xingjian's attack prowess to be extremely strong.

Now, what he needed was to continue strengthening these advantages, including tempering his physical attributes daily, cultivating Waves, and training sword techniques to improve his sword intent.

Now, his biggest problem was his weapon.

Normal steel swords were not able to support him in his high speed battles. His speed had gotten even faster, especially after he had experienced progress recently. The rate at which his steel swords go to waste was also faster. Many times, when he was dealing with weaker Knights, he could very well have wiped them all out with his sword Qis directly.

However, the problem with the weapon was not something he could settle easily. The only two things he could do was to wait for the Governor to complete his divine Weapon, and work hard to cultivate his Ether divine Art.

This martial art from the Spiritual Weapon Hall given to him by Charlie was truly profound and worth studying closely.

Thinking about this, Fang Xingjian gently opened his palms and trickles of light flowed out from his arms, forming a white-colored light blade on his palm within a short period of time.

Fang Xingjian then slightly flicked the index finger on his other hand, making a steel sword from afar as if it was a string puppet. It flew in his direction and landed in his palm.

He gradually encompassed the light blade onto the steel sword and it very quickly submerged within.

The Effulgence Weapons created by Ether divine Art actually had no tangible forms and were purely weapons formed from magnetic waves. Despite that, they could increase and reduce the temperature through magnetic waves, making flaming or ice-cold attacks, inflicting poison damage through radiations, and even causing electrifying damages through electric fields. They could have various special effects.

Especially after one's weapons were combined with the Effulgence Weapon, the latter would thus be granted a physical form, and could pass on the attacking effects to the physical weapon.

This was what Fang Xingjian was doing. After the light blade entered the steel sword, the whole steel sword tremored. As if it had on a faint layer of fog, it turned blurry.

Fang Xingjian did not choose any weird special effects like high or low temperature, poison, or electricity. It was because he knew what he needed most.

'With the Earth's technology, the sharpest blade which could be created, the High Frequency Blade, was made from magnetic pulses.

'No matter what material, there would be inconsistencies, and magnetic pulses could make use of this to store the fatigue of the materials, thus being able to slice through them.

'And the ability of my Effulgence Weapon is just call 'shock'.'

The reason that the longsword Fang Xingjian was holding had a blurry feeling was because the blade itself was trembling at a very quick speed of five hundred times per second. But at the next moment, the steel sword shattered and the Effulgence Weapon dissipated. Fang Xingjian's Ether Effulgence Weapon had failed once again.

'While the prowess of high speed trembling is tremendous, it also meant that it is unstable. If I want to condense such a Ether Effulgence Weapon, I'll still need more time.'

Fang Xingjian had obviously wanted to condense an invincible and indestructible high frequency Effulgence Weapon. However, the process was much harder than creating one with either high or low temperatures, electrifying or poisonous effects.

But this was normal. It was the same for all Conferred Knights. The stronger the effects of the Effulgence Weapons they wanted to create, the higher the level of difficulty, It would also be increasingly tougher for the Effulgence Weapon to attain the divine level in the future.

Although his high frequency Effulgence Weapon itself had no damaging prowess, once it was loaded onto a physical body and could undergo high frequency tremors, then theoretically, as long as the rate of the tremblings were high enough, there would be nothing it could not cut through.

There was nothing it could not slash, and nothing it could not cut through. This was the weapon that Fang Xingjian, who had the ability to move at extreme speed, truly required.

It was a pity that after Fang Xingjian had attained level 1 for the Ether Effulgence Weapon, he had not been able to truly create such an Effulgence Weapon till now. He could only be patient and precise, working to slowly stabilizing his Ether Effulgence Weapon and gradually allowing the time that the Effulgence Weapon could be maintained to increase. At this rate, he had no idea how long it would take for him to succeed.

However, other than the level of the Effulgence Weapon itself, the sturdiness of the physical weapon was also a crux to controlling the rate of the tremors.

Fang Xingjian took another longsword, once again condensing the Effulgence Weapon and immersing into it. He then slashed out. Hundreds of sword Qis shot out, and at the same time, the steel sword in his hand could no longer keep up with that pressure and shattered inch by inch. It turning into countless shards, landing on the ground.

However, immediately after, another steel sword was sent to his hand by sword Qis. Fang Xingjian let out another slash, the longsword shattered, and another steel sword came.

Just like that, Fang Xingjian performed the Supreme Mistwind Sword with the Ether Effulgence Weapon. With each slash and each condensation of the Effulgence Weapon, the longsword would immediately shatter and the Effulgence Weapon would dissipate. He would then use the sword Qi from the Supreme Mistwind Sword to bring him a second steel sword, once again condensing his Effulgence Weapon and slashing out.

While hundreds of sword Qis were circulating around him, tens of steel swords were also circling around him in the air.

Each time he performed a sword stance, the longsword in his hand would be changed, allowing him to constantly be able to apply the Effulgence Weapon to the longsword in his hand and demonstrating an astonishing sharpness. However, each attempt would also sap him of his physical strength, and he furthermore had to unceasingly condense the Effulgence Weapon.

Very quickly, Fang Xingjian appeared like the descent of a typhoon. Hundreds of steel swords shattered and left countless sword trails in the ground, each of them with a depth of countless meters, displaying damaging and penetrating prowess unlike anything ever seen before.

'It's a pity that Ether divine Art is not a type of sword arts, and the tremors for the high frequency Effulgence Weapon I want to create makes it very unstable. If I wish to succeed, I can only work on it slowly and patiently, hoping that success will come when the conditions are ripe and the Effulgence Weapon will be formed.

'However, on the secret manual for the Ether divine Art, there was method which smelts and casts materials to quickly form Ether Effulgence Weapons. Maybe I can try that out.'

Fang Xingjian sat down cross-legged, putting the last steel sword on his feet. With each of his breath, faint white light flashed out.

He noticed that ever since his Ice Age Meditation Art reached level 3, he no longer needed to sleep. This allowed him to be able to cultivate the Ether divine Art every night.

With that, other than cultivating sword arts and Waves while constantly tempering his attributes, the rest of the time was spent on his Ether Effulgence Weapon.

'I'm left with ten plus days before the academy's external combat training. Since I've learned almost all of the sword techniques in the academy, then it's time to learn other sword techniques outside to allow my Unparalleled Sword Intent and mental cultivation method to progress. It would be even better if I can search for some materials for casting, and see if there's any materials which can help aid the formation of Effulgence Weapon.'

With the progress of his mental cultivation method, his ability to think, plan, and remember had all improved greatly, and he did not even need to sleep anymore. It was obvious that the constant leveling of the mental cultivation method was very effective, and it could also raise his efficiency in the other areas.


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