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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Pursue

Fang Xingjian was condensing an Effulgence Weapon, chasing for an even higher breakthrough.

As he did so, a lady, dressed in purple, with purple hair, was running at high speed on the snowy plains in the far north.

With each step she took, it was as if she was strolling on the clouds, not leaving a single trace as she gracefully and easily moving forward for over thirty meters.

Just like that, her feet connected into a line as she brought out a long air current, advancing at a condition where she was at ten times supersonic speed. Wherever she passed by, waves of air currents were sent out, either pushing away countless snow and water or blowing them up into the sky. Her steps had even created fire sparks, leaving a track of traces similar to meteorites. It evaporated a large amount of snow and water and created a whole stretch of fog.

However, even if she was progressing at such a high speed, her face was still that of shock and panic, as if some tremendous prehistoric monster was chasing after her.

Just like that, she ran across a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Suddenly, the sky turned dark as countless black-colored light rays descended from the heaven, surrounding thousands of meters around the purple-haired lady.

Seeing this canopy of darkness which had come down from the heavens, a hint of desperation flashed past her face.

’’George Krieg! Do you have to be so ruthless?!’’

Just then, the black-colored light cracked and scattered as if they were turbulent, black smoke. Two men and one female walked out.

One of them was a guy in suit of black armor and a crimson red mantle. It was obvious that he was a Conferred Knight.

The black-armored Knight exuded turbulent black fog endlessly, forming into one with the canopy of darkness in the surroundings. It was obvious that the canopy which surrounded a kilometer around them was his work.

The countless spacial gaps in the surroundings were completely sealed by his ability, turning into a maze which one would never be able to exit from.

It was a top notch Killing technique used to trapped opponents, Hell's Labyrinth.

The lady was dressed in palace clothings, and although it was a snowy plains of below zero degrees, she still revealed her snow white thighs and tender arms, not seeming to be affected by the cold at all.

In front of these two, it was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit of gold with golden-colored armor, emitting a thick feeling of aristocracy as if he was a deity who had descended from the heavens.

The man had a rectangular face and his expression was one of great authority. His every movement exuded a great sense of nobility and supremacy, his eyes revealing incomparable authority and dominance, as if he was going to tightly grasp and control everything in the world.

’’Surrender, Li Zi, as long as you sign this Devil's Note, I can guarantee that no one in the whole of the Empire would ever pursue matters concerning you.’’

’’Matters concerning me?’’ Li Zi's face revealed a hint of deep killing intent as she stared viciously at the First Prince and said, ’’Kreig Clan broke faith and reneged on obligations, destroyed One Intention Style Dojo, wrecked our holy grounds, dug up our ancestral grounds, forged weapons and armors with my ancestors remains, and now you're even so ruthless as to drive me to the corners. Hahahaha, everyone in your Krieg Clan will all die horrible deaths eventually!’’

Her words were brimming with hatred, as if she was a female ghost comprised of wrath and vengeance, cursing the living while dwelling in the darkness.

The First Prince shook his head as vicious coldness flashed in his eyes. He said calmly, ’’One Intention Style Dojo hoards the mountain, self-declares itself as the reigning lord, hoards land and properties, gather people to create havoc, threatens the government bodies... Your crimes can't even be pardoned even in death.

’’I've taken into consideration of your exceptional talent and am giving you a chance to live and to serve the country, to seek pardon for the crimes that you've committed. Why are you not giving your thanks?’’

As he said that, the First Prince reached out his palm, slapping Li Zi gently from the top. With this palm, the wind and clouds changed in that instance, as if everything in the world lost colors in this one moment. There were crisp squeaking sounds in the air, as if it was shattering little by little. The First Prince's palm also seemed to have filled up the heaven and earth, covering the whole sky and finally transforming into a stretch of world that fell down towards Li Zi.

In that instant, Li Zi's eyes revealed endless terror. It was because in her eyes, somehow, a world appeared in the First Prince's hand. It was a world of mountains made from swords, along with seas of flames and endless bloodied corpses. It was a world brimming of despair and hardship.

There were people being tortured and interrogated everywhere in that world. There were some who were chopped off at the waists, some who were fried in oil or roasted over fire, some who had their limbs chopped off, and some who were pierced in the heart. The world which had appeared in that palm was like hell itself.

And when Li Zi was focused on looking at it, she had noticed that those who people who were being tortured all appeared to look exactly like her.

To be bringing hell to earth, to be crushing one with a world.

Purgatory Demonic Compendium - Overturned Hell.

This palm by the First Prince had turned the world upside down and brought one to a world of hell, a world that reflected a grim and heavy prospect. It did not just contained boundless strength which shattered the air, it also brought out a dominance which could crushed one mental status completely.

And the most horrifying thing was that within this one move, the surrounding snow-capped mountains, snow plains, as well as people, all seemed to be stretched out or compressed. It was obvious that there was a strong surge of power which compressed space, causing it to appear stretched out or bent like noodles.

Space was extremely firm and was indestructible even if all the divine level experts in the world were to gather together. However, space was also the most malleable and could be stretched or bent.

This was a state hidden by the move 'Overturned Hell'. It was able to twist the world, allowing one to be able to control the whole world, twisting, flattening, or moulding it to one's wishes.

Facing this extremely horrifying move made by the First Prince, Li Zi displayed the real prowess of an absolute genius.

Her expression was one of fierce struggle as she broke out from the endless illusion of hell. Then, with a shudder, three silhouettes leaped out from her body.

The three silhouettes appeared exactly the same as her, not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of equipments, power, and aura. There was not a hint of difference.

Li Zi appeared to be three times more powerful. Letting out loud roars, trembling all the muscles throughout her body, and fanatically circulating her Waves and mental cultivation method, she squeezed out every single ounce of potential within her.

In the next moment, each Li Zi formed signs with their hands. It was as if different elements sprouted out from the extremely fast motions of their hands which seemed so chaotic.

One Li Zi formed signs, seeming like a flower made of water.

Another Li Zi formed signs with her hands at very great speed, as if they were a ball of strong, explosive flames.

Another Li Zi formed signs quickly with her hands, creating a series of after images with them and appearing to be like strong gales.

The last Li Zi, the person herself, formed fists with her hands and moved towards the other four hand signs with a feeling of great ease and boldness.

The four hand signs combined together. The four types of powers represented the four types of powers which had created the world as said in the legends, earth, water, fire, and wind.

The First Prince crushed down using his attack with the powers that brought about descendent of hell, twisting the world. Li Zi attacked back against the splitting world with four times her original power, splitting through the world and reinventing the meaning of the four elements!

'Since you want bring the descent of hell and to twist the human world, I'll smash this hell of yours, creating a new world!'

This move of great ingenuity made even the First Prince's eyes brim with joy. He bellowed, ’’What a good Four Seals of World Creation, One Intention Style Dojo's Palm Imprint of Genesis and One Man Four Transformation. Since you've already mastered 70% of it, I won't be holding back either.’’

A tremendous boom sounded out! With the First Prince's words, the sky cracked, causing countless gaps.

No, those were not gaps from the sky splitting, but rather space being compressed by violent powers, thus revealing the gaps between space. Even the black-armored Knight's Hell's Labyrinth was broken through.

Although space was very firm and unable to be smashed through, the natural gaps between spaces could still be used by strong Warriors.

And with the First Prince's attack coming down, not only was the Hell's Labyrinth broken through, it even revealed the spatial gaps such that ordinary people would be able to see as well. What a brutal force this was... What a horrifying attack...

As if the weight of Mountain Taishan was bearing down, mountains and rivers were collapsing. Within a thousand meters, the whole place appeared as if it had been smashed by a gigantic palm, causing the ground to sink down a depth of several meters.

Much longer later, all of the smoke completely dispersed. The First Prince looked at the silhouette who had fallen in front of him, saying calmly, ’’Black Ghost, bring her back.’’

Hearing the command, the black-armored Knight stretch out one of his hands, encompassing the unconscious Li Zi with black smoke and placing her into the Hell's Labyrinth which was covered with a canopy of black light.

The lady dressed in palace clothes said, ’’Congratulations to Your Highness for taking in another peerless talent. The completion of the Hell's Map will be very soon.’’

The First Prince shook his head. ’’It's still too slow. Based on the records from the Book of Universal Truth, those devils will be coming here very soon. Time is still too tight.’’

The lady in palace clothing consoled, ’’Why does the First Prince need to force yourself so hard? The 'arrival'isn't something that concerns only one city or one country. As long as they are under the starlit skies, no one will be able to escape. By then, everyone will understand.’’

’’I just cannot bear for these vast rivers and mountains, for the vast lands to all be destroyed.’’ Saying that, the First Prince's countenance turned grim and the domineering aura once again flowed out from his body. ’’Let's go. There'll be turmoil in Church of Universal Truth very soon. The situation is very serious. The three great Mage Kings are becoming restless and getting ready to make their moves. We can't continue to wait anymore.’’

The Church of Universal Truth was the number one religion in this world, predominant in the three kingdoms in the north. Their influence was superior only to the Empire which was located in the southwest.

As they spoke, the lady in palace clothes frowned. After pressing down on the point between her eyebrows, she said, ’’Your Highness, this is with regards to the Great Western Region. Charlie has failed. Fang Xingjian has the backing from the Governor in the Great Western Region. There's probably no one who can do anything to him now.’’

’’Hmph, I've also not expected second brother to have taken in Devitt without any warning. Hmph, the person who lords over the Knights in a whole region, with thousands of official Knights as his subordinates. How awesome.

’’These old fogies and young diehards are getting increasing impossible. They really are treating things that belong to our family as theirs.

’’But it's fine, there's no harm. Now that he's revealed Devitt for Fang Xingjian's sake, there's more gains than losses.

’’In the end, the Windstorm Sword Hero is merely a first transition job. Now, the most important thing is the Church of Universal Truth and my Devil's Note.

’’Only after my Devil's Note is completed and I've attained the Supreme Purgatory Path will there be a chance for everyone in this world to survive.’’


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