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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Effulgence Weapon

Charlies eyes were fixed onto Fang Xingjian's, and it was hard to tell what he was thinking a amidst his ice-cold eyes.

Fang Xingjian appeared as if he did not mind at all as he merely closed his eyes and continued with his sword arts cultivation.

’’Good, good, good.’’ Charlie took a long look at him, and at the next moment, he became decrepit, saying, ’’You're truly deserving of the title of the super genius that is hard to come by in a hundred years. Whether it is your talent, courage, or mentality, they are all much stronger than the average person. It's no wonder that the First Prince values you so much.’’

His level was at the second transition, and if given the option, he would be able to kill Fang Xingjian within a few minutes at most. However, he was forced to bow down to the other party.

’’Save your crap. Bring out your bargaining chips.’’

Charlie let out a bitter laugh, taking out half a manual and chucked it to Fang Xingjian.

’’I had been picking up martial arts in Spiritual Weapon Hall since young. After I became a Knight, I learnt the ultimate Killing technique in the sect, <<Ether divine Art>>’’

’’I don't have much interest in Killing techniques.’’ Fang Xingjian casually picked up the half-manual and took a look. His interest in Killing techniques were really not that high.

Charlie nodded, saying, ’’Of course. Killing technique is the art of killing and destruction. It would be sufficient for a normal person to pick a few Killing techniques in their lifetime. But the <<Ether divine Art>>from our Spiritual Weapon Hall is different. It's unique. This is a technique which can be used by any job in this world and incorporated with any experts'Killing techniques. It's because it's use is not to directly kill enemies, but rather, provide the practitioner with a killing weapon.’’

As Charlie introduced it, Fang Xingjian was looking through the content to the <<Ether divine Art>>. Just a quick look through it and he was attracted by the amazing content written in it.

’’Everything in this world exists in ether particles!’’

Ether divine Art spoke about restraining ether particle waves through one's Waves, continuously stacking them up and forming them into a weapon like a light beam.

A first transition Knight could transform the powers from the ether particle into light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and radiation, and from there, create damages.

A second transition Conferred Knight could communicate with ether particles to change one's intrinsic qualities, breaking through the limits of one's body.

Ether particles were a type of special waves, and so is light;the Ether divine Art was a Killing technique which transformed the two.

This was only the principle. The Ether divine Art could also be categorized as a type of weapon.

Firstly, most of the weapons forged by the Empire's masters from commonly used rare ingredients were known as Empire's divine Weapon.

Further up, weapons which were forged from the remains of strong, deceased first transition Knights were known as Inferior Remains divine Weapons.

And weapons forged from the remains of second transition Conferred Knights were known as Superior Remains divine Weapons.

Furthermore, the strongest ones of them all were the weapons forged from the remains of divine level strong Warriors, known as divine Remains Equipment.

These categories were all further separated into 30 levels, like how the human body was.

Empire's divine Weapons belonged to level 1 to 9, Inferior Remains divine Weapons belonged to level 10 to 19, Superior Remains divine Weapons belonged to level 20 to 29, and the divine Remains Equipment belonged to level 30.

To condense waves of the ether particles and light through one's Waves, forming Ether Effulgence Weapon, was a powerful Killing technique which only could only be accomplished after completing the second transition, having experienced the stage of 'Heaven's Perception', and being able to communicate with ether particles.

Almost every Conferred Knight had their own Ether Effulgence Weapon to power up their weapons.

And the Ether Effulgence Weapon cultivated from the 'Ether divine Art'offered by Charlie could allow the practitioner at the level of a Knight to learn the means of obtaining a Conferred Knight's Ether Effulgence Weapon. This could be said to be the secret manuals amongst secret manuals.

How advantageous would it be for someone in a battle amongst people of the same level to be able to grasp skills of Conferred Knights while still a mere Knight.

The cultivation of Ether Effulgence Weapon started at the level of a level 1 Empire's divine Weapon and could be gradually cultivated to become stronger, even being cultivated to the level of a level 10 Inferior Remains divine Weapons. It could then be cultivated to the level of a level 20 Superior Remains divine Weapons, and eventually to the level of a level 30 divine Remains Equipment.

It was just that such training was even tougher compared to the cultivation ordinary people went through, and it was much more time consuming as well.

With the point of Charlie's finger, a green-colored light glow extended from the tips, continuously stacking together until a longsword made purely from light waves appeared in his palms.

This longsword was formed from the stacking of countless green light and was about one meter long. The light rays over a meter away got increasingly faint until they moved over ten meters away, after which they completely dispersed.

Charlie casually grabbed this green-colored light sword and, with a light wave, induced a slight dizziness on Fang Xingjian.

’’This Ether Effulgence Weapon of mine is called Green Fantasy, an Inferior Remains divine Weapon which had reached level 10. Although it is not tangible and is unable to defend against physical sword blows, its poisonous damage could be a threat to level 10 Knights.

’’Of course, because Ether Effulgence Weapon are formed from repeated layerings of waves of ether particles and light, they are not tangible and are only able to provide only special effects. Therefore it could not be comparable to a divine Weapon of an equivalent level.

’’However, the Ether Effulgence Weapon had another unique trait, which was to be able to adhere onto a physical object. It was a Killing technique which could strengthen as your abilities strengthened, continuously raising the prowess of one's weapons.

’’Moreover, the Ether divine Art from our Spiritual Weapon Hall is a training method which can allow one's Effulgence Weapon's level to be raised all the way to level 30. Not every training method for Effulgence Weapon can do this.’’

A satisfied smiled appeared on Fang Xingjian's face. With a slight movement of his palm, white colored light gradually flashed as if they were forming into something, yet were similar to a recorder with poor reception, unable to do much.

'So this is Effulgence Weapon?'Fang Xingjian suddenly recalled that when he had battled against Rota and the other three, Rota, the female Knight who was more than a match for most men, had suddenly unleashed an explosive force towards the end. The longspear that she had formed from red light should also have been a Effulgence Weapon as well. However, while her method was also one which would allow even a Knight to be able to perform it, it was much coarser compared to the Ether divine Art from the Spiritual Weapon Hall and could even cause inflict great damages onto one's body.

Fang Xingjian lifted his head and asked, ’’Where is the next half of the manual for the Ether divine Art?’’

Charlie said calmly, ’’If you promise to testify for me, saying that I had not secretly inflicted harm on you during the interrogation, I'll naturally pass you the second half of the manual for the Ether divine Art.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded, saying, ’’No problem.’’

Charlie said, astonished, ’’You've agreed?’’

’’Why? You're not agreeable?’’ Fang Xingjian let out a cold smile and said, ’’After all, even if I were to testify for you, you still won't be able to ever be valued by those in leadership. Even if you were not sent to the southern borders and are allowed to remain in the association, you'll just be a ******** character in the future.

’’And my progress will only get increasingly faster. I'll soon be able to surpass you. So why do I need to spend so much time on you?

’’But are you so sure that after I've testified, they would just let you go like that?’’

’’You don't have to worry about this.’’ Charlie nodded, saying dejectedly, ’’However, it's not so easy to break through and become a Conferred Knight. There has been countless Knights in history who were unable to make it past the stage of Heaven's Perception, and thus were unable to go through the second transition all their lives. Hehe.

’’Alright, someone from the association will be coming to ask you some questions in a while. You'll just need to be careful of what you reply. Latest by tonight, I'll send you the later half of the manual for the Ether divine Art.

’’Remember, after you're done with it, burn it immediately, and don't let anyone find out that you've cultivated the Ether divine Art. Otherwise, the people from Spiritual Weapon Hall will not let you off.’’

As long as Fang Xingjian attested for Charlie, the First Prince's powers would naturally be able to pull Charlie out from the fix.

And Fang Xingjian obviously understood the importance of the sect's most treasured manual. Although he did not know what the consequences were for Charlie to have secretly imparted it to him, it was still better to keep it to himself.

As for what price Charlie had paid to make up for his mistake this time around in the other areas, Fang Xingjian was not concerned. It obviously must have been a very painful price to pay.

That night, Fang Xingjian looked at the completed set of manual for the Ether divine Art and started analyzing it excitedly.

As long as he grasped this Ether divine Art, he would be able to perform the Effulgence Weapon as a Knight when only Conferred Knights were able to do so. This allowed him an additional effect with his weapon as his abilities accumulated a slight growth.

Moreover, this was a treasured manual of a sect which could be trained to attain a level 30 Effulgence Weapon. The Effulgence Weapon's cultivation methods from most sects were already seen as very valuable.

Of course, an Effulgence Weapon could only increase the effects of a weapon and increase Knights'damaging prowess. It was a Killing technique which pursued destructive force and damaging prowess. It had no effect towards the nurturing and strengthening of the human body.

He sat down cross-legged, Waves circulating non-stop throughout his body. In his hands, streams of twisted light rays were jumping and flashing, but did not form together.

Because of the unique traits Waves in the human body, each person would only ever be able to have one of it. The special effect each individual managed to cultivate would vary based on their character, Waves, and mental cultivation method. It was basically very hard to accurately forecast what one would get. And every time a person tried to form a new Effulgence Weapon, their Effulgence Weapon's level would be reset to zero.

Therefore the first step of forming a Effulgence Weapon with regards to the style and type was to create was especially important.

Thus, each Conferred Knight would be extremely careful and think through a lot when they were trying to create their own Ether Effulgence Weapon.

Rather than saying that it was a weapon, it could be said that this was a special effect for weapons which could be used anytime, at any place, and could even be alternated through different weapons.

Now, what Fang Xingjian wanted was to firm up his foundations, condensing the best Ether Effulgence Weapon to be used as a powerful enhancer for his divine Weapon in the future.

In his palms, countless white light gradually formed into the shape of a longsword, but at the next moment, the light rays scattered, his longsword was dispersed. Fang Xingjian shook his head, ’’This one won't do.’’

Then, new light started to jump and flash about again between his two palms.

That night, Fang Xingjian created countless Ether Effulgence Weapons in the shape of a sword, and then crumbled them.

It was a pity that this technique was not one for sword arts, but rather it had to do with one's comprehension of ether particles and Waves. This was why Fang Xingjian's progress for this particular technique was unprecedentedly slow.


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